Best Flat Top Grills – How To Choose One

From that lip-smacking BBQ pork chops to your sweet morning pancakes, a flat top grill would be the first and last word for almost everything delish your kitchen has to offer. You have a versatile culinary tool here which is available in both in both electric and propane versions. One of the best bits about these flat grills is that it comes with burners which makes it easier to keep control on flame and temperature. You will find these flat grills in various sizes as well, ranging from broad heavy versions for restaurants to small one-burner portable flat top grill versions.

List of the Best Flat Top Grill

ImageFlat Top Grill ModelBTUsGrill Cooking AreaDetails
Blackstone 17” Flat Top GrillBlackstone 17” Portable Flat Top Grill12,000268 sq. inches
Blackstone 28 inch outdoor flat top grillBlackstone 28" Flat Top Grill30,000470 sq. inches
Camp Chef Versatop Flat top GrillCamp Chef Portable Versatop Flat Top Grill16,000416 sq. inches
Cuisinart 28 inch flat top grillCuisinart CGG-0028 Flat Top Grill30,000644 sq. inches
Cuisinart CGG-888 Flat Top GrillCuisinart CGG-888 Flat Top Grill30,00022 inches diameter round cooking area
Royal Gourmet Red 24” PD1301RRoyal Gourmet Red 24” PD1301R25,500316 sq. inches
Blackstone 1554 36” 4 burnersBlackstone 1554 36” 4 burners60,000720 sq. inches
Royal Gourmet 18” Red PD1202RRoyal Gourmet 18” Red PD1202R12,000221 sq. inches
Royal Gourmet 3 Burner PD1300Royal Gourmet 3 Burner PD130027,000316 sq. inches
Royal Gourmet Silver PD1202S 18”Royal Gourmet Silver PD1202S 18”12,000221 sq. inches

A Flat Top Grill is Not same as an Outdoor Gas Griddle

Now, there is a common misconception that an outdoor flat top grill is the same as an outdoor gas griddle. This is certainly not true. The reality is, a flat top gas grill is basically a smart cross between grill and griddle. Akin to a griddle, a flat top comes with a flat even cooking surface. But, unlike griddle, your outdoor flat grill allows users to use pans or pots on cooking surface. On the other hand, these outdoor grills are designed to grill steaks and other meat products just like a true-blue outdoor grill. But, then, unlike a regular grill, a propane flat grill (or an electric one thereof) does not carry grill grates. It implies there is no risk of slipping of food in between the grates. Put simply, an outdoor flat top grill brings to you the best of both the grill and griddle worlds.

Tips to choose the best flat top grill

When it comes to your culinary space, you certainly want the best tools in the town. The same goes with your flat grill. Given the rising popularity of the flat grill version, the kitchen appliance market is flooded with a wide range of models in recent times- but then, not all would be equally compatible for you. The blackstone grill is one of the best in the market today but then there are other major brands too that are offering quality flat top numbers in the current scenario. Here is a brief on the tips to follow to find the best flat top grill for your own kitchen.

  • Check for durability

It’s an outdoor appliance that you wish to cook upon for many years down the line and probably pass on as a legacy to your children. In that light, one has to be extremely careful about the durability quotient of the outdoor flat top grill you wish to invest in, Per the experts, the best bet would be to put your money into a premium stainless steel flat top grill. A stainless steel grill assures a sturdy make and will last you for years.

For example, the Blackstone grill versions are usually available in stainless steel make. There are many other leading brands too that offer grills in stainless steel body.

  • Check the number of burners and BTU

Well, BTU and number of burners are other two important factors to keep in mind when you are looking to buy a outdoor grill for your kitchen. If it’s a small family, a propane flat top grill with one burner would be a good choice. But, if it’s a big family and you often invite large numbers of guests or if you want the flat top model for your restaurant, it’s better to settle with a model with multiple burners. For example, you will get blackstone grill models with 4 burners to cater to large group of people together. More number of burners means you will have better control on cooking various dishes together.

In regards to BTU, you will find grill models in various BTU metrics, ranging from 12,000 BTU to 17,000 BTU to even higher 27,000 BTU. Higher is the number of BTU, faster will be your scale of cooking. So, choose a model as per your specific needs.

  • Propane or electric?

