Best Outdoor Griddle – Reviews, Buyer’s Guide & FAQs

Every good cook, across all restaurants, in the world, cook their meats on outdoor griddle. And every lawn party which serves live food to its guests, has an outdoor gas griddle, without exception. Such is the application and the magic of this must-have kitchen equipment. The greatest strength is that it’s ready in flat 5 minutes to burn  & cook, once it has been turned on. A typical outdoor gas griddle has has multiple burner options, ranging from two to eight, giving you an option of different temperature based cooking zones to prepare your food the way you want it !

You can prepare steaks, fish, or burgers in the hot temp zone, and potatoes, poultry, & large meat pieces in the low temp zone, or use them to just keep your food warm and ready to eat, and reserve the middle temp zone to cook your veg sautes and other vegetables. These outdoor gas griddles are easy to maintain, easier to clean. I have curated a list of the best outdoor griddle for you starting from the always sought after Blackstone grill models to the Camp Chef models.

List of the Best Outdoor Griddle:

ImageGas Griddle ModelBTUGriddle cooking areaDetails
Blackstone 1554 outdoor gas griddleBlackstone 155460000 720 sq. in
Blackstone 1517 Outdoor Gas GriddleBlackstone 15172 x 15000470 sq. in.
Blackstone 1666 Outdoor Gas GriddleBlackstone 166624000330 sq. in.
Cuisinart CGG-501 gourmet outdoor gas griddleCuisinart CGG-50120000285 sq. in.
Royal Gourmet GD401 outdoor gas griddleRoyal Gourmet GD40148,000584 sq. in
Camp Chef TB90LWG outdoor gas griddleCamp Chef TB90LWG3 x 30,000608 sq in.
Royal Gourmet PD1300 Portable Gas GriddleRoyal Gourmet PD130027000325.9 sq. in.
Camp Chef FTG600 Flat Top GrillCamp Chef FTG6004 x 12000604 sq. in.
Blackstone 1560 outdoor gas griddleBlackstone 156060000720 sq. in.
BBQ Grill for LArge Events - Commercial Grade Quality1160001001 sq. in.
Blaze BLZ-GRIDDLE-LTE-NG Gas GriddleBlaze BLZ-GRIDDLE-LTE-NG2 x 18000 495 sq. in

Points to consider before buying a outdoor gas griddle

You must consider the most basic points like what’s the size of the family, how frequent is the application of the gas griddle, where will you actually be using the gas griddle – outside the kitchen balcony, in the garden, or are you going to take it to your family picnics at a different location. These questions will provide you with insights on the kind of outdoor gas griddle you should be wanting to have. Basically, there are 3 kinds of gas griddles: tabletop, mobile/transportable griddles, and the built-in gas griddles.

Tabletops are the most used and bought griddles. They generally have dual burners with heating controls. These are light-weight, compact, and can be carried or moved outside for food cooking.

The mobile or the transportable gas griddles are basically grill stations with wheels. They are more popularly referred to as the outdoor gas griddles. These have different combinations of two to four castor wheels and folding legs for easy movement to different locations. These gas griddles are more used in the house backyards during your gathering of family & friends. You can also take them on your picnics to different locations.

Basis your requirements, the wheel sizes can be different. Smaller wheels are good for surfaces like asphalt, concrete, planks, stone pavers, etc.  Large wheels are good for surfaces like grass, gravel, and soil.

Built-in griddles are fixed into the kitchen modular furniture and are mostly part of full blown kitchens in cottages or kitchen owners. They look elegant but have no mobility as such.

The most important points to consider before buying your outdoor griddle grill:

What is better, a flat top grill, or a grooved grill ?

The flat top grill is very much suited for cooking fish, seafood, lean meat, and poultry. A couple of minutes of flat grill cooking results in a thin, visible layer of good fat at the bottom of the meat. This layer of fat prevents the food from getting burnt, helping in retaining all the flavor, juices, and the freshness & aroma of the food being cooked.

