Best Oil Mister – Buyer’s Guide, Review, & FAQs

Baking and cooking are two school of arts which require oil in different but sufficient quantities, for almost every recipe that we cook. A good cook always knows the importance of adding just the right quantity of oil. A little more will make it oily, while a little less will burn the taste. But the right amount of oil will make the difference, all the way. It is in this context that choosing the best oil mister becomes important. An oil mister is the tool with which you can control the flow of oil into your dish, in the right quantity, at the right time.

List of Best Oil Mister

PhotoProduct nameCapacitySpray typeDetails
Hall and Perry Oil Mister10.1 ozwith pump
Oil Mister PreparaPrepara for Kitchen & Grill8.5 oztrigger spray
Oil Spray EvaEvo Oil Sprayer 811018 oztrigger spray
Oil Sprayer by MistoMisto 50611163 ozwith pump
Oil Mister from HoooWoooHoooWooo SPRAYER001300 mlpump button
Oil Mister from SkendaSKENDA 7846726652168 ozsprayer
Oil Mister by The Fine Life K820G1The Fine Life K820G16 ozwith pump
Oil Mister by Chef Advantage ChefAdvantage S02-P02-V6-4 ozwith pump
Oil Mister from COLE & MASONCOLE & MASON H103699U5 ozwith pump

Why to use an oil mister

Many homes are replacing fats like lard and butter with more lighter and healthier alternates like avocado and olive oil. But oil still remains a fat, and most of the times, we end up pouring more than what we should, specially when we are using a mid-economy sized bottle or a can or a spoon. The healthy salad is no more so wholesome when its floating in oil.

A good olive oil mister will solve this problem of over pouring or uneven coverage. Oil mister is also helpful to save on both calories and money ! An oil sprayer allows you to spray even quantity of oil, vinegar and various other condiments on your food, skillet, baking items, salads, and grills. The use of an oil sprayer brings consistency to your cooking preparations and recipes.

Multiple studies have found that the spray of an oil mister is more important than the duration. A good spray is important for even coverage to avoid sticking. Based on the studies, we have curated a list of the best oil spray bottles  for you

Things to Consider in an Oil Mister

  • Even, fine & a full spray
  • Consistency in the spray
  • Should be easy to refill
  • Comfort of pumping
  • No oil leakage
  • Durability
  • Cleaning & Maintenance

Review of the 9 Best Oil Mister

Hall and Perry – Best Olive Oil Mister

Oil Mister by Hall & Perry

Durability: This vinegar and oil mister from Hall and Perry is BPA free and has a non-aerosol pump fitted into it. It is completely free of chemical propellants and is fully reusable. The oil mister  is durable and affordable.

Clean and care: The ergonomic and simple pump design prevents clogging from occurring. It is also easy and convenient to clean this glass bottle oil sprayer. The glass component gives you the liberty to clean and refill any other liquid of your choice into it. It’s a multi tasker olive oil mister and a great addition to your kitchen.

How to Use: You need to just fill it up with your personal favorite oil, essential oils, vinaigrette, coconut oil, citric juices, or vinegar. And then just press the button on the top (pump it) and mist your recipe with the right amount of oil.

Prepara Oil Mister for Kitchen & Grill

Oil Mister by Prepara

Durability: The Prepara oil mister is ergonomically designed and is very user friendly. Made from BPA Plastic, it uses glass as its base. It is ideal for misting olive oil, vegetable, and sesame oil.

Clean & Care: The base of the Prepara oil mister is made of glass which is dishwasher safe and is easy to clean & sanitize. It’s trigger mechanism is easy and can be removed for deep cleaning. The entire design prevents clogging and oil accumulation in any of the areas of the oil sprayer.

How to use: The unique innovative trigger handle allows you to dispense oil in two different ways.  You can spray a mist of oil or a stream of oil depending upon how you pull the trigger. Pull the trigger quick enough and you have an evenly spread fine mist. Pull it slow and you can get a stream of oil. Prepara is rated among the best oil mister by the cooks world over.

Each pull dispenses around 1.4 tsp full of oil. It’s easy to control and track how much oil is being used by you for your meals.

Evo Oil Mister 8110

Oil Sprayer Eva

Durability: This environment friendly oil mister has been designed and crafted by the famous Michael Graves Design Group. The plastic used in its manufacturing is free of BPA, Latex, Lead & DEHP. It is approved by FDA and adheres to Prop 65 compliance framework. And it won’t shatter either.