Now, a propane flat grill will obviously give you better control on your cooking temperature and heat compared to an electric one. Besides, a propane-fueled flat grill is always a more eco-friendly option in comparison to its electrical counterpart. Another factor is, as propane flat grill models don’t need electric supply you can cook on them even where is a power-cut- or at places where a steady electric supply is not viable, say in your camping trips.

  • Think about portability

These flat grills are great for cooking almost anything, it’s a great appliance to carry on in your outdoor trips, say your hiking or camping tours. But, if you have plans to carry your outdoor flat grill for your outdoor adventures, it’s better you settle with a portable top grill. A portable one is usually small in size and hence easier to carry along.

Reviews of the Flat Top Grill

To make things easier for you, here is a list of some of the best flat top grill models that you can consider for your culinary space.

Blackstone Flat Top Grill 17” 12,000 BTU

Blackstone 17” Portable Flat Top Grill

This compact Blackstone grill with one burner is able to generate 12,000 BTUs which is great to cook food in small batches fast, anywhere and anytime. If you have been on the lookout of a high quality portable flat top grill for your camping trips, this Blackstone model would be a great pick for you. From hot dogs to steaks to burgers, you can cook almost anything on this versatile cooking appliance.

Mention must be made of this model’s  “H”-type burner. This advanced burner design assures even distribution of heat which is great for an optimal cooking potential across the entire griddle. And yes, the flat top gas grill would have a level stand, irrespective of the surface, whether you station it on muddy terrain or grassy hills.

This Blackstone grill model is a propane fueled and features a robust stainless steel body. So, if you are looking for a durable flat grill, this stainless steel grill would be worth your money.

Top features of the Blackstone 17 inch Portable Flat Top Grill

  • Produces 12,000 BTUs heat for faster cooking
  • Heavy-duty 268 sq. inch cooking surface
  • Rugged stainless steel grill body structure
  • Cold-rolled steel-made griddle top
  • In-built igniter helps with easy heat control
  • “H”-type burner ensures even distribution of heat
  • Easy portability

Blackstone Grill 28” 30,000 BTU Flat Top

Blackstone Flat Top Grill 1554 36” 4 burners

Do you often have guests coming up at home? Do you frequently need to cook meals in large batches? Well, in that case, you would need a large flat top gas grill with a broader cooking surface. In that light, this 28” Blackstone grill would be a great pick for you with its huge cooking area spanning up to 470 Whether you want to cook grilled cheese or quesadillas or pancakes or teppanyaki-type foods, this would be one of the best flat top grill models for you.

The Blackstone grill comes with 2 burners, each producing 15,000 BTU heat individually. Two burners always assure more versatile culinary opportunity compared to one burner. You have a  propane flat top grill here that ignites easily with its push-button battery powered ignition in a flash. You can use the grill for both outdoor and indoor cooking.

Then, this Blackstone grill speaks of excellent durability, thanks to its black powder-coated steel frame. The model has received rave reviews for its sturdy stainless steel-made burners as well as cold rolled robust steel cooktop.

Are you worried about portability because of the grill’s big size? Well, the Blackstone grill here comes with a stand fitted with wheels which assure easy mobilization from one place to another. Besides, you can always remove the top grill portion from the stand for convenience carriage.

Top features of the Blackstone 28 inch  Grill with Flat Top

  • Expansive cooking surface spanning up to 470
  • Two burners allow versatile cooking opportunity
  • Easy-to-control heat zones
  • Stainless steel make assures great longevity
  • Convenient transportation thanks to wheels
  • Comes with stand, rack and shelf for convenient storage

Camp Chef Portable Versatop Flat Top Grill, 16,0000 BTU

Camp Chef Versatop Portable Flat top Grill


You have a lightweight and easily portable flat top grill here that you can conveniently carry to your fishing, camping or trekking trips, added to cooking at home. The propane powered grill is compact in size and lightweight which assures smooth portability. A major factor that keeps this Camp Chef unit ahead in the market is surely its True Seasoned signature non-stick cooking surface. The non-stick aspect of the propane flat grill assures convenient cooking as here food won’t get stuck to the surface. Moreover, a non-sticky culinary surface is also great for cooking beautifully crispy dishes.

The Camp Chef outdoor and portable flat top grill comes with 2 burners which allow greater control on heat and temperature while cooking individual meals simultaneously. And yes, the grill fires up fast with a matchless automatic ignition system which assures a rather expedited cooking process, much to your pleasure.

