High CFM Ceiling Fans – A Complete Guide

Ventilation is a very essential part of any home, in order to ensure comfort and quality of life, efficiently. Most homes do not use fans these days but go with other options like exhaust units. But it has been seen that ventilation is best with an high cfm ceiling fan in a room.

Advantages of High CFM Ceiling Fan

Even though the use of the high cfm ceiling fan became less in the past few years, it has been observed that people are slowly starting to understand its importance once again. This has happened because we now understand and acknowledge the various ways in which they can be useful. Yes, fans can help one cool off on a hot summer day but they are also useful in maintaining air balance on cold winter days and humid afternoons or nights. And you should strive to get your hands on the best airflow ceiling fans available in the market.

Effective cooling is one of the biggest advantages of ceiling fans. If installed at the right place, which is the middle of a room, a fan that is built into the ceiling can basically distribute the cooler air more effectively and evenly into the room. Fan blades move in a counter-clockwise direction, thanks to the reverse blades it has. This means it will help distribute cool air in the room in summers and warmer air during cold seasons. Hot hair is lighter than cool air. As it rises up, the ceiling fan will help distribute that hot air across the room, in such weather. Say no to extra heating equipment. You can have savings up to thirty percent on your electricity bills with the help of just a powerful ceiling fan. Let’s look at the list of the some of the best high cfm ceiling fans I have researched and shortlisted for you:

List of the Best High Airflow Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan PhotoProduct NameAirflow (in CFM)Speed settingsDetails
Hunter Fan Company 53237 Airflow Ceiling FanHunter Builder Plus 532373468 Cu. ft / min.3
Home Decorators Collection YG493OD-EB Airflow Ceiling FanHome Decorators Collection Kensgroove YG493-EB6000 Cu. ft / min.9
Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Airflow Ceiling FanMonte Carlo Outdoor 3MAVR60BK6821 Cu. ft / min.6
Hunter Fan Company 53091 Airflow Ceiling FanHunter Deluxe 530913525 Cu. ft / min.3
Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50195Honeywell Ceiling Fans Rio 501952900 Cu. ft / min.3
Harbor Breeze 00724 807421 Airflow Ceiling FanHarbor Breeze Mazon 8074212845 Cu. ft / min.3
Stile CF0110 Airflow Ceiling FanStile Anderson CF01101437 Cu. ft / min.3
Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50614-01Honeywell Ceiling Fans Carnegie 50614-01 548 Cu. ft / min.3
Hampton Bay YG216-MWH Airflow Ceiling FanHampton Bay Roanake YG216-MWH4440 Cu. ft / min.3
Home Decorators Collection 54725 Airflow Ceiling FanHome Decorator's Mercer Collection 547255423 Cu. ft / min.3
Hugger AL383LED-EB Airflow Ceiling FanHugger Espresso 383LED-EB3256 Cu. ft / min.3
Hampton Bay 52379 Airflow Ceiling FanHampton Bay Southwind 523794087 Cu. ft / min.3
Harbor Breeze Comet 52-Inch Matte Black Indoor Ceiling FanHarbor Breeze Comet5199 Cu. ft / min.3

Points to Consider while Choosing a High CFM Ceiling Fan

Basic technical factors to take into account

When you plan to install a ceiling fan, you need to focus your attention to where you will be fixing it in the room. It is always preferred that an airflow ceiling fan is placed in the center of the room. If you have a big room or a large dining hall, place 2 fans, each one at the center of each half of the room. This will help get the whole room get evenly distributed air. However, in case, you are installing a ceiling fan in your bedroom, do not install it directly above the bed. This will create a direct airflow that might get uncomfortable for you.

How to Pick the Right Size?

  • For smaller rooms or bathrooms or kitchens, a fan of 30 inches is good enough
  • Go for 42-inch fans, if your room is medium-sized
  • For larger rooms and halls, a 52-inch high cfm ceiling fan is suggested

