Metal Roof Sealant Reviews – Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

Metal roofing is very infamous for cracks between seams, rust, holes where screws or nails were used to fix them, and damage due to wind. There are a variety of solutions to restore such damage to the metal roof. Applying a metal roof sealant is among the best known and most used remedies for fixing the leakages arising out of these issues.

I have listed the 5 best sealant for metal roof products. They are top quality sealants. I have also reviewed each of the metal roof sealants in this list and updated an FAQ section on questions that arise during the application for these sealants on the metal roofs.

List of Metal Roof Sealant

PhotoProduct NameColorUnit typeDescription
through the roof sealantSashco 14010 Through the RoofTransparentCartridge
Metal roof sealant tuffguard advTuff-Guard ADV1-1GALWhiteGallon
roof sealant franklinFranklin 61781MultipleCartridge
GE GE5050 Metal Silicone 2 SealantMetallic GreyCartridge
roof sealant tuffguard agl 1Tuff-Gard Heat-BlockWhiteGallon

Reviews of Best Metal Roof Sealant

Sashco 14010 Through The Roof Best – Metal Roof Sealant

Through The Roof Sealant

Through the Roof® is a waterproof, ultra elastic & a clear metal roof sealant. It is among the best selling metal roof sealant across the country. And is one of the best rated and highest sold sealants in the market. It is mainly used to stop leaks in metal roofs. Home owners also use it to prevent leak from occurring by applying to to joints, holes, surface area around the neck of screws & nails, and cracks & crevices.

Features of Sashco Metal Roof Sealant

You can apply Through The Roof® sealant under all weather conditions right down to zero degree Fahrenheit. It sticks to dry surfaces just well as it sticks to wet surfaces. Just be sure to clean the surface with a dry cloth where you are applying this trademarked Through the Roof sealant, manufactured by Sashco. It is resistant to UV rays, so it performs well even under sunny days and cold winters. Being super-elastic in nature, this metal roof sealant does not even dry up or crack.

Through the Roof® can out perform the standard sealant silicone and has a life 20 times greater than asphalt. It is among the best roof sealant in the markets. The VOC Elastic formula ensures that the roof sealant flexes with change in temperature. So you can keep it in your garage or truck without worrying about the freezing temperatures outside. And it flexes even when you have applied it to the leaks or cracks. It is because of this property of the sealant that it doesn’t crack with the change in temperature.

It an also be applied right through the rain. Yeah, you read that right, you can apply the Through the Roof® roof sealant even when it’s raining and during a live leak and it will be able to plug the leak ! It is the best sealant for metal roof.

It’s also available is large gallon packing if you need it in bigger quantities for your roof work.

Specs of Sashco Metal Roof Sealant

  • Color: Transparent, clear
  • Product weight: 10.5 ounces
  • Application temperature range:
    • 0°Farenheit to 120° Farenheit
    • -18° Celcius to 49° Celcius

Tuff-Guard ADV1 – Advantage 1 Metal Roof Sealant

Metal Roof Sealant Tuff Gard Advantage

TuffGuard makes a range of multiple roof sealant products. One of the top rated among them is the TuffGuarad Advantage 1. It’s a solvent free, rubberized, single component waterproof coating sealant for your roof.

Features of TuffGuard Metal Roof Sealant

Tuff Guard Advantage 1 has a 100% solvent free waterproof application. This is an all surface product. You can use it for a full coating job to fill in the cracks in your metal roofing.

  • Can be applied with a brush
  • Use a roller or a squeegee for expansive application
  • Moist area friendly
  • Should not be used for as a walking area surface
  • Sticks well to all types of concrete, foam, metal roofs, stone, cement, wood EPDM
  • Environment friendly
  • Very less odor

Specs of TuffGuard Metal Roof Sealant

  • Elongated Expansion: >18 times
  • Low Temperature elongated expansion: @ 22F >5 times
  • High Temperature Elongated Expansion @ 176 ° F: > 3 times minimum
  • Service Temperature: -35F to 176F
  • Weight change due to Water Absorption 1.02% max
  • Water Vapor Transmission 0.08 grains per hr per feet
  • Permeance 0.16 grains per hour per feet in Hg (perms)
  • Resistance to Hydrostatic Head >150 feet water
  • Fire Rating: Class A

Franklin 61781 Titebond Metal Roof Sealant

Best Metal Roof Sealant TiteBond

Titebond® WeatherMaster™ from Franklin is a highly rated metal roof sealant. It’s a polymer based formula which can be applied to your roof crevices and other areas to hold back the leakages. It’s also water proof and dust proof – a composite metal roof sealant for all seasons.

