Best 4 slice toaster – The Complete Buyer’s Guide

Toasters come in two formats mostly, 4 slice toaster and the 2 slice toaster. To keep keep things simple, we will be dissecting here four slice toaster. How to choose the best 4 slice toaster and which four slice toasters to buy are the primary questions we will address here.

Your main consideration while buying a four slice toaster should be how much space the appliance takes up on the counter, the design of the toaster and the budget. Top this with your personal preferences and you have a mix of toasters to choose. Can be confusing, isn’t it ? Here I have sifted through hundreds of the toasters and reviewed best four slice toasters to buy, for you:

List of the best 4 slice toaster:

Toaster photoProduct codeColorWeightDetails
KitchenAid Kmt4115cuKitchen Aid Kmt4115cuContour Silver8
Cuisinart CPT-440Cuisinart CPT-440Stainless-steel 6.5
KitchenAid KMT4116KitchenAid KMT4116Contour Silver 6.2
Cuisinart CPT-435Cuisinart CPT-435Metal7.1
Oster TSSTTRWFS-001Oster TSSTTRWFS-001Metal6
Cuisinart CPT-142Cuisinart CPT-142White6
Dualit 47440Dualit 47440Copper10
KitchenAid KMT4203CARed15
Cuisinart CPT-160Cuisinart CPT-160Stainless4.1
Breville BTA840XLBreville BTA840XLMetal9.6

A 4 slice toaster should give you each of the slices toasted to perfection and consistent. But are all the toasters equal ? It doesn’t look so. Different four slice toaster has different degree of performance. I have researched and shortlisted ten such best rated toasters for you.

Four slice toasters now a days, come with different features. For example, a defrost feature in a 4 slice toaster will defrost the frozen breads. You can then set the defrosted slices to a setting of your taste & preference, to toast.

The Bagel setting will toast the bread on one side, instead of the normal both sides. And it will toast it dense.

There’s the warming tray in some of them. This tray allows you to heat few items like the dinner rolls, over the toaster.

The Sandwich rack will warm up the sandwiches instead of toasting them up. You can apply a little butter to slow down the browning process and keep the fillings warm.

The removable tray helps to remove crumbs from the toaster.

Most important:

But with all these features, what matters the most is the best 4 slice toaster should brown bread your slices evenly and consistently. It should be able to toast different kinds of food products, be safe, have good looks, should gel with your home furnishing, and be within your budget.

Reviews of the best 4 slice toasters curated for you:

Kitchen Aid Kmt4115cu Best 4 slice toaster

Kitchen Aid Kmt4115cu 4 slice toaster

This metal construction and similarly colored 4 slice toaster is a great addition to your kitchen ware. The performance is good and it makes crisply golden crust slices of bread and bagel. The retro styling design makes it a good fit into the dining area and adds to the decor. This toaster model can also make brown English muffins apart from the regular toast products.

high lever 4 slice toaster feature

High Lever Toaster Feature

It has has a high lever position to safely remove the toaster from the slots.

This is a top model which has additional features than the KMT4116, another 4 slice toaster from the same stable.


  • Has 4 extra wide slots. Can accommodate bagels, English muffins, thick breads and more
  • Bagel and Cancel buttons
  • Very durable because of its all metal construction
  • Cord storage in the belly area
  • Crumb tray (removable)
    extra wide slots in a 4 slice toaster

    .                 Extra Wide Slots            .


  • Dimensions  D 11.4″ x H 8.5″ x W 13″
  • Weight – 7.2 pound
  • Slot width – 1.5″ – 4 wide slots
  • Frequency – 60 Hz
  • Voltage – 120

The review of this 4 slice toaster confirms that it is a great choice with classic design and is fit for daily use. The only issue I see is that it doesn’t have a defrost feature. It toasts a little slow. And the buns, if stuffed, can have burn marks.

Cuisinart Touch to Toast – Best four slice toaster – CPT-440

Cuisinart CPT-440 Touch to Toaster front view

The Cuisinart Touch to Toast CPT-440 is top rated 4 slice toaster with cutting edge tech. It’s a kind of kitchen tech and rated among the best 4 slice toasters. Crafted beautifully, it has Touch-to-Toast Leverless technology, a trademark feature in this product.