Here are some other factors which you should take into account

  • The ceiling height of the fan is also a factor that needs to be considered. This will not only ensure safety but also be aesthetically better and good in terms of accommodation in the room. If your ceiling is as low as 7.9’, then an ceiling fan connected to a rod mightn’t fit in well. Not only will it make the room look smaller, but it will also not allow even ceiling fan airflow. To get good circulation, make sure that the blade is at a height of eight to nine feet above the ground. You can also go for a high-height ceiling fan which works on a remote-control system. The highest airflow 54-inch fan is ideal for most of the homes.
  • You have to consider few factors in order to choose the right CFM or the right airflow. CFM (cubic feet per minute) basically refers to the quantity of air which a fan can work with within a minute at its highest speed setting. The speed of a ceiling fan an is known as RPM (rotations per minute). The RPM won’t matter if the CFM is not efficient. This means if the right airflow is not given by the fan, you won’t feel relief, no matter how fast the fan is spinning. Considering all other elements of the fan, the CFM is most important. Everything else depends on that.
  • You have to make a note of the kind of electrical network that you already have in your home. On the basis of that, you should select the ceiling fan. You have to take into account the other electrical accessories which come with the fan- like lights, etc. If your home’s electrical network is unable to support all this you have to call in a professional who will then put in an extra cable along the ceiling to ensure that the fan you want can be supported by your home’s electrical capacity.
  • If you buy a fairly big fan, then you have to make sure that it is not noisy. Fans that are bigger in size and are used constantly, tend to make a lot of noise. Don’t select any high cfm ceiling fan which make noise of about forty-six decibels or more, denoted by dB.
  • Understand the fan’s air direction and speed. The better these features are, the better your fan will function. Every fan should have a speed control system so you can adjust according to your needs. That controls the airflow in turn. You don’t need your fan to run at full speed on a cold day.
  • If your fan has a higher CFM or comes attached a light or can be controlled via a mobile app, it will swallow more power. The installation of these special fans need extra attention. Some people go for ceiling fans of 6000 to 8000 CFM airflow, but you should choose according to your needs.

So, consider these and your electricity bill limitations and make your decision.

Designs You Can Choose From

An airflow ceiling fan will be kind of the center of attention in your room. So along with the above-mentioned factors, the looks and make of the fan are also important so that your room looks spacious and aesthetically nice. The finishing of the fan should be perfect. And try to pick colors which can complement the colors and the decor of your room.

The fan should have materials that complements the elements of the room- metals, wooden enhancements or plastic additions are quite popular in new airflow high power ceiling fan designs. Make sure that whatever decorations or materials the fan is made of is not prone to get damaged in moisture. You can also go for some cool backlit fans which give a warm and cosy effect in the room.

Applications of Fans

In the warm, summer months, your fan’s blades should rotate in a counter clockwise direction (anti-clockwise). This makes the basic airflow “fall down” which will cool the room. In winter months, the blades should rotate in a clockwise direction to spread the arising hot air evenly.

Airflow ceiling fans are not very tough to understand and select. Make sure you take into account, all the points mentioned above and you will be able to make a good choice. If you still have any doubts please put in your queries in the comments section and I will try to sort it out for you.

Review of the High CFM Ceiling Fans

Hunter Builder Plus 53237 – High Airflow Ceiling Fans (Hunter Fan Company)

Hunter Fan Company 53237 High Airflow Ceiling Fans

This is an aesthetically pleasing and efficient ceiling fan. With its looks, it can change the whole feel and vibe of a room. If you are into luxuries and you want your rooms to have a royal feel, this is the model you should go for.

Hunter Fan Company is one of the best brands out there when it comes to ceiling fans that move the most air. For years, it has been serving customers and keeping them happy with their high quality, beautiful models. They suit every home’s needs. Budget, design, quality, energy-saving-wise- all aspects are covered by Hunter’s fans and it can be useful to anyone who is looking to make their home comfier with a ceiling fan. Hunter has been a well-renowned name in this field for 130 years.

Their fans are known to be almost noise-less, of beautiful designs and high efficiency.

This model of Builder Plus will help you save a lot of energy and money, in return. Save up to almost 50 percent energy in summers and keep about 24 percent indoor trapped heat in the cooler months, with the help of the Builder Plus Hunter Ceiling Fan. Without causing any distress to your home’s air or your health, these fans are better than air conditioning systems in terms of pricing and safety, for circulation of air in a closed home environment. They also give each customer with a lifetime warranty for the fan’s motor. You can find a two-pack sale option on amazon today!