A grooved grill is good for large pieces of meat and poultry. These are fairly easy to be cooked on the grooved grill top than the flat grills. The excess layer of fat peeks out resulting in forming of signature textured stripes on the lower sides. The end result is crispy, beautiful, aromatic grilled steaks.

In case, both the flat grill and the grooved grill are needed, you can go for the hybrid dual grill surface griddles. They will be costlier than the regular flat or the grooved ones.

What will be my fuel for the outdoor gas griddle ?

While some griddles work on the LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), others work only on Methane as the burning fuel. And some of the gas griddle models can work on almost any raw gas as the burning agent. You must figure it out well in advance on the kind of supply of gas you have and pick the one accordingly.

Which is the important factor – reliability or price?

These outdoor gas grills are made of either cast iron or graded stainless steel. While the former is more efficient, keeps the food warmer for a longer duration, and also costs less, the steel griddles are easy on maintenance and have greater durability. The Blackstone 1560 is among the best selling models, worldwide, but more on that later. Make your own choice !

What other functions are must have?

Some of the functions increase the safety as well as the comfort of using a grill, like the electronic ignite mechanism. It makes the process easier and safe to ignite comparatively. And if one of the burners flames out, the supply of gas to both the burners will be stopped by the griddle, on its own. This creates a net of safety around its operations. If you plan to be using the griddle regularly, then these features should be on your list.

These are some most basic points you should consider before buying an outdoor gas griddle. I have addressed more such points in a dedicated FAQ section at the end of the review of the gas griddles. If you really want to get the best outdoor gas griddle for yourself, the review of the the below shortlisted models below will help you to find a reliable good high quality product.

Review of the Best Outdoor Griddle 

1554 Blackstone 36 inch – Best Outdoor Griddle

Blackstone 1554 36 inch best outdoor griddle

This Blackstone 1554 Flat top outdoor gas griddle 36 inches is at the top of the list basis its super performance and top ratings across all categories and brands of outdoor gas griddles. This has a four burner set up with four independent heat control system giving you an output of 60,000 BTU power. This enables you to create separate cooking zones, each having a different heat level. You can cook some of the best recipes of your choice on this outdoor grill. An awesome product choice, it is.

The steel solid griddle top allows you to cook any meal in any quantity enabling you to feed a large group of people. A thorough grilled food menu for your entire neighborhood is just a griddle away. You can flip up to 72 hot dogs and burgers on a single go on this flat top outdoor griddle with ease and precision. Each outdoor event, and even indoor events, will create memories, with this 36 inch Blackstone griddle.

It can manage all the three food hours – dinner, lunch, and your breakfast. It now comes equipped with a new grease management system fitted in the rear of the griddle for a worry-less, effort-less cooking experience. The entire grill is easy to maintain and clean.

Specs of this outdoor griddle

  • Power output: 60,000 BTUs (15,000 x 4 burners)
  • Cooking surface: 720 sq inches (fit for 72 hot dogs at a single go)
  • Grill weight: 120 pounds
  • 7 Gauge Griddle top – Stainless Steel – Cold rolled
  • 4 stainless steel burners – adjustable – all four with independent ignition
  • Built-in quick ignition
  • Commercial grade 4 heavy duty casters
  • Fasteners for Propane tank
  • Shelves on the sides for serving food – 2
  • Tray for goods storage – 1

Features of this outdoor griddle

  • Body structure: Steel frame with powder coating for anti-rust qualities
  • Easy to use and remove griddle top
  • Fast & Quick ignition button
  • Grease management system at the rear for efficient handling
  • Adjustable heat control range on all 4 burners – low flaming to high flaming
  • Thick cold-rolled stainless steel cooking surface with even distributed heating
  • Very high heat retention and high heat distribution design
  • Easy to assemble

Blackstone Flat Grill 1517 – Best Outdoor Gas Griddle

Blackstone Grill Top 1517 best outdoor gas griddle

Another amazing flat top grill from the house of Blackstone. This tabletop portable outdoor gas griddle gives 470 sq inches of flat top cooking surface to experiment around with your favorite food recipes. Compared to the Blackstone 1554 which is a full sized griddle, this one offers a comparatively smaller cooking surface since it is positioned as a portable flat top outside gas griddle model. It is equipped with 2 versatile H burners where the heat power is adjustable for both. This creates dual heating zones in your portable grill. You can cook multiple food items simultaneously or cook on one burner and use the other to keep the food warm.