To the delight of home decor experts, this metal roof sealant comes in fifty different color shades + the evergreen Transparent color variant. It is resistant to UV properties of the sun and can withstand extreme temperature and weather conditions upto -18° Celcius.

Specs of TiteBond Metal Roof Sealant

  • Adheres to coated metals Kynar™
  • Can be applied easily in extreme temperatures and weather conditions
  • Adhesion is excellent to almost all common construction related materials
  • Permanent flexibility
  • All weather super tight seal
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • VOC- fully compliant
  • Compatible fully with all kinds of foam

GE GE5050 Metal Silicone 2 Best Roof Sealant

Metal Roof Sealant GE GE5050 Metal Silicone 2

From the world’s no.1 company of best quality sealants, the Metal Silicone 2 is a high grade performance product. It’s a 100% waterproof sealant and is made up of super grade 100% silicone. It’s good for sealing and repairing sidings, sheds, recreational non commercial vehicles, roofs, gutters and vents.

Features of GE 5050 Metal Roof Sealant

The Metal Silicone 2 has excellent adhesive qualities and is rated among the best metal roof sealant products in the market. It adheres well onto dry, wet and porous surfaces. It’s 100% weatherproof and is a 30-minutes-rain-ready sealant formula. This roof sealant is crack proof and does not shrink even in extreme weather conditions.

You can apply this metal roof sealant to chrome, nickel and bronze finish high end metals also. It wont’t discolor them either.

  • 100% silicone material
  • 100% weatherproof & waterproof
  • 10-year mold-free protection
  • Permanent flexibility
  • Crack & shrink proof
  • UV resistant
  • Is ready in flat 30-minute after being applied
  • Can be applied to high end metal finishes like chrome, bronze & nickel
  • Sticks to wet or dry surfaces or porous material

Specs of GE 5050 Metal Roof Sealant

  • Color: Metallic Grey
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Non-paintable
  • Mildew resistance
  • Stain Resistant
  • ASTM C920 Compliant
  • Coverage 50 linear ft
  • Caulk form: Standard Tube
  • Weight: 10.1 ounces

Tuff-Gard Heat-Block – Best Roof Sealant

Coating for Metal Roofs Tuffgard Heat Block


Another sealant product from Tuff Gard. The Tuff Gard Heat Block is a reflective coating which is widely used as waterproofing sealant in hotter climates – an ideal roof sealant for metal roofs.

Features of TuffGard Heat Block Metal Roof Sealant


It is environment friendly and contains no solvent and VOCs. This water based roof coating can be applied both inside and outside the home without the need for any safety gears like masks or any other apparatus related to applying solvents.

Made up of rubberized component having capacity to withstand ponding water it can elongate over 4 times. It doesn’t degrade even in extreme hot or freezing cold temperatures.

This roof coating has a 90% rating for solar reflective capacity which is the best in its class. It is one of the best metal roof coating products in the market. The high reflective coasting results in huge savings over a period of time.

With high quality material being used in its composition, and super high elasticity, leaks become the confined stories of the past, with this roof coating product.

The coating can be applied anywhere, there’s no need for a primer. Can be applied on:

  • Metal roof
  • RV
  • Flat roof
  • Mobile Homes
  • Camper
  • Planter box
  • Gutters
  • Sheds
  • Interior Basement
  • Foundation
  • Concrete
  • Fence
  • Wood
  • Stucco
  • Metal

Specs of TuffGard Heat Block Metal Roof Sealant

  • LEEDS application Qualified
  • Increased Elasticity due to rubberized components
  • Prevents mildew growth
  • Prevents bacterial build up

How to fix a metal roof & use metal roof sealant effectively

Metal roofs develop a lot of issues over a period of time. Some of them being:

  • Open penetration flashings
  • Metal roof oxidation
  • Panel damage
  • Fastener back out
  • Open seams
  • Improper installation issues
  • Open ridge/ head wall flashing
  • Loose counter flashing

While dealing with roofing issues, there are different options which you can exercise – repair, replace or restore. Let’s look at each of these options-

Metal Roof Options: Repair vs Restore vs Replace

Roof repairing requires continuous maintenance to ensure that it lasts long. And if you are able to maintain a metal roof, it can lasts up to three decades. You should have a look at your metal roof every 6 months and review if it requires any kind of metal roof sealant application or other kind of maintenance. Fix the problems that you observe before they become extreme and start hurting the very objective of installing the metal roof.

Of all the issues, I listed above, the most common ones are oxidation and open seams. And both these issues can be addressed without much fuss.

restore is when you overhaul the entire roof, which means a comprehensive repair of all elements of a roof – cleaning of the surfaces of the roof and seams, applying anti-rust or red oxidant coating, both under the roof & over the roof. One can also add a solar reflective coat and/or waterproof metal roof sealant.