Main specifications

  • It comes with Three lights of 60m Watts each
  • It has a blade length of 52 inches
  • The blades ate made of either cherry or harvest wood mahogany
  • It has a 13-degree angle for each blade
  • It has aceiling fan airflow of 3468 CFM
  • It runs at a speed of 155 RPM
  • It comes with a reversible motor
  • The weight of the fan is about 22 pounds
  • The width of each blade is about 4.5 inches and the down rod is just 3 inches long.
  • 3 bulbs x 60W included
  • It comes with Whisper Wind technology to reduce noise
  • It also has a pull chain included
  • It runs on 120 volts
  • It is exclusively made for indoor purposes
  • It is manufactured in China
  • It has a large wingspan and is highly efficient
  • It gives par excellence performance.
  • The light glass kit has an amber-colors coating
  • It has a reversible motor
  • It doesn’t wobble and has Whisper Wind technology
  • It doesn’t allow a build-up of dust
  • Best airflow is allowed due to each blade’s 13-degree angle
  • You can adjust the fan speed in high, medium, or low
  • The pull chains provide the user with easy on or off functions
  • The pricing is affordable. Opal glass frosting is used for the lights.

Home Decorators YG493OD-EB Collection Ceiling Fans 6000 to 8000 CFM Airflow category

Home Decorators Collection YG493OD-Ceiling Fans 6000 to 8000 CFM Airflow category

This is a very beautifully-designed and is one of the best high cfm ceiling fan, that helps is circulating large volumes of air. This means that it is a great choice for both outdoor and indoor settings. The blades are made of maple which has a good amount of weather-resistant coating on it. These blades can endure weather and temperature changes even if they are installed outside. You can adjust the speed of this fan which comes with nine-speed settings. You also get a remote controller which can help you adjust the fan’s speed and the LED lights which can be brightened and dimmed as you like. The source of this light is a 16 Watts LED and the kit is made of opal glass. It looks absolutely classy.

The fan has a 9300 CFM. It is also largely energy-efficient as it can give great performance at just 31 Watts power. This high CFM ceiling fan will provide great cooling and it has been certified by Energy Star. This fan is durable and sturdy and will last for years.

Specific features

  • The dimensions are 72 inches x 13.8 inches
  • The rod’s length is about 4.5 inches
  • The blades’ width is about 4.8 inches
  • It is made of maple and a frosted glass of opal and ABS
  • It comes with 9 different remote-control adjustable speed
  • It has espresso blades
  • A remote control is included
  • It has an airflow of 9330 CFM making it best in class high CFM ceiling fan
  • It comes with adjustable LED lights
  • Batteries will be provided
  • Material – maple, ABS, frosted opal glass
  • It has got great ratings everywhere
  • This fan is versatile
  • It has 8 blades of maple which have a thick moisture-resistant coating
  • It has an adjustable LED light
  • Easy to install without any hassle, quickly.
  • It is highly energy efficient
  • It comes with a decorative cover on top which helps hide the installation screws for aesthetic reasons
  • It has a reversible motor
  • It is highly durable and can last years.
  • Accu arm blades are included with this model.

Monte Carlo Airflow Ceiling Fan (3MAVR60BK) – Ceiling Fans 6000 to 8000 CFM Airflow category

Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Ceiling Fans 6000 to 8000 CFM Airflow category

The name of the brand speaks for itself. This ceiling fan has a 70-inches sleek wingspan and comes with branded Pewter housing Light gray weathered blades made of Oakwood. It is specially made for outdoor settings like a back garden or a patio and can withstand temperatures that are high in humidity as well. If you know which ceiling fans move the most air, this model does fall in that category. The Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK operates really smooth and it comes with s 85 by 28 DC motor which is reversible. It has blades at a perfect 13-degree angle and comes with a motor CFM of about 6821 units. The blades have soft and round edges that are made by hand.

A remote-control device will also be provided with this fan to turn it on-off. You can also install this model in your living room or any covered outdoor setting.


  • It is made of light grey-colored weathered pewter oakwood which has been aged gradually.
  • It can handle damp environments well
  • The main element is balsa wood
  • Designed for damp premises and patios
  • The diameter of each fan is 70 inches
  • It gives an airflow of 6821 CFM at runs of 30 watts electricity.
  • It’s a high CFM ceiling fan
  • It has an efficiency of 229 watts and runs on a 120-voltage unit
  • It has a down rod of 6 inches.
  • It weighs around 10 pounds and is under 14 inches in height, overall
  • It has 3 precise blades made for outdoor settings
  • Three precision-balanced blades outdoor approved
  • It comes with remote control and a downlight
  • It is perfect for 20×20 rooms
  • The blades ate handcrafted
  • It has been approved like ULC and UC
  • The design is bold and beautiful and made of highly durable material
  • It will save you about 50% of energy as certified by Energy Star
  • It doesn’t wobble and is noise-free

Other Monte Carlo Models High Airflow Ceiling Fans

Monte Carlo Best Airflow Ceiling Fans – 3MAVR52AGP

Monte Carlo 3MAVR52AGP Best Airflow Ceiling Fans

This airflow ceiling fan is a part of the Maverick collection of Monte Carlo fans. It is a 52-inch fan and has a high speed of around 5890 CFM. It runs on a 27-watts electric capacity and has a great CFM efficiency of 218 per Watt. The blade is pitched at an angle of 19 degrees which is apt for this particular design.