It’ to note here, the Camp Chef grill unit is compatible with the brand’s 16” flat grill cooking accessories.

Top features of the Camp Chef Portable Versatop Flat Top Grill

  • Two burner assure easy heat control over individual dishes while cooking simultaneously over the same cooktop
  • Boasts advanced non-sticky cooking surface
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Powered by matchless automatic ignition system
  • Adjustable leg levelers

Cuisinart CGG-0028 Flat Top Grill, 30,000 BTU

Cuisinart 28 inch flat top grill

You have a versatile 28” flat top grill here that comes with 2 burners, each generating 15,000 BTU heat individually. One of the best bits about the grill is surely its huge cooking surface that spans across 644, thereby enabling users to cook meals in large batches. If you have been on the lookout of a sizeable flat top gas grill, this Cuisinart model would be a great investment for you. The cooktop is made of cold rolled stainless steel that further promises solid durability.

Another commendable aspect of the propane flat grill is its double grease management facility. The unit comes equipped with a couple of front-access grease cups that help you to collect excess grease and debris after a cooking session. The cups are easily removable for convenient cleaning and maintenance. Then, it’s to note here that this model comes with a folding design and can be fold flat to help with easy storage. This way, you can conveniently carry the outdoor flat top grill in your hiking or camping trips.

Top features of the Cuisinart Flat Top Grill

  • Huge cooking space
  • Durable cooking surface made of cold-rolled steel
  • Double grease management facility with 2 detachable grease cups
  • Folding design allows compact storage
  • Wheeled stand allows easy portability
  • Side prep-table comes with in-built holder for paper towels

Cuisinart CGG-888 Flat Top Grill, 30,000 BTU

Cuisinart CGG-888 Round Top Grill

The Cuisinart flat top grill comes with two burners that can be independently controlled and together generate around 30,000 BTU of heat. This 22” model boasts a cold-rolled sturdy steel cook surface which heats up fast and assures even cooking. If you have been looking for a medium-sized stainless steel outdoor grill to enjoy restaurant-quality hamburgers and steaks at home, this Cuisinart model would be an excellent investment for you. Then, one of the best features of the this outdoor flat top gas grill is certainly the detachable grease cup which is handy to collect all remnant debris and oil after every cooking session. After you collect the unwanted grease into the cup, you can straightaway take it out and wash it off. Put simply, this CGG-888 is designed with smarter maintenance in mind.

Cuisinart presents a portable flat top grill here which sits on a wheeled stand that assures easy maneuverability. However, you can lock in the wheels as well when you want a stable stand. Mention must be made of the prep-table at the side that carries in-built holder for paper towels to help you keep the entire prep area spic and span all the time. Moreover, the stainless steel-made vented cover is useful for steaming and roasting foods or when you wish to bring that mesmerizing smoky flavor.

Top features of the Cuisinart 888 Flat Top Grill with Round Grill Plate

  • 360 degree grease pan comes with detachable grease cup that helps to collect debris and oil after cooking
  • Two burners produce 30,000 BTU heat in total
  • Vented lid made of stainless steel
  • Collapsible Prep-table carries holder for paper towels
  • Wheeled stand assures easy movement

Royal Gourmet Red 24” Flat top Grill PD1301R, 25,500 BTU

Royal Gourmet Flat top Grill Red 24” PD1301R

If you want your grill to be spacious enough for large batches of cooking yet compact enough for easy portability, this Royal Gourmet unit would one of the best flat top grill models for you. Equipped with 3 burners that collectively generate 25,500 BTUs, the cooktop spans across a sizeable 316 sq. in cooking area. From hamburgers to bacon to fried rice to French toast, this classy red Royal Gourmet flat top gas grill would be great for all these and more. And thanks to 3 independently controlled burners, you will enjoy a versatile cooking experience here. The grill top is layered with porcelain enamel finish while the burners are crafted from sturdy stainless steel. So, you have quite  a robust grill here with Royal Gourmet.


It’s to note here, the Royal Gourmet model is a breeze to use. It is easy to assemble and even heats up fast with just one push of its piezo igniter. Another great bit about the portable flat top grill is certainly its grease cup at the side. The cup will help to collect all residual grease and debris after cooking for convenient cleaning. Besides, you can even take out the grill top for thorough cleaning.