Clean & Care: Reusable and economical, this oil mister bottle is dishwasher safe. Its innovative fan pattern and the twist funnel design prevents clogging irrespective of the duration of its use.

How to use: The fan pattern design sprays less oil with a wider surface coverage. It sprays 3.5 millilitres per shot. The nozzle is designed to spray in both horizontal and vertical fan pattern. This allows more control and precise application of your favorite oil.

Misto 5061116 Olive Oil Mister

Misto Oil Mister


Durability: This Misto product is a non aerosol oil mister and it does not use any chemical propellants. It is fully reusable and provides the benefit of an aerosol sprayer. The build quality is good.

Care & Clean: It’s easy and economical to clean this oil mister. Misto has a pump cap, which you can remove, clean it deep and put the cap back onto its original place. Simple.

How to Use: You can fill Misto with any of your favorite oils, lemon & lime juice, vinegars, Marsala or Sherry wine. It’s a great oil mister for breads, dressing salads, and cooking. It’s pump cap has a two step operation – just pump the container and press the valve to get an even mist of oil.

HoooWooo 001 Oil Mister

Oil Sprayer from HoooWooo

Durability: Durability is the hallmark of this HoooWooo designer oil mister. The bottle is made of glass while the top pump is made of stainless steel. Its internal misting mechanism is made up of food grade soft plastic while the steel pump cap is dustproof.

Clean & Care: It is easy to clean. The big open mouth at the top and the non drip spray mechanism makes the oil mister easy to clean and care for. This oil sprayer bottle has passed the FDA tests too.

How to Use: The oil mister dispenses uniform oil sprays and droplets over its coverage area. Press it fast and it will give you a uniform even mist. Press it slow and you get a stream of the oil. There are no leakages. The clear glass holder allows you to see the volume of oil inside and take a judgement if a refill is needed.

SKENDA 784672665216 Best Oil Mister

Oil Mister from Skenda

Durability: This Skenda oil mister is high quality durable product. It is BPA free, and the oil holder is made up of clear see through glass. The top pump area and the bottom of the oil sprayer is made up of dust proof stainless steel

Clean & Care: Empty the oil mister. Add some warm water into it. Gradually tighten the lid. Shake the mister bottle and then spray out the water six to ten times. Again refill some clean water into it and spray out the water another three to five times. Empty the bottle and let it dry.

How to use: Hold the bottle, just touch the top push button and dispense the right volume of oil you want.

Both the bottles are clearly labeled for oil and vinegar to avoid any mix up.

The Fine Life K820G1 Best Olive Oil Mister

Oil Mister by Fine Life

Durability: It has been designed to have a strong grip and is safe on all kinds of surfaces. The oil mister is light weight allowing all members of the family to be able to use it. Since there’s no glass used in its design, you can carry it anywhere you want, from the kitchen to the patio to the barbecue or to your boat. Just toss it in your baggage and you are good to go. The oil sprayer can also double up as a water mist and triple it up as the olive oil mister at your BBQ event.

Clean & Care: The neck of this oil mister is wide and allows for easy cleaning with small brush. Since there’s no glass as a component, you are absolutely assured of your and the mister’s safety even if it slips out of your hands.

How to use: Just a few pumps on the top and you will bring simple air pressure inside the mister. Just press and hold the nozzle you get a classic super fine mist.

You can create this super-light mist to:

  • fine coat the air fryer, grills, pans, & BBQ
  • add the right quantity of olive oil to the salads, baking recipes, omelettes & more
  • prep your fish, meat, & veggies
  • get your spices & salt to stick around your popcorn

ChefAdvantage S02-P02-V6 Best Oil Mister

Oil Mister Chef Advantage

Durability: This oil holder is made of scratch resistant glass. The material is treated to make it anti-bacterial and the workmanship of the oil mister is of high quality. The pump is crafted in a way where it is not visible from outside. The top of the this oil sprayer is made up of stainless steel. It can be used an an olive oil mister or a coconut oil mister. It can, infact, be used with multiple kinds of oil, juice, vinegar and your favorite wine too.