Monte Carlo High Airflow Ceiling Fans MAVR60AGP

Monte Carlo 3MAVR60AGP High Airflow Ceiling Fans

Another model in the amazing collection, this fan has a 60-inch blade wingspan and runs on 27 watts electrical capacity. It has a high speed at 6688 CFM and gives off good efficiency at 245 CFM per watt. The blade is at a perfect pitch of 12 degrees.

Monte Carlo High Airflow Ceiling Fans 3MAVR88AGP

Monte Carlo 3MAVR88AGP High Airflow Ceiling Fans

This model comes under the Maverick Max Super Collection of Monte Carlo. It is a powerful fan running on a 4.72 inches x 1 inches DC motor. It is noise-less and runs smoothly. Each blade is at 13-degree pitch and it runs on 26 Watts. It has an airflow of 14785 CFM, which is huge by all parameters.

Monte Carlo High Airflow Ceiling Fan 3MAVR99AGP

Monte Carlo 3MAVR99AGP High Airflow ceiling fans

A part of Monte Carlo’s grand collection, this is the biggest model they have. They have a 4.72 inches x 1 inches DC motor with about 14786 CFM airflow. It has an efficiency level of 606 CFM per Watt and the blades are at a 12-degree angle.

All Maverick Max collections are crafted manually with Balsa carved wood blades and has a fan line-up of five finishing options: Matted black housing and blades, Steel brushed housing with darkened walnut, or Koa blades, and the aged Pewter housing with Light grey oakwood blades.

Hunter High CFM Ceiling Fans 53091 Airflow

Hunter Fan Company 53091 High CFM Ceiling Fans

Yet another fabulous airflow ceiling fan model from the Hunter Fan company that move the most air is the Builder Deluxe Model. It has a noiseless motor which has three speed options. It runs on an airflow of 3525 CFM and has 2 beautiful LED lights, each of 60 watts. You can also adjust the speed and turn the fan on and off with the pull chains. The blades are reversible and made of cherry-stained oak. 5 blades are present and the fan can also be controlled and adjusted with remote control. The down-rod is only 3 inches long and can provide efficient airflow in the room, overall, along with the fact that it increases the aesthetic value of any room. The fan speed is about 158 RPM.

This fan is powerful but weighs just about 20 pounds. All hunter products care about the environment and with this ceiling fan, you can save energy, in turn, you can save on your electricity bills as well. You can go for low ceiling installation as well and choose to remove the light setting if needed. None of these changes will ruin the look of the fan, aesthetically.

This fan can be set in an office, a bedroom, your studio, or a restaurant or house as well. You can also install this in an outdoor setting as it has a covering coat of moisture-resistant coating.

You will also have an option to go for a brushed, designer nickel finishing.


  • The fan has an airflow of 3525 CFM and an RPM of about 160
  • Its dimensions are 52 inches by 16.8 inches
  • It has a reversible, three-speed motor system
  • It comes with two, 60-Watt, removable LED light system
  • It is a high CFM ceiling fan
  • A canopy cap cover is also included with the pack.
  • It has been rated high by ETL
  • It is essentially an indoor fan
  • It looks classy
  • It has a durable motor and it doesn’t make noise
  • It provides efficient air circulation and is energy saving by nature
  • It is perfect for big rooms like halls or master bedroom
  • Each blade is at a standard angle
  • You can remove the light when needed

Honeywell High CFM Ceiling Fans – Airflow 50195

Honeywell High CFM Ceiling Fans 50195

Honeywell- the name is enough for you to rely on the best quality. Their 54-inches Rio high airflow ceiling fans are amazing in quality, looks, and efficiency. The design is sleek and comes with an expertly-brushed finish of nickel. It has blades of matte black finish at 15-degree angles, each. It has a reversible motor of 3-speed quality. it saves you a lot of energy and is apt for weather all throughout the year.

It comes with an LED light setting that can be dimmed and brightened according to your needs. It is enclosed in a beautiful glass bowl finish covering. It gives off a cozy, warm lighting. The fan has a down rod of 4 inches and a remote-control device is provided to control and adjust the speed and the lighting settings.