Top features of Royal Gourmet Flat Top Grill

  • Convenient to assemble
  • Easily portable
  • Come with 3 burners that produce 25,500 BTUs together
  • Heats up real fast
  • Spacious cooking surface spanning across 316
  • Easy to clean and maintain thanks to grease collection cup and removable grill top
  • Comes in gorgeous red color

Blackstone Grill 1554 36” 4 burners, 60,000 BTU

Blackstone Flat top Grill 1554 36” 4 burners

Compared to the other two Blackstone flat top grill models discussed above, this one here is much larger in size. With a cooking surface spanning across a massive 720 area, this 36” Blackstone flat top grill will be able to cater to commercial kitchens easily. If you often have guests coming to your home, this on would make a valuable addition to your home-kitchen as well. It’s to note here, the stainless steel flat top grill comes with 4 burners to ensure a versatile culinary experience. You will be able to cook 4 different meals in this Blackstone flat top grill in varying temperatures yet at the same time on the same cooktop. And, that’s certainly a huge time-saver especially when you have to cater to a grand batch of people. Another great thing is that the cooking surface is made of thick rolled stainless steel surface which assures great heat distribution and retention.

The grill further deserves brownie points for its fast ignition button that enables users to turn on the grill in just a flash. Moreover, you might receive a front or rare grease drain that would help with easy maintenance.

Despite the large size, this Blackstone flat top grill is a portable unit, thanks to its wheeled stand. The wheels can be locked if you want to station the grill at one place for cooking. Besides, the cooktop can be removed from the whole unit easily for thorough cleaning whenever needed.

Top features of the Blackstone Grill

  • Huge 720 sq. in. cooking area
  • 4 burners
  • Sturdy stainless steel make
  • Fast ignition
  • Removable cooktop for easy cleaning
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Comes with wheeled stand and shelves
  • Easily portable

Royal Gourmet Flat Top Grill 18” Red PD1202R, 12,000 BTU

Royal Gourmet Flat Top Grill 18” Red PD1202R

You have a compact flat top grill here in elegant red color from Royal Gourmet. It comes with around 22” porcelain-enameled culinary surface that can cook around eight patties simultaneously. It’s a one-burner propane flat grill model that generates around 12,000 BTU heat for quick and uniform cooking. If you have been looking for a lightweight grill model that can assure you easy portability for your outdoor trips, this is surely one of the best flat top grill units you will get in the current market.

Ignition will be fast courtesy the in-built piezo igniter and easy one-push button. The burner will help you to adjust temperature and flame as per the desired heating specifications of your desired dish. From patties for your burger to fluffy pancakes for your morning breakfast, you will be able to cook every thing on this grill top from Royal Gourmet.

Another great aspect of this grill model is surely the convenience of easy cleaning and maintenance. The model comes with removable grease collection tray at the side that will enable you to collect residual grease after cooking session. Then, the grill stands on sturdy legs that assure great stability while cooking on it, whether at your camping site or in your indoor kitchen.

Top features of Royal Gourmet Flat Top Grill

  • Compact one-burner design grill that assures fast and uniform heat distribution while cooking
  • Easy portability
  • Sturdy porcelain-enameled culinary surface
  • Easy to clean and maintain thanks to grease cup and removable cooktop
  • Easy to assemble
  • Available in beautiful red color

Royal Gourmet 3 Burner Flat Top Grill PD1300, 27,000 BTU

Royal Gourmet 3 Burner Flat Top Grill PD1300

This is another Royal Gourmet flat top gas grill waiting for you here, promising same superior quality and efficiency. However, this 3 burner model assures a more versatile cooking experience than the previous 1-burner model. Thanks to multiple burners, you will be able to cook different meals with different temperature requirements on the flat top gas grill at the same time. If you have been on the lookout of a sizeable flat top grill that can cater to various cooking demands at once and for a lot of people, this could be an amazing pick for you.

This grill model comes with a  sizeable porcelain-enameled cooking surface measuring around 316 sq. in. You will be able to cook as many as 15 patties altogether on the flat top grill cooktop at once. If you often host grand parties at home, you can certainly bank on this Royal Gourmet model. Besides, this flat top gas grill would also be handy if you want a versatile cooking appliance for your newly started small café. The three burners produce 9,000 BTU individually which altogether offer you a solid 27,000 BTU culinary power for fast and uniform distribution of heat.

