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Are you on the lookout for a quality chigger sprays? Well, it’s to note here, not all insect repellents serve the same function. Put simply, if one repellent is particularly formulated for one specific insect, it might not work for other insects. However, the best chigger repellent can work on multiple insects as well. For example, you might find a chigger repellent that works for mosquitoes too. The bottom-line is, when you are marching to buy a repellent for a particular insect, say chigger, make sure your chosen one is especially designed to work on that specific bug.

List of Best Chigger Repellent

Product PhotoProduct NameTypeEffective durationDetails
Repel hg94101 chigger repellentREPEL Sports HG-94101Skin Repellent8 hrs
Thermacell TC24 chigger repellentThermacell Tick Control Tubes TC-24Backyard ticks & prevention of Lyme180 days
Humco Chigg Away Soldier's Choice Chigger RepellentHumco Chigg-Away, The Soldier's ChoiceRelieves Itching & Chigger RepelTo be re-applied after perspiration
Sawyer SP618 Chigger RepellentSawyer Premium Clothing Products SP618Premium Clothes RepellentUpto 42 days or 7 normal washings
Chig R Block Chigger RepellentChig-R-Blok Deet-Free InsectFor Tick & Mosquitoes (natural repellent)7-9 hours

Also, you should know, insect repelling sprays are mostly poisonous, including the ones with apparently home-based remedies. Thus, one has to be extremely cautious about the ingredients and the usage of the repellents. Double check the ingredients even for the home remedies.

Generally speaking, you will find chigger spray for humans (or other insecticides) with 3 main ingredients- Picaridin, Permethrin and Deet. These will last you for around 4-10 hours on every application. You can try out natural remedies too but they will last for a shorter span, say 2 hours maximum per application.

You may apply chigger repellent or other insecticides in that case, around perimeters and on your clothing. Permethrin, mostly used to repel mosquitoes, is applied on fabric and clothing. However, if you usually wear full-sleeve clothes, you won’t have to buy a skin-based repellent. Let’s review the top 5 chigger repellents based of buyer preferences:

Reviews of the Natural Chigger repellent

Repel Sports HG-94101 Best Chigger Repellent

Repel hg94101 Sports Best Chigger Repellent

Repel HG is among the best repellent for chiggers which comprises of 40 percent DEET formula. It’s an excellent insect repellent which works wonders to keep a wide range of pests at bay, including- all kinds of chiggers and mosquitoes which transmit Zika, Chikungunya, West Nile disease and Zika. If you are looking for best chigger repellent that can be applied on skin, this one would be a great option for you. Don’t worry, the Repel product is non-greasy and odourless- so, it won’t feel uncomfortable on your skin.


  • Active ingredient item- 40 percent DEET
  • Part Number 121-88-305 –6 floz, Pump Spray

Thermacell Tick Control Tubes -24 Tick Repellent – Natural Chigger Repellent

Thermacell Tubes TC24 Best Natural Chigger Repellent

Are you on hunt of a premium tick and chigger repellent? Well, in that case, I would suggest you to take to this Thermacell tube which works like magic against unwanted insects. These are mostly meant for outdoor use and you can place them around your camping sites or gardens. This Thermacell chigger spray comes in an EPA-registered biodegradable tube and hence is safe for the environment, pets, animals.


  • Name of the brand- Thermacell
  • Product dimensions- around 12 pk
  • Shipping weight- around 1.0 pounds
  • Shipping dimensions- around 10.5H by 6.0W by 3.54D inches

Humco Chigg The Soldiers Choice – Best Chigger Repellent

Humco Chigg oldier's Choice Best Chigger Repellent

Dubbed as the “Soldier’s Choice”, this is one of the best chigger repellent solutions that’s widely used in the forces, such as the US Army, Navy Seals and Marines. The premium solution is also popular among outdoor adventure enthusiasts like hikers, campers, hunters, backpackers and so on. This Soldiers Choice chigger repellent is an excellent application during all kinds of outdoor expedition, has a proven track record. Besides, it works as a pain reliever for insect bites from large number of insects including, chiggers, ticks, mosquitoes, no-see-ums, sand fleas, fire ants, biting flies, swimmers itch, wasps and so on.