There is a special light-delay feature. It is also compatible with Alexa.

Main features

  • Its dimensions are about 54-inches x 14.8 inches
  • It comes with three options for mounting
  • The blades are matte and black in finishing
  • Batteries ate included along with the remote
  • 13-watt bulbs ate also included
  • You can use the remote control 3v3n 30 feet away from the fan
  • You can use it in large indoor settings
  • This gives off an airflow of 2900 CFM
  • It doesn’t wobble or cause noises
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • The casing is made of white frosted glass
  • It has a DC motor in three-speed feature
  • It is affordably priced

Harbor Ceiling Fans that move the most Air – Breeze 807421

Harbor Ceiling Fans that move the most Air - Breeze 807421

This is a compact 44-iches Mazon fan which suits well in modern homes. It has a nickel finish and has 3 silver blades of 16-inches each. It has a CFM of under three thousand units and a LED light of 18W. Its highest brightness is at 600 lumens. The glass bowl design is unique and open-styled.


  • Modernistic design
  • AC input motor
  • Three silver modified blades
  • 16 inches degree pitch blade
  • Remote control with light & speed control buttons
  • 18W module (LED)
  • Airflow – 2845 Cu. Ft. per minute
  • 60 wattage equivalent
  • High speed electricity: 58W
  • For Indoor application
  • Ceiling hanging distance: 12 inches (from  the bottom surface of the fan to the ceiling)

Main Features

  • It runs on an AC motor
  • It has a 16-degree pitch for each blade
  • It has an 18 watts LED light
  • Remote control is available with it which has 3 settings
  • It runs on 60 watts
  • It has an airflow of 2845 CFM and runs on a high speed.
  • It is meant exclude for indoor use
  • Attractive nickel finish

Stile High Airflow Ceiling Fan CF0110

Stile CF0110 High Airflow Ceiling Fan

This is a smaller fan of just 22 inches wing span. It is a fresh design and can be installed easily. It is best for smaller rooms and it comes with an LED light which gives off a warm glow in the room. You can adjust the speed and brightness. Even though the fan is small, the motor is highly powerful. It comes in black, white and bronze paint jobs. Its safety certification comes from UL and its lightweight as well.


  • 22 inches frame enclosed
  • Three speed control motor
  • Remote control
  • Airflow – 1437 Cu. ft. per minute (CFM)
  • Product Dimensions: 15.10 H x 22.0 W
  • Weight – 24 pounds
  • Aluminum blades (three)
  • Down-rod/Angled mount
  • Motor Speed: 1400 RPM
  • Frost glass
  • User manual included
  • User safety list


  • Perfect fit for small & medium kitchens and rooms
  • High air circulation
  • Dim lights LED system lights for soothing ambiance
  • High reliability: Can be used all through the year
  • Zero wobbling even after lots of use
  • Enclosed blades removing light shadow/strobe effect
  • Airflow direction can be changed

Honeywell High CFM Ceiling Fans Model: 50614/01

Honeywell High CFM Ceiling Fans 50614-01

Like most, Honeywell ceiling fans are made for indoor use. They are highly efficient and come with a remote control. They can also be industrially used and operated from 30 feet distance.

This Honeywell Carnegie is equipped with a silent, reliable, high speed motor and all its functions and features can be operated through the ceiling fan. The air circulation is good and the fan can be used both in summers to cool down the room and in winters to improve the air circulation at a reduced speed.

The speed of the fan and the LED brightness can be adjusted with a remote control. It is aesthetically pleasing and great in energy savings as well. All fans are Energy Star certified.


  • Industrial grade 52 inches ceiling fan
  • Dual-finished Pine rough shaded blades
  • Product Dimensions: 14.10 x 52 inches
  • Remote controlled
  • Three speed
  • Remote control perating distance: upto 30 feet
  • Three Edison bright bulbs (B10/E26 LED)
  • 25,000 hours of lifespan
  • Can be dimmed up to 100% of the emitting light
  • CRI: 80
  • Lumens: 450


  • Quiet, reversible, reliable, and powerful motor
  • Ease of use
  • Mode available: Delayed light
  • Multiple position mount option
  • Ease of installation (40-50 minutes)

Honeywell High Airflow Ceiling Fans Model: 50514

Honeywell High Airflow Ceiling Fans Model: 50514

If you’re looking for a model that is oil-rubbed and has a bronze, beautiful finish, then this model is the best. Most of the other features are same with other Honeywell models but it has 52-inch blade and a white bowl of glass LED cased lighting. It can cover 350 to 450 square feet areas.