The heat is evenly distributed on the cooking surface, thereby, removing the issues of burning of the food at some corners while being under cooked at other corners. Top this with the feature of an efficient grease management system which ensures that the extra juices and food particles don’t get mixed up with your food. It’s easy to clean, after you are done with your cooking.

Being designed portable, it has been ensured that the griddle is light weight and can be moved around with the help of the 2 front front wheels. You can take it around your garden, for your picnic, or to your camping sessions. It’s a cool portable mate to take around. It can take-on in a single serving around 30 hot dogs or 12 hamburgers and 16 eggs. It’s a good outdoor gas griddle grill for a small gathering.

This one can be fueled through a propane bottle (not included in the grill) attached to a 20 pound propane tank with a hose adapter (not included)

Specs of this outdoor gas griddle

  • Power output: 24,000 BTUs (15,000 x 2 independent burners)
  • Cooking surface: 470 sq. inches
  • Grill Weight – 75 pounds
  • No. of burners: 2 (H type burners)
  • Dual heat control systems (adjustable)
  • Built-in ignition
  • Efficient grease management technique
  • Rubber feet with adjustable height

Features of this outdoor gas griddle

  • Steel Flat Griddle Top – Cold Rolled
  • Handle grips (heat resistant)
  • Very stable and highly durable
  • Front plate made of steel
  • High-quality product
  • Very competitively priced
  • Value for money

Blackstone Grill 1666 – Portable Best Outdoor Griddle (Table Top)

Blackstone 1666 Flat Best Outdoor Griddle

This 22 inches portable gas griddle from Blackstone is a great product for a small family of four. You can invite a couple of your friends over and this portable outdoor gas griddle will be good enough to serve your gathering. Just slightly smaller than the Blackstone 1517, this one gives you a cooking surface of 330 sq inches. This is good enough to fit into 44 burgers on its surface or 22 steaks. In spite of being so portable, this griddle is serious cooking.

It has 2 H-style burners with independent heat controls for each of them. Together they produce heat energy of 24,000 BTUs between them. These burners are further supported with 2 heavy duty graded castors, 10 gauge griddle steel top, and a shelf on one side. This is a compact power house performance, I would say.

The griddle has a commercial grade quality built into it – steel frames with powder coating, heavy duty grade castors, griddle top made of 10 gauge steel quality. The heat distribution is even to ensure fully cooked food. It also has, like other Blackstone grill models, a grease management system for ensuring zero mess cooking. All these features make this Blackstone 1666 griddle easy to maintain and clean after use.

Specs of this outdoor gas griddle

  • Power output: 34,000 BTUs (15,000 x 2)
  • Cooking surface: 448 sq inches
  • Grill weight: 32 pounds
  • Dual H-Style burners
  • Adjustable independent heat controls for each burner
  • Built-in quick ignition
  • Heavy duty graded casters: 2

Features of this outdoor gas gridle

  • 10 gauge graded stainless steel griddle top – Cold-rolled
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to transport (fully portable)
  • Commercial grade built – very durable
  • Adjustable heat zones
  • Rear grease management system for easy clean up
  • Steel frame with powder coating

Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Portable Two Burner Best Outdoor Griddle (compact design)

Cuisinart CGG-501 gourmet flat outdoor gas griddle with 2 burners

It’s among the most portable and compact model on this list. And don’t let its size sway your opinion about its utility. From the size it looks good for a family of 2, but when put into use, it has the ability to look after the needs of the entire family. This model from Cuisinart is highly productive. Cuisinart has a worldwide reputation for its products. It’s among the market leaders in US too.

If you are looking out for a simple and easy to handle griddle option for your home, this is the right choice for you. From breakfast to grilled snacks, from lunch to dinner, you can prepare any food for your family on the CCG-501. It provides 285 sq. inches of cooking surface and the cold rolled thick stainless steel plate ensures even distribution of heat from the burners.