This popular chigger repellent comprises of:

  • Benzocaine- 5 percent
  • Precipitated Sulfur USP- 10 percent
  • It can work for 4 hours+ straight on single application

Sawyer Permethrin Cloth Repellent SP618 – Best Chigger Repellent

Sawyer SP618 Best Chigger Repellent for Cloth

One of the best chigger repellent sprays you will get in the market today, Sawyer Products is also great for terminating Zika Virus mosquitoes.

As you can get from the name itself, this chigger spray contains Permethrin which means it can be used on fabrics. It’s an odorless  product and just a single application would enable you to arm the fabric to safeguard you for 6 weeks on a row. It can also sustain 6 cycles of wash. Other than your attire, I would recommend you to spray the product on travel bags as well as other fabrics to create a security geofece while traveling.

For maximum protection, you should also count on Sawyer Picardinspray for chigger. It can be applied on skin surfaces to double up the protection level.


  • Active ingredient item- Permethrin (0.5 percent)
  • Part Number SP602- aerosol spray, 9 oz.

Chig-R-Blok Insect Natural Chigger Repellent

Chig R Block Best Natural Chigger Repellent

You have a premier natural chigger repellent here which is comprised on naturally-found ingredients only. One of the best aspects of the product is that it not only repels insects but also helps to treat your rashes and existing bites. No wonder, it is one of the best chigger repellent sprays with natural ingredients you will find in the current market.

It’s to note here, this natural chigger repellent is one of the most versatile insecticides you will find today. Added to chiggers the product works on mosquitoes and ticks as well.  On the other hand, this chigger spray will also be useful when you have developed rashes in close contact with poisonous herbs like poison oak, poison sumac or poison ivy.

You can get this chigger spray in 2 models- Chig-R-Blok Balm and Chig-R-Blok Oil. The  Balm version carries vegetable wax that makes it really convenient to apply on skin. Also, the balm version is more efficient to treat inflammation and rashes.

Ingredients of Chig-R-Blok Balm and Chig-R-Blok Oil:

Chig-R-Blok Balm – Natural Chigger Repellent

Candelilla Wax, Non-GMO E Vitamin, Essential oils of Rosemary, Lavender, Lemon Eucalyptus, Patchouli, Carrot Seed, Geranium, Organic Pumpkin, Evening Primrose as well as Karanja oil, Neem oil, oil of Cherry Kernel, Apricot Kernel, Shea and Almond.

Chig-R-Blok Oil – Natural Chigger Repellent

Non-GMO E Vitamin, Essential oils of Rosemary, Lavender, Lemon Eucalyptus, Patchouli, Carrot Seed, Geranium, Organic Pumpkin, Evening Primrose as well as Karanja oil, Neem oil, oil of Cherry Kernel, Apricot Kernel, Shea and Almond.

Pro tips for safe usage of natural chigger repellents:

  • Before you start using a chigger spray, pay heed to the directions and precautions cited by the manufacturer
  • When you want to apply the best bug spray for chiggers on your kids, limit the application on fabrics only. Do not apply directly on skin
  • Never apply chigger spray in sealed room as the effect can be fatal. Keep doors and windows open while spraying the repellent indoors
  • Be careful of dose of application of the best spray for chiggers. In other words, be careful not to go overboard with the dosage
  • Please keep your kids away from chigger spray or any other insecticide. When it comes to application, an adult should be in charge of the whole process
  • Remember to wash hands thoroughly after you apply a chigger repellent. Be very careful when you apply the even the best chigger repellent solution on kids. The sprays can be irritating specially since the kids have a tendency to touch the skin after being sprayed
  • Never apply these repellents directly on face and open wounds
  • Never use repellents on infants under three months
  • Never apply insect repellents with DEET along with sunscreen

Tickborne Diseases – Emerging Issues – Chigger Repellents (in collaboration with CDC, FDA)

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