Hampton Bay YG216-MWH High Airflow Ceiling Fans

Hampton Bay YG216-MWH High Airflow Ceiling Fans

If you want your room to have a soft, country-side vibe, this fan is perfect for you. It can be used both indoor and outdoor and its classy, white finishing definitely makes it the center of attention. It has a wingspan of 48 inches and has five blades that work in reversible directions, depending on the weather. It runs on a 4440 CFM and each blade is at 13.5-degree angle.

The fan comes with a frosted glass cover that can be locked and bulbs are included as well. The motor style is a three-speed system and its noiseless and comfortable in all weather. Given the quality of the fan, the price is quite reasonable too.

Specific features

  • Dimensions are at 48 inches x 11.6 inches
  • It runs at a speed of 185 RPM with an airflow of 4440 CFM
  • The light bulbs of 9.5 Watts are energy efficient and produce a warm, soft lighting
  • Fan blades work in reverse depending on the season and temperature and come with a noiseless 3-speed system in the motor
  • It is certified by UL
  • It is lightweight, just around 20.3 pounds
  • This is the second-lowest on the list, in regards to pricing

Home Decorators Best Airflow Ceiling Fans Collection 54725 

Home Decorators Best Airflow Ceiling Fans Collection 54725 

This is a great choice of ceiling fan when it comes to an indoor setting. The blade span is 52 inches and this Mercer model has a nickel finishing. You will get optimum airflow of 5423 CFM and it looks great aesthetically as well. Complete with 4 plywood blades with silver colors coating, this ceiling fan will definitely add that much-needed oomph to your home décor. You will also get a remote control with it to control the intensity of the light’s brightness, speed of the fan and basic power control. You can also use an app called Bond which can help you control the functions of the fan.


  • Product Dimensions: 15H x 52W inches
  • Product Weight: 18.10 pounds
  • Motor Speed: 205 RPM
  • Motor dimensions: 172 x 20 mm
  • No. of blades: 4 (Silver)
  • Blade degree pitch: 14 inches
  • Integrated LED module: 14W
  • Airflow area: 5423 Cu. Ft./ M
  • Remote controlled features
  • 4.5 inch threaded down rod
  • Coupler (comes with the package)
  • Tri-mount style installation (closer to ceiling, slope, down rod)

Main features

  • It has dimensions of 52 Inches
  • It doesn’t wobble and has a sturdy and long-lasting make
  • You get 4 options to choose from- oil-rubbed bronze style, white, koa and distressed.
  • You can use the remote-control system or an app from your smartphone to control the app.
  • It gives an airflow of 5423 CFM with 200 RPM speed
  • Its lightweight weighing under 20 pounds
  • The blades are placed at a perfect angle of 14 degrees and you can go for any form of mounting like slope, close to the top or by using a down rod which is of 4.5 inches.
  • It comes with a pre-installed LED light of 14 Watts
  • It is best suited for big bedrooms and halls
  • Can be easily installed thanks to slide-on brackets present
  • It is highly feasible

Hugger Espresso Best Airflow Ceiling Fans Model: AL383LED-EB

Hugger Espresso Best Airflow Ceiling Fans Model: AL383LED-EB

This is a very low-priced fan but it doesn’t hold back on quality because of that. The Hugger 383 helps in circulating massive volumes of air in any small to medium-sized rooms. The blades of each fan have espresso or hickory. You will get a video instruction manual with it too.

If your room has a low ceiling, this 52-inch fan will suit your needs well. You will get color options in white, black, nickel and gunmetal.

A light is also included in this model and using the pull chain, you can control the fan’s speed and light brightness


  • The dimensions of the fan are 52 inches by 11.8 inches
  • The five blades are reversible in different weathers and are of dimensions 21 inches x 5.6 inches
  • The pricing is very affordable
  • The fan weighs under 15 pounds
  • It has an airflow of 3256 CFM and runs at a speed of 145 RPM
  • Multi capacitor system and pull chain is included which helps in controlling the speed of the fan and the 9 watts LED light
  • It is noiseless
  • It has been certified by UL

Main features

  • Quiet, Reliable, and Efficient motor
  • Durable operation
  • High airflow
  • Competitive prices
  • UL-listing

Hampton Bay Southwind Ceiling Fans that move the most Air 52379

Hampton Bay Southwind Ceiling Fans that move the most Air 52379

You can never go wrong with old-style designs. This is a great choice for a ceiling fan because of its quality and looks. You will get a lot of advantages with this fan, like- excellent airflow, good speed, noiseless function and reversible blades for every season, as required.