Its 2 burners power up 20,000 BTUs of heat energy with a twist-to-ignite mechanism. The unit is designed to look pleasing both for your outdoor set up and your home patio kitchen set up. It provides a great portability for your outings, picnics and family weekends in your garden. It’s easy to maintain & clean and equally easy to use. Cuisinart is part of almost every cooking culture from US to Europe.

If you have a requirement of a light weight, handy, easy to clean, and easy to use gas griddle, then the Cuisinart CGG 501 fits into your scheme of things.

Specs of this best outdoor griddle

  • Power output: 20,000 BTUs (10,000 x 2 burners)
  • Cooking surface: 285 sq. inches
  • Grill weight: 34 pounds
  • No. of burners: Two
  • Product dimensions – 20 W x 19.5 L x x 9 H inches

Features of this best outdoor griddle

  • Quick twist to ignite function
  • Cold-rolled thick steel cooking surface
  • Built-in hose size fit for 20 pound LP tanks
  • Portable and easy to carry along for outdoor usage

Royal Gourmet GD401 Best Flat Top Grill & Gas Griddle Combo

Royal Gourmet GD401 outdoor flat top grill and griddle combo

If you want to have a professional grade gas griddle which can service your BBQ parties in your backyard or garden, then this 4 burner Royal Gourmet GD401 is your best outdoor gas griddle and your kitchen companion. Explore and discover the features of this premium grill which is a must have for people who love throwing parties for their near & dear ones.

The most striking feature is that it has a dual cooking surface (a flat griddle and a versatile grill). The unit offers 584 sq. inches of cooking surface spread over two cooking zones. The electronic ignition mechanism works with the push of a button. Together the four burners give an energy output of 48,000 BTUs between them.

The heating controls are adjustable giving you the choice of flames per your food requirements. The stainless steel built burners give you a powerful cooking experience. The unit distributes the heat evenly and has an in-built design portable flat top grill and griddle comboto protect the food from direct flames.

The multi-purpose large griddle and grill combo gives access to multiple cooking options. You can make use of them simultaneously or one by by one. The amazing part is that you can convert this full professional flat top grill and griddle combo to a portable combo by folding the legs. It’s highly versatile in design !

There’s also the easy to manage oil removing system for easy cleaning and maintenance of the grill. There are two handy shelves, on each side, to help you with keeping your running food preparation items at arm’s length. There’s also a lower bar installed on the front side to hang out any cooking handles and utensils during the food preparation process.

The four big knobs provide with an automatic ignition mechanism for a quick start. You can pack this flat top grill and griddle combo in your car and head away to favorite weekend destination. The four caster wheels give you the perfect on-ground mobility to move the grill from one point to another.

Specs of this best flat top grill and griddle combo

  • Power output:  48,000 BTUs (12,000 x 4)
  • Cooking surface: 584 sq inches (292 x 2)
  • Product weight: 103 pounds
  • Dimensions – 21.8 W x 66.1 L x x 43.7 H (in inches)
  • No. of burners: Four
  • Built of burners: Stainless steel
  • Mobility: 4 heavy-duty casters for 360 degree movement
  • Side Shelves: Two (metallic)

Features of this outdoor gas griddle

  • Flat and Grilled – Dual cooking steel surface
  • 15 minutes assembly
  • Four cooking zones with independent burners
  • Two metallic side shelves with bottle opener
  • Portable & Versatile collapsible design
  • Front bar installed for hanging BBQ tools
  • Electronic Auto one-touch ignition
  • Built-in oil channel from easy grease clean up
  • Removable drip cup for grease
  • Easy to use
  • Folding frame
  • Easy to transport with caster wheels
  • Flame tamer for even distribution of heat
  • Stainless steel burner

Camp Chef TB90LWG – Three burner best flat top grill & outdoor gas griddle combo

Camp Chef TB90LWG outdoor flat top grill & griddle combo

This simple workhorse has 3 cast aluminium  burners which together provide heat output of 90,000 BTUs. That’s a huge heating energy at your disposal to cook food in the most delicious way. The Expedition 3X gas griddle is among the top rated and powerful gas units in the market as on the day. It is equipped with a professional grade flat top grill, a windscreen on three of the sides to prevent the flames from getting extinguished due to a gush of air in an open setting, and a quick and simple ignition system.