The design is overall professional, with lots of electronic buttons and a LED display. The toaster resides in a stainless steel chamber integrated with the LCD display. This four slice toaster has a pre-loaded bagel program for toasting. The lifting function is supported with a Defrost, Cancel and Re-Heating option.

With four extra wide slots for stuffing thick slices and more, there is no use of levers or forks to move the toasts out of the slots. Among the best 4 slice toaster in the market, in 2021

This four slice toaster also comes with a dual toasting mechanism where you can toast two slices simultaneously in 2 different ways, at the same time !! It is a best rated toaster for you.


  • Digital Tech with Push button toasting
  • Bagel function
  • Digital Shading Control
  • Countdown Timer
  • Multiple toasting options – Bagel, Defrost, Reheat
  • Motorized Beep
  • Beeps when toast is ready
  • Dual Independent Toasting controls
  • Stainless Steel housing chamber
  • Total 7 shade settings
  • 3 year limited warranty on the product


  • 11.40″ x 10.10″ x 7.80″
  • Weight: 6.50 pounds
  • Wattage: 1800
  • Shipping weight: 7.85 pounds

KitchenAid KMT4116 Long Shot – Best 4 slice toaster

KitchenAid KMT4116

This KitchenAid KMT4116 is a long shot designed toaster. Among the top four models in best 4 slice toaster categories, it has 7  shade toast setting for your toast customization per the requirements of the family and the guests. A sliding tray, which can be removed, makes is very easy to clean. A lift lever allows to check in between if the toasting is going on as you had originally set it up to. This highly rated four slice toaster also has a Re-heat feature allowing the toasts to be to heated again without the need to re-toast them again.

The easy start to end toasting is further boosted by one bagel function. It will give you amazing bagels toasted exactly the way they should be, without the need to get the toppings burnt out in the toast. It also has the defrost feature to warm up the slices before you toast them up or to even keep them warn once the slices have been toasted. And a ringing beeper to let you know that the toasts are good to be served. When done with the toasting and everything else you can store the cord in the underbelly.

With this toaster model, you must ensure that the size of the the bread slice is not be bigger than 10.25″ otherwise the sides will get burnt due to the proximity of the slice to the inner corner walls. This model is among the best 4 slice toasters category.


  • A high lever to insert, pull out and check-in-betweenremovable crumb trays in 4 slice toaster
  • 7 shade settings
  • Bagel, Defrost & Reheat functions
  • Long slot make with extra wide 1.5 inch slots
  • Completion beeper alert
  • Under belly cord storage
  • Removable crumb tray
  • All metal composition


  • Dimensions: 7.7 x 16.5 x 8 inches
  • Product Weight: 6.2 pounds
  • Indicator: Yes
  • Slots width: 1.5 inches
  • Watts: 1800
  • Frequency: 60 hertz

Cuisinart Countdown Best 4 slice toaster CPT-435

4 slice toaster model Cuisinart Countdown

From the house of Cuisinart, this CPT-435 model is just in line with the earlier toaster reviews I had covered from the same brand. Boxed into a stainless steel container, this best four slice toaster is again a kind of technology in your kitchen, just that it doesn’t have the motorized lifting mechanism. This one has a high lift lever to help with the lifting & lowering of the bread slices. This 4 slice toaster also has 1.5 inches wide slots to toast thick bread slices, muffins, bagels, buns and lots more.

It has the defrost feature which you can use to warm up any frozen stuff before toasting it up. The defrost feature also helps to warm up any other non-frozen food which you can fit into the slots. This reheating without burning the food is so helpful when you are short of time. The multiple heating options distribute the heat evenly on the food item, depending on the shade you have chosen. It also helps to lower the temperatures on the sides of uncut bagels.

Easy to clean, the crumb tray can be removed and slid back into the original position without any fuss. It also has dual independent toasting controls to suit the needs of heating multiple items at different temperature settings at the same time.


dual toasting feature in a toaster

  • Self adjusting 1.5 inches wide slot
  • High Lift Lever
  • 7 shade settings
  • Bagel, Defrost, and Reheat options
  • Stainless Steel container
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Backlid LED feature
  • Dual independent toasting controls
  • 3 year limited warranty


  • Dimension: 9 x 12.3 x 12.6 inches
  • Product weight: 7.1 pounds

Oster TSSTTRWFS-001 – Best rated toaster



The Oster TSSTTRWFS-001 has a brushed steel color finish. Like most of the best rated toaster models, it has four extra wide slots and 7 settings for shading. The slots can auto adjust for different variety of sizes of slices. And then there’s the super handy Cancel button to immediately stop any function or feature you have initiated.