Clean & Care: This oil ister is designed with elegance. It’s a great product for use in baking, cooking and for preparing your favorite recipes. The Chef Advantage is better than the aerosol mister in terms of health. Its anti-clog filter ensures that the mister remains clog free. The pump is detachable and the wide neck around the top allows to clean the oil chamber from inside with ease.

How to use: The design uses a non-aerosol simple pump pressure concept. Just pump the oil mister, and release the nozzle to get a nice even spread of oil from the mister. The fine spray will give a healthy and minimal coating to your pans and food preparations for a healthy life.

COLE & MASON H103699U Best Oil Mister

Oil Mister from COLE & MASON

Durability: This Cole & Mason oil mister features a top made from stainless steel and a bottom made from BPA free plastic. The product comes with a lifetime warranty from the company. This premium design oil sprayer can be used as a olive oil mister or a vinegar oil sprayer as well. It’s a versatile product.

Clean & Care: It has a oil return design process inbuilt into it. It catches any oil residue from the bottom of the nozzle and brings it back into the oil chamber. This process saves oil and reduces wastage. Also it ensures that the first spray and the last spray are all as consistent as it should be.

How to use: It’s again a pump mechanism. Pump the mister for around 6-7 times and then press the nozzle gently to get a fine spray of oil mist all over your food recipes. While you refill, ensure not fill the chamber above the Max Fill Line indicated on the oil mister.

FAQs for Oil Mister

Q. Why should anyone use an oil mister ?

A. Pouring oil directly from a can or a mid-sized bottle can at times result in over pouring or even spills. Over pouring of oil into your food recipe has the potential to change the taste of your food and is unhealthy too. And spills can create lots of mess around the kitchen making your work load increase without any actual productivity. Using an oil mister ensures there are no spills around. But more importantly, the oil sprayer dispenses the oil with a fine mist of spray giving you absolute control over the quantity you want to add into your recipes. It also provides with a better and even coverage of oil coat on your pans or food preparations.

Q. How should an oil mister be used ?

A. It’s pretty easy to use an oil sprayer. While there are multiple designs available, I have listed the best oil mister in the list above. Each of those have their own advantages in terms of design and upkeep. But mostly, you need to just fill the oil chamber with the oil of your choice. Check if there’s a max level line to indicate till where the chamber is to be filled. Once filled, prime the cap and pump the bottle as per instructions, and you are set to go. Press the nozzle to get a even fine mist of oil spray for your food preparations.

Some of the oil misters have a lever design system instead of the press nozzle system. In such oil spraeyrs, just fill the oil chamber and prime the cap. Then, pull the lever as per your requirements. Generally, when you pull the lever fast, you will get a fine mist of oil spray and when you pull the lever slowly, you will get a stream of oil into your pans or recipes.

Q. Where to use the oil mister ?

A. For anything in which oil is used. You can use the oil mister for baking, cooking, grilling, salad preparations, tossing the pasta or just spraying a fine coat of olive oil on your breads. An oil sprayer can be used everywhere in a customized manner. It gives you the control over the flow, spray and coverage of oil coat.

Q. How to clean my oil mister ?

A. Almost all oil misters can be cleaned by pouring in a little bit of warm water and cleaning it either with your fingers or with a small brush. You can add a few drops of liquid detergent to ward off any greasing that might have accumulated over the oil chamber walls. Some of these oil sprayer are dishwasher safe while some are not. You need to check the manufacturer’s instruction before putting the oil mister into your dishwasher.

Q. How do regulate the flow of oil ?

A. Just pump it few times and press the nozzle gently to get a fine mist of oil spray. The more pressure you apply on the nozzle, the more quantity it will dispense. Same holds true for oil sprayers with the lever function. Pull the lever slowly to get a spray of oil (which generally will be more than the fine mist). And pull the lever fast to get a fine mist of oil spray.


An oil mister is a great tool to have in your kitchen. It gives you control over the flow and quantity of oil in your food preparations. The fine mist spray gives an even coating to your baking items, food preparations, and salad dressing. The fine coating on the pans and pots allows for better and an even spread of heat into your raw food mix while the pan or the pot is still on the stove. You can use it to grease your pans before making a cake or grease the pots before pouring in the your recipe mix.

It has also been seen that the quantity of oil consumed in cooking is always less with an oil mister than when you directly pour the oil into your cooking preparations through a can or a bottle. All in all, an oil sprayer a is great tool in your hands for better cooking results and better healthy food.

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