The unit also scores high on portability with its sturdy removable legs. Additionally it is equipped with a regulator, 3 feet hose pipe, rack for hanging tools, and a towel holder. All of these small features add on to a smooth cooking experience.

This Camp Chef Expedition 3X gas griddle offers a cooking surface area of 608 sq. inches. The three independent burners providing a heat power of 90,000 BTUs between them is the best-in-class feature. Also the the grill has been designed in a way where you can fit in any of the 16 inch cooking accessories from Camp Chef with ease – for example the Dutch Oven, the Grill Box etc. It’s a highly versatile best flat top grill and spruces up the utility value of your kitchen by multiple notches.

Specs of the outdoor flat top grill & gas griddle combo

  • Power output: 90,000 BTUs (30,000 x 3)
  • Overall cooking surface area: 608 sq. inches
  • Product weight – 77 lbs
  • Aluminum cast burners: Three
  • True pro flat top grill
  • Flat top grill dimensions: – 16 x 24 inches
  • Grill height – 30 inches
  • Cooking surface – 384 sq in.
  • 3 feet hose with regulator
  • 1 yr warranty

Features of this outdoor flat top grill & gas griddle combo

  • Detachable legs (increased portability)
  • Windscreen on three sides
  • Compatible with Camp Chef cooking accessories of 16 inches
  • Rack for holding utensils and tools
  • Holder for paper towel
  • Seasoned Professional Flat Top Grill / Griddle
  • Wind Baffle Burner technology
  • Temperature controls in appliance style

Royal Gourmet PD1300 – Portable Best Outdoor Gas Griddle

Royal Gourmet PD1300 portable outdoor gas griddle

The Royal Gourmet PD1300 is a portable flat top outdoor gas grill having the top surface made of porcelain enamel. This structure provides a great cooking experience. Three high quality round burners with an energy output of 9,000 BTUs each provide heat to a cooking surface of 326 sq inches making it a very compact, portable, handy gas griddle which can be used for indoor and outdoor activities alike.

The control panel is made of stainless steel and has a removable grease cup on the side for easy maintenance. The unit comes with a built in regulator for a 20 pound tank and a Piezo auto ignition mechanism which makes your BBQ events absolutely easy to handle. If you are not in need of a full sized professional outdoor gas griddle, then this Royal Gourmet griddle is a good choice for your home.

The cooking volume for this unit is sufficient for frying eggs, rice, hash browns, bacon, French toasts, and hamburgers. You can cook up to almost 16 pancakes at a single go. Your breakfast is just 15 minutes away from you now. Being portable, you can tag it around in your outdoor gatherings, picnics, and even camping.

Specs of portable best outdoor gas griddle

  • Power Output: 27,000 BTUs (9,000 x 3)
  • Cooking surface: 326 sq inches
  • Product weight: 31
  • Three independent ring burners
  • Product dimensions: 25.2 L x 18.1 W x 9.4 H inches

Features of portable best outdoor gas griddle

  • Tabletop Portable gas griddle
  • Easy storing, maintenance, and transport
  • Durable control panel made of stainless steel
  • Piezo ignite system
  • Griddle top made of Porcelain enamel
  • Removable grease cup on the sides
  • Built-in regulator (for 20 pounds gas tank)
  • Very low priced

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill FTG600 Best Outdoor GriddleCamp Chef FTG600 best outdoor griddle

This flat top outdoor gas griddle from Camp Chef has a smooth ignition mechanism. The griddle top can be removed making this grill very very versatile in utility. You can cook some amazing burgers, chicken, steak or any other type of meat. It’s a powerful grill griddle and you can cook almost anything on this from your daily recipes. Camp Chef has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing outdoor gas griddles for its customers. They are among the top rated companies for this outdoor gas griddles.