The controls panel is easy to use and operate. The slice lifting & lowering is through the high lever mechanism which empowers you to inspect your slices in the midst of a toasting operation also.  The cord is retractable and stores itself safely inside the container.

The panel has seven settings for shade control, and a selection of push buttons for Bagel, Pastry, Frozen and Cancel.

A shade setting controls the level of toasting to be done on a slice of bread. The higher the level, the higher the heat and higher the subsequent shade of the slice. All these features enable this model to make it to the list of best 4 slice toaster in the market.

retractable cord in a 4 slice toaster

Retractable Cord


  • 4 extra wide slots
  • Auto adjuster for bread loading
  • 7 shade settings
  • Retractable cord
  • Four modes of Bagen, Frozen, Reheat and Cancel


  • Dimensions:  8.5 x 13 x 12.7  x inches
  • Product weight: 6.2 pounds
  • Cord length: 35 inches

Cuisinart Compact CPT-142, Best four slice toaster

Cuisinart CPT-142

Another model from Cuisinart makes it to the list of best 4 slice toaster. This too comes with few good features and is a leap ahead from its competitors in terms of quality and performance.

It has a 1.5 inch extra wide slot and handles the toasts with a high lever mechanism which gives an extra space for added safety during lifting and lowering of the bread, bagen etc.

These 1.5 inches slots are good enough to hold variety of bread sizes like bagens, thick bread slices, crumpets and muffins.

With seven levels of shading, you have a wide array of choices to make. It is further loaded with four modes of defrost, reheat, a special bagen setting and the all important Cancel feature.

It’s easy to clean and maintain with removable crumb trays and dial & push control panel. This is among the best 4 slice toasters in 2021 terms of simplicity and ease of handling. There are lots of reviews for this Cuisinart four slice toaster model. And this one also has the dual controls for independent heating options for 2 slices at the same time.


  • 7 shade setting
  • Defrost, Reheat, Bagen and Cancel buttons
  • 1.5 inches wide slots
  • Sliding crumb tray
  • High lift lever
  • Dual independent toasting control
  • 3 year limited warranty


  • Dimensions: 7.2 x 10.7 x 10.8 inches
  • Product weight: 4.5 pounds

Dualit NewGen 47440 Best 4 Slice Toaster

British made Dualit 47440 4 slice toaster

Dualit 4 Slice NewGen Toaster                    Copper colored

Belonging to a different league, this 4 slot toaster is British made and is very versatile among list of toasters that I have reviewed in this list of best 4 slice toasters. This designs draws from the legacy of over a hundred years of desires, tastes and toasts. It is assembled in UK unlike most of the products which are assembled in China. UK flag

The Dualit 4 slice toaster is offered with a wide variety of finishing because the British legacy sees it not only as a toaster but a piece of kitchen decor. And that’s why you have a plethora of options to choose from among all the toaster companies available online.

The Dualit 47440 is crafted for both commercial and residential purpose. The toaster is hence built durable, is long lasting and can do lots of heavy lifting when required. There is a slot selection control through which means you can set a different toasting level for each of the slots, simultaneously.

It is equipped with the standard Defrost feature for warming up frozen foods items before toasting them up. It also has a special Bagel & Bun selector that keeps one side of the slice or the bun hotter compared to the other side.

sandwich cage in dulait 4 slci toaster

A Dualit highly rated 4 slice toaster with sandwich cage

The time beeper is mechanical (the classic way), so there’s no issue of electronic malfunctions. The ejection system is automatic with manual intervention. This way you can keep the food in the slots so that they remain warm until you actually need them. No need to reheat it again.

The crumb tray is removable and standard. But the interesting feature is the 28mm extra wide slots which can accommodate the Dualit sandwich cage with a built-in tray. You can easily make grilled cheese sandwich and many other forms of toasties.

The Dualit model is among the best rated 4 slice toaster in the market. Has a distinct touch and feel and performance to it.