It comes with a nickel finishing and the blades are made of either maple or cherry wood. You can also go for a white or bronze finishing. The Southwind comes with a 3-power motor system and it is very efficient in terms of power and functionality. The installation needs to be done professionally and falls under the Accu Arm patented technology.

Venetian Bronze and Matte White finish options are available for for you. This model has the ability to move your classic home environment a notch and above.


  • Nickel brushed finish
  • Product Dimensions: 19.3 x 52 inches
  • Product Weight: 18.85 pounds
  • Reversible blades
  • Number of blades: Five
  • Airflow – 4087 Cu. Ft. / M
  • Motor Speed: 161 RPM
  • 9.5W x 2 LED bulbs
  • Remote controlled features
  • Lead wire: 54 inches x 1
  • Down rod: 4.5 inches x 1
  • Reverse motion function
  • For indoor/internal applications only

Main features

  • It is a lightweight fan, weighing under 20 pounds
  • It is wobble-free
  • The reverse function is available and can be controlled manually
  • The customized frosted glass cover gives it a nice finish
  • The pricing is very affordable
  • Tri mount instal system is available
  • It has a quiet but very powerful motor

Harbor Breeze Airflow Ceiling Fan Comet Matte Black Indoor (52-Inch)

Harbor Breeze Airflow Ceiling Fan Comet Matte Black Indoor (52-Inch)

A great model for modern homes. It has a nice deign especially for people who like a hint of dark décor in their homes. It has matted marble blades at 11-degrees each and they can be used in rooms of up to 410 square feet


  • Light indoor ceiling fan – 52 inches
  • Five black matte plywood finish reversible blades
  • Blade degree pitch: 11
  • Blade dimensions : 23.4 L x  5.4 W inches
  • Lead wire length: 78 inches
  • Down road dimensions:  4 x 0.75 inches
  • Two torpedo 40W candelabra-base lamps
  • High Speed: 147 RPM
  • Amps – 0.53
  • Steel cold rolled motor: 15mm x 153mm with three capacitor setting
  • Frosted glass
  • Airflow: 3210 Cu. Ft. / M
  • Electricity input: 63W (without the lights)
  • Efficiency – 57 CFM/Watt
  • Ceiling angle – 15 degree
  • Indoor use approved
  • Double mount installation

Main Features

  • High graded quality motor
  • Matte plywood finish
  • High circulations
  • Quiet operation
  • Remote control compatible (remote can be purchased separately)
  • Adjustable LED lights

In Conclusion

The room’s size, the ceiling’s distance from the floor, extra accessories of the fan- these are a few factors which you need to keep in mind, along with the kind of design you go for.

Give special attention to these factors-

  • The CFM or the airflow factor of the ceiling fan- This refers to the quantity of air the ceiling fan will circulate in a minute under its highest speed. The most effective airflow ceiling fans are the ones which have a CFM of 2500 and above. The RPM (rotation per minute) or the speed at which the fan rotates is yet another important factor to check.
  • The motor of the ceiling fan must be compatible with your home’s electrical network. It should be reversible, should come with a basic warranty, and should be capable of handling all aspects of the ceiling fan.
  • The materials used to make the fan should be efficient as well. Do not go for any other material other than wood, metal, and plastic. Wooden fan blades are a little on the higher side when it comes to pricing but it looks aesthetically nice. They also require higher maintenance. If you want to go for something cheap, yet efficient, go for the airflow ceiling fans which have plastic blades. If your fan is in a closed space, make sure that the blades are coated with a moisture-resistant coating and you need to make sure that it is cleaned more often. Most fans come with detachable blades that are easy to clean or replace.
  • The metal elements of a fan should all have galvanized coating and should be durable enough to last years, in all weather conditions.
  • When you mount the fan make sure you’re installing a fan that comes with shock absorbents and an anti-vibration system. This will ensure that the airflow ceiling fan doesn’t wobble or vibrate, making a scary noise, all the time. don’t go for blades made from bamboo as they won’t last long since they absorb a lot of moisture and will rot in no time.
  • Make sure that the fan’s blade is at an angle of twelve degrees.
  • Some other features you can go for-
  • Some airflow ceiling fans come with a variety of other features which can make your room have a more aesthetic feel. Some come with soft backlights or center lights. Now you can also select a fan that comes with interesting LED lighting as well. This can light up a whole room and you might not even need a separate light source in that area.
  • Some fans come with a smoke detection system as well. These are mostly installed in bathrooms which get activated when there is steam in the bathroom. The fan will start on its own if a certain amount of hot air or steam is detected.
  • Some fans can be controlled via remote controls or even phone apps. Some can also be controlled via other appliances like Amazon Echo, Alexa, or Google Home.
  • Always make sure you spend time selecting the right type of ceiling fans, depending on how big the room is. The bigger the room, the more stress should be given in selecting the fan’s diameter size.
  • For small rooms like a bathroom or a closet, a narrow hallway, or your laundry room, go for fans that come with a small setup motor unite but bigger blades like 29 to 42 inches.
  • In kitchens, office spaces, or smaller bedrooms, a fan of a diameter of around 50-52 inches should be good enough. This is for about 225 square-feet rooms.
  • For larger rooms of up to 400 square feet, go for even larger blades like the ones of 56 inches. This goes well in halls and bigger bedrooms.
  • If you are installing a fan in a bigger hall or staircase; the blade span should be around 56 inches but should have higher motor power. Go for the high CFM ceiling fans in such cases.
  • Big fans create greater noise. So, to avoid that, instead of bigger blades, you can install two or more fans in one room. Thin metal blade fans or casings should be avoided at all costs. These fans don’t last long and you’ll just be wasting money down the drain.