The flat top has four stainless steel quality burners powering 12,000 unit of heat energy each. The cooking surface is wide and provides 604 sq. inches of evenly heated area. The griddle surface is around 501 sq. inches which is good to prepare burgers and sandwiches for a gathering of around 15 people, in a single go.

The temperatures can be controlled with the stylish knobs located at the front side. The unit has two steel grade folding shelves on each sides of the flat griddle to help with keeping things you need at arm’s length during the cooking process. The four controls create 4 different cooking zones which can be independently heated with the burners. You can cook and garnish multiple food items simultaneously requiring different heat settings each.

This outdoor steel graded cold rolled gas griddle comes with a propane tank holding point, adjustable levelers at the legs, heavy duty casters (lockable to avoid movement), and a large tray & a catch bucket for managing the grease from the cooking process.

Specs of this best outdoor gas griddle

  • Power output: 12,000 x 4 BTU each
  • Cooking surface: 604 sq. inches
  • Product Weight: 140 pounds
  • Griddle surface: 501 sq. in.
  • Griddle Dimensions – 31.5 x 19.5 inches
  • Product dimensions: 36 x 24 x 20 (without shelves)
  • No. of burners: Four
  • Flat top grill dimensions: 20.5 x 31 inches
  • Efficient grease management system
  • Product warranty: 1 year

Features of this best outdoor gas griddle

  • Steel grade Cold rolled griddle
  • Smooth ignition mechanism
  • Large foldable shelves on each side
  • Fuel Tank holder
  • Propane fired
  • Leg levelers
  • Heavy duty two casters
  • Enhanced grease management system with tray and catch bucket
  • Versatile design – a huge grill below the griddle (griddle is removable)

Blackstone 1560 Best Outdoor Gas Griddle for Large events (All stainless steel)

Blackstone 1560 outdoor gas griddle stainless steel

Another amazing outdoor gas griddle from the house of Blackstone. Our clients repeatedly ask for more options from BlackStone and that’s why I decided to add another great product from the Blackstone Gas Griddle line up. The 1560 model has a SS (Stainless Steel) finish to its looks. The front panel, the legs, the caster holder, the storage tray, the fuel tank holder, the side shelves, everything in the Blackstone 1560 has a stainless steel finish to it. And this sets is apart from the Blackstone 1554 listed at the top of the list.

The features and the product elements are almost the same with the distinguishing feature being the stainless steel finish to this wonderful outdoor gas griddle. It gives an all professional look to your party and increases the longevity of the gas griddle by three times.

Specs of best outdoor gas griddle

  • Power output: 15,000 x 4 (total of 60,000 BTUs between the four burners)
  • Cooking surface: 720 sq. inches
  • 7 gauge cold rolled stainless steel griddle top
  • Number of burners: Four adjustable stainless steel solid burners
  • Built-in ignition
  • Heavy-duty 4 commercial casters
  • Propane tank holder and fastener
  • Two side shelves – all stainless steel
  • One large tray for holding cooking related items

Features of best outdoor gas griddle

  • Fully integrated Stainless steel structure
  • Front panel made of stainless steel
  • Steel frame with powder coating
  • Removable griddle top
  • Fast & smooth ignition system
  • Grease management system made of stainless steel located at the rear of the gas griddle
  • Adjustable heat ranges on all burners
  • Evenly distributed heating enabled cooking surface with cold rolled graded steel quality
  • Super heat distribution and retention
  • Easy to assemble

BBQ Grill Commercial Grade Performance – Best Outdoor Gas Griddle for Large Events

BBQ Grill for Large Events Commercial Grade Quality Outdoor Gas Griddle

This is what you say a super commercial grade outdoor griddle for large events ! It’s huge and has 8 burners with a total heat output of 116,000 BTUs, enough to feed the entire party at your home. This giant performer from Rankam can cook a more than 125 hotdogs in a single shot. Call in all your friends. Time for the music to play loud !

With 1001 sq inches of cooking surface you can feed the entire block at your house. The drawback being that it does not come with a grease management mechanism which will mean the grease from the cooking process will just drip on the floor surface. The Eight burners (stainless steel) have all independent heat controls which means you have 8 cooking zones and each of it can have a different temperature to cook different foods, simultaneously, if you need it.