  • 25 color finishing to choose from
  • Hand assembled in UK
  • Extra wide 28 mm slots
  • Sandwich Cage with drip tray (removable)
  • Patented pro heat elements
  • Increased toasting efficiency


  • Dimensions: 8 x 9 x 14 inches
  • Toaster weight: 9.4 pounds

KitchenAid KMT4203CA Best rated Toaster – Pro Line (Candy Apple Red)

KitchenAid KMT4203CA

The KMT4203CA 4 slice Pro Line (Candy Apple Red) is actually the red apple in a snow clad jungle. The performance of this four slice toaster is so good and stable that you can literally walk yourself around while the toaster operates and toasts. It comes with some great exceptional functions and features.

There are four extra wide 1.5 inches wide slots to help with any thick slice of bread, bagel, muffins, waffles and crumpets. Dual controls give you the independence to have two different toast settings for 2 different slots. Make 2 different things at the same time in the same machine !

The motorized system for lifting and lowering bread slice, makes it a cool breeze. There are seven shades in the settings with four modes of toasting, the permutation of which gives of 28 different kinds of toasting options to choose from. Once the selected toast setting is done and the desired shading has been achieved,  the machine has the ability to retain the food for an additional 3 minutes if you do not want to take it out (keeps the food warm inside). This retainer is after 45 seconds of wait period if the food is not pulled out. Among the best rated toaster models.


  • Auto feed and lift system
  • Auto Keep Warm system
  • 1.5 inches wide four slots


  • Dimensions: 15.7 x 10 x 15.2 inches
  • Toaster weight: 17.4 pounds

Breville BTA840XL Die Cast Best 4 Slice Toasters

Breville BTA840XL

The Breville toaster has been beautifully crafted and given a brushed steel finishing. Has some of the finest technology with its 5 mode selection and the extra wide slots which is a standard feature in my best 4 slice toaster list.

The entire machine is set in a die cast metal container. 2 of the features apart from rest of the functions need a special mention. The “Lift & Look” allows you to actually look at food which is being toasted and make adjustments in real time in the settings. This is allowed for you to change the setting if you feel the toasting process is not going to the desired level. You just Lift the food and have a Look at it and allow it settle back into the grooves with the same settings or with a different setting.

The other is the “A Bit More” feature which keeps the food warmer till you are ready to take it out onto your serving plates.

The wide 1.5 inches slot allows to toast thicker slices of bread, bagels and muffins. The browning shade status is read out to you via the backlit LED panel.

The lifting and lowering mechanism is motor controlled through one touch technology. The crumb tray is removable, hence the cleaning is smooth and no smoky feeling to the food being cooked.

Breville toaster is priced on the higher side but the price is consistent with the quality of the product and the cutting edge technology which is deployed in the toaster. This is among the highly rated toaster models.


  • 4 modes for toasting
  • Dual toasting controls
  • One touch intelligent system for lifting & lowering
  • LED backlit panel
  • Die Cast mould housing
  • 1.5 inches wide slots
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • Dimensions: 7.70 x 10.90 x 11.90 inches
  • Toaster weight: 9.48 pounds
  • Wattage: 1800

The Bottomline:

Each of these best rated 4 slice toasters are in competition with each other. While some of the features are common, there are certain features which stand out in some of the models. The best way for you to choose from this list of the best 4 slice toasters is to define your own preference and requirement. The design is an important element which can not be ignored. But your functionality of the toaster should remain a higher priority than the design.

To sum up, do remember the following points

Wide slots are helpful to make a cater to a variety of food items

Durabililty of the product is important, check the quality and material of the housing unit

Some features like the motorized lifting and lowering add a charm to the process, without an iota of doubt

Understand if the controls easy to use and understand

Decide if you will need the bells and the whistles. YES, if you are in a habit of multitasking

Crumb trays should always be removable. The unit should be easy to maintain and clean.

Shading or browning options are available or not

These are the top brands and the best rated 4 slice toasters in the world. These brands are top notch in their industries. While buying your 4 slice toaster, ensure that you don’t compromise on the quality and make of the product. Your purchase is not for few months but for years to come. Make sure you pick from a leading brand like Breville, Dualit, Cuisinart, KitchenAid or Oster. All the best. Leave us a comment if you have any queries or if this information has helped you in your decision process.



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