FAQs on High Airflow Ceiling Fans

Which is a good airflow for the best air moving ceiling fan for my room?

Any airflow ceiling fan you choose shouldn’t have a CFM lower than 2500. You can also go for four to six thousand high CFM ceiling fan, depending on the size of the room and other factors.

How much CFM is needed by a ceiling fan?

The CFM of ceiling fans that move a lot of air depends largely on the type and model. For example, a CFM of 75 per Watt is the lowest, according to Energy Star

Do airflow ceiling fans that move the most air help in air circulation?

Yes, they do

How would I know if the airflow ceiling fan I have is powerful enough?

If you’re looking for the best cfm ceiling fan, then that has to have a good blade pitch at a 12-degree angle and if it comes with a strong motor, your fan should be powerful enough to last years.

My room is 12 X 12 feet. How much CFM should my fan have?

Go for an airflow ceiling fan with up to 4000 CFM.

Should I go for a fan with four blades or three blades?

The number of blades doesn’t really matter with regards to indoor or outdoor ceiling fans. But if we are going for industry-level ceiling fans, two or three blades should be sufficient as more blades would weigh the fan down and lower the speed and consume more energy. This would also make the fan unstable. 3 blades should be more than enough in terms of noise reduction and efficiency.

What kind of airflow ceiling fans should I go for to get the maximum cooling effect?

You should go with the fans which have the most advantageous factors present like a motor which helps in reverse movement in the different seasons, contains all the blades at the perfect angle, etc. Remote control fans can make your life easier and you can adjust the speed according to your need. Always make sure that the materials used are of good quality and moisture-proof.

Which is the best airflow ceiling fan brand?

Some well-known airflow ceiling fan brands are Harbor Breeze, Hunter Fan Company, Monte Carlo, Minka Aire, and more.

Can I use my airflow ceiling fan 24 x 7 ? OR Can I leave my fan on all the time?

Most ceiling fans are powerful and durable enough to run at all times in all weathers. But until and unless your room has an extremely bad circulation in general, there is no need to leave a fan spinning all around the year. Keep in mind that turning off your fan once in a while will save energy and money. Every mechanical device has a life span. Unnecessary use of the fan is even when there’s no one in the room or when there’s no purpose being served, should actually be not done.

Is blade size important in ceiling fans?

Somewhat, yes. The important factor is the motor. Powerful motors with small or large blades function more or less the same. Small rooms require small blades and a powerful motor. However, keep in mind, more air is circulated by shorter ceiling fan blades.

Will I get a high electricity bill if I used an airflow ceiling fan in my home?

No. Ceiling fans are very energy efficient. Most fans need around 80 Watts or less which will be lesser than a dollar an hour. That is like 12 cents in kilo Watt-hours.

How much cooling can I expect from a ceiling fan?

The best airflow ceiling fans essentially circulate air in the room, distributing it evenly. If your current room temperature is around 80-degrees Fahrenheit, then an airflow ceiling fan can help cool the room by about 10 degrees Fahrenheit.


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