Replacement is generally undertaken when restoration or repair will not yield the desired results or if replacement is cheaper than repair ! You can simply get new metal roof sheets installed and do away with the old ones. And apply a good quality metal roof lap sealant to close all the micro gaps

How to fix a leaking tin / metal roof

Metal corrugated roofs are unable to sustain long exposure to strong winds and unrestricted moisture. The main two elements which tend to get damaged are the nails or the screws  attached to the metal roof sheets and the seams.

The best way to go about doing this is to first assess the damage. A simple area specific repair job will suffice or will you need to restore the entire section area of the metal roof ? Or may be you need to remove just one sheet and fix a new one ? Let us look at the basic fix-the-leak work where just the nail has gathered some rust or one of the seams has parted.

Remove the nails which have rusted and check the metal sheet for any corrosion related damage. Remove the rust from around the hole area and apply a red oxidant or any other anti rust coat in that area. When it has dried, apply a coat of paint over it. Let the paint dry. Then hammer in a new steel nail and cover it with a good metal roof sealant.

Check for corrosion in the damaged seams. If you find rust, perform the preparatory action as it was done for nails. If it is not required, move to the next stage. Remove and clean the adhesives & caulking and clean the complete area. Apply a coat of metal roof sealant to the seams and close it up smoothly.

One more area that should be checked is the edges of the roof panel where the sheets overlap. Check for any small crevices or gaps, cover those overlapping areas with water proof tape – you can also apply a waterproof sealant on the area and then cover that area with a water proof tape. Allow it do dry, and when done, cover that entire patch / area with weatherproof coat of a metal roof sealant.

How to waterproof a metal roof and apply metal roof sealant

  • Ensure that the surface of the roof is dry
  • If there’s even a small hint of rust, scrape it out completely
  • Apply a coat of oxidant primer or metal primer all over the roof
  • Allow the roof coat to completely dry
  • Once the roof has dried up, apply a coat of weatherproof / waterproof sealant along the screws, metal sheet overlap areas, nail heads and all other flashings. You can additionally use fabric strips along sheet overlap areas and seams and reapply a coat with some good sealant, once the first layer which had previously applied has dried up.
  • Once everything has dried up, apply a coat of sealant on the entire roof and top it up with all weather water proof paint.

How to paint a metal roof

I won’t recommend to apply a paint coat directly on galvanized metal. It’s always better to apply a coat of primer before applying a layer of paint. Once the primer coat is done, allow it to dry up. Next, apply a weatherproof sealant.

When all the stages of pre-paint have been completed, you can apply a layer of fresh paint on your metal roof. There are 3 ways of applying paint on your metal roof, all of which depend on the type of roofing you have installed.

Brush, spray and roller – all of them work good but each one is deployed as per the surface of the metal roof sheets. Rollers will work smoothly only with flat surfaces. Brush and Spray will go good with all kinds of metal roof surfaces.

To start with, scrape the rust and the old paint on the metal roof surface

The paint that you choose to apply should always be a all weather paint and it should be compatible to be applied over a primer or a polymer surface.

Never work alone. Work at least in a team of two. While one of you applies the paint, the other keeps an eye on the ladder’s stability and prepares the next round of paint.

You must always wear a harness while applying a paint on a vertical area.

Check the weather report. You should paint only on sunny days. The next 3 days after the paint job has been done should have sunny forecast too. You should pick your paint day accordingly. This is to ensure that the paint dries up instead of catching any moisture.

When applying a coat of primer or the paint, the brush strokes should be consistent in the same direction. Also the coat should neither be too thin nor be too generous.

Before you apply the second coat of paint on your metal roof, ensure that the first coat has completely dried up. Keep a gap of a day or two between both the coats.

What kind of paint to be used on metal roofing

Two types of coating are applied on a metal roof – the primers and the paints


A primer is a special coat, but not a paint. It bonds on a molecular level on both sides – it adheres to the metal surface and bonds with it. And when a coat of paint is applied on it, it adheres with the paint on a molecular level and bonds with it. It’s the kind of connection between the paint and the metal roof. Without a primer, a coat of paint if applied, will peel off in a very short period of time.


For metal roof coating, oil based coat of paint is the only thing you should choose. These have waterproofing qualities bonded into them which also leaves a shiny and smooth finish, unlike latex based paints. There are a plethora of options to choose from for a paint job. Go for something which is weather proof and can withstand extreme temperature conditions and should be resistant to UV rays of the sun. Solar reflective properties in a paint will also go a long way to keep your house cool.


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