Another good thing is the Royal Gourmet flat top grill assures fast ignition thanks to the advanced piezo ignition button that sits on a stainless steel-made sturdy control panel. And yes, the cooktop can be removed for easy cleaning. Not just that, you will also get a removable grease cup that can collect the residual grease so that you can clean off all the mess conveniently.

Besides, the flat top grill is easy to carry along with in your camping trips.

Top features of Royal Gourmet 3 burner Flat Top Grill

  • Portable grill unit
  • Comes with burners that collectively generate 27,000 BTU power
  • Sizeable cooking surface that spans across 316 sq. in.
  • Fast Piezo ignition
  • Easy oil disposal, thanks to detachable oil cup
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Royal Gourmet Flat Top Grill Silver PD1202S 18”, 12,000 BTU

Royal Gourmet Flat Top Grills 18 inch

If you are bored of typical flat top grill models and need to add a new sheen to your kitchen, this classy silver Royal Gourmet beauty would be just the thing for you. The tabletop grill features a porcelain-enameled 17” glossy cooking surface that would be able to cook more than 7 patties simultaneously. It’s a one-burner flat grill that produces around 12,000 BTU and assures even and fast heating throughout the cooking surface. The rectangle shape of the burner is another good reason behind uniform distribution of heal all across the culinary surface.

The Royal Gourmet grill comes in compact size which makes it easy to move around with. If you need a sturdy, reliable and lightweight that you can pack along for your camping trips, this would be one of the best flat top grill models out there.

Clean-up and maintenance is a breeze with this beautiful silver flat top grill unit. It features a grease tray that help to collect residual oil and grease post cooking sessions. All you would need to do here is to take out the tray and get rid of the greasy mess. The cooktop is removable as well for in-depth cleaning.

Top features of Royal Gourment 18 inch Flat Top Grill

  • Lightweight one-burner flat top grill that assures fast and uniform heat distribution while cooking
  • Easy portability
  • Durable porcelain-enameled culinary surface
  • Simple to clean and maintain thanks to grease cup and removable cooktop
  • Easy to assemble
  • Available in elegant silver color

Wrapping Up

A flat top grill is your one-stop cooking appliance for cooking almost anything your kitchen wants to. Whether you want to cook those sumptuous burgers or those mind-blowing seafood delicacies or your comfort eggs or sassy sauces or those sweet fresh pancakes, the flat top grills promise a rewarding experience. Once you start using it, you would soon realize this is one culinary tool you won’t be able to do without ever.

However, a hygienic cooking experience with your grill starts and ends with timely cleaning and maintenance of the tool. Here is a brief on cleaning your flat grill like a pro.

Cleaning with soda water and lemon juice mix

  1. Make a mix of soda water and lemon juice
  2. Pour it in a sprayer
  3. After you are done with the cooking, wait for a while and heat up your grill It will help to soften the extra fat and hard food debris stuck to the cooktop
  4. Now, take a scrubber and scrape off the debris that are stuck on the grill cooktop
  5. Then, spray the lemon water mix all over the grill cooktop
  6. Let it rest for, say, 5-10 minutes
  7. Then, scrape the grill cooktop in circular motion
  8. Wipe out all debris for thorough cleaning

Onion scrubbing

Onion scrubbing is another smart way to clean your flat top grill. All you would need here is one onion. Cut it into two halves. Then, switch on your grill cooktop. Let it heat up a little. After that, switch off the knob. Now, just take one half of the onion and start scrubbing with it over the flat top grill cooktop surface. If it’s a bigger area, you would need to use the other half of the onion as well. You will see the hard debris loosening soon. Now, just scrape out the debris and give your flat top grill cooktop a fine wash with plain water.

Cleaning with vinegar and water mix

  1. You will need 1 cup vinegar-water mix and half-cup vinegar water mix
  2. First heat the flat top grill cooktop
  3. Then, pour 1 cup vinegar-water mix over the heated cooktop
  4. Scrub the surface well to loosen the hard debris. Move your scrubber all over the flat top grill cooktop in circular motion for optimum results
  5. Scrape out the remnant debris
  6. Then, just pour the half cup vinegar-water blend onto the flat top grill cooktop surface
  7. Now, simply take a clean rag and rub the mix with it over the cooktop surface till it becomes sparkling clean


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