This gas griddle is equipped with four foldable legs, four heavy duty locking pattern casters, and and a simple grill cover for ease of transportation and safety. You can move this big yet compact griddle on a pick up truck of 6-8 feet bed. Buy this for your large company gatherings, for your restaurant, for your large family get togethers, for your catering business, hotels, clubs, sales promotion activities, fairs, weekend church gatherings, school canteen, large office set ups etc.

It’s a great griddle for annual unions and sporting events. The food supply will never get exhausted with this. It has a 2 stage LP regulator for consistent and even flame. Also has shelves in each of the sides providing for around 1000 sq inches of additional storage space. That’s huge by all parameters.

Specs of this best outdoor gas griddle

  • Power Output: 116,000 BTUs
  • Cooking surface: 1,001 sq. inches
  • Product Dimensions: 109.25 x 25.19 x 43.22 inches
  • Griddle Weight: 330 pounds
  • Eight stainless solid steel burners
  • 1000 sq. inches of storage space on the side shelves

Features of this best outdoor gas griddle

  • Up to 126 hotdogs and 65 hamburgers can be cooked at a single go
  • Ease of transport – the griddle can be transported in 6′-8′ pickup bed
  • Handles made from Cast iron
  • Foldable legs
  • Locking casters
  • Relatively Compact design
  • Comes with a protective Griddle cover
  • CSA-certification

Blaze BLZ- Built In Best Outdoor Griddle Grill

Blaze BLZ-GRIDDLE-LTE-NG Built In Outdoor Gas Griddle

This is an outdoor built-in compact gas griddle. Providing additional convenience, comfort, and style, this kitchen equipment is an imminent part of your outdoor kitchen set up. This gas grill from Blaze is equipped with signature LED display allowing you to work on the it even when it’s dark outside.

This gas griddle has two heavy duty good quality stainless steel 304 grade burners, each of which gives an output of 18,000 BTUs on a cooking area surface of 495 sq. inches. Push & Turn flame igniter backed up with a flash tube ignition mechanism gives a stable, quick, and safe flame experience during your cooking time.

The grease management system is well thought and nicely laid out. There’s a cutout in ring shape at the center of the grill with a full width trough for easy cleaning and management of the grease. The trough drip feeds the grease into a tray keeping the surface clean.

This kitchen equipment comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty but you will have to register your product with the Blaze within 30 days of purchase to activate the warranty on your gas griddle.

Specs of this best outdoor griddle grill

  • Power Output: 36.000 BTUs
  • Product Dimensions – 12.3  x  30 x  28.3 inches
  • Weight: 152 pounds
  • Cooking surface: 495 sq. inches
  • Heavy duty high quality burners

Features of this best outdoor griddle grill

  • 304 grade stainless steel heavy duty construct
  • Durable and Ease of Convenience
  • Illuminated display controlling system (LED)
  • Steel Lid cover for safety of product
  • Large drip tray for grease management
  • Full-width grease trough
  • Push & Throw Ignition
  • One year warranty

Things to Consider while choosing you Best Outdoor Griddle


Look out for the construct material and whether the griddle is assembled or a cast product. Does that make a difference? Absolutely. In an assembled griddle there will be joints, corners and linings. Food particles are most likely to get stuck in those areas making it more time consuming and difficult to clean the entire griddle smoothly. With a cast structure, there are no joints, corners or lining – a cast is a single piece of equipment part which makes cleaning and maintenance easy and smooth in the event of the griddle not having any self cleaning system.

Features & Specs

In spite of almost looking similar in terms of specs and features, a gas griddle has several practical variations and refinements which should be paid attention to. Go through the features and see which one will stand to actually help you in practical circumstances and which ones are just cosmetic in nature.


In case the list of your fav dishes is comprised of classic veggies or grilled steaks, the height of the gas griddle lid is not of much importance. But in case the list includes other food preparations, you must pay attention to this feature. Dome shape lids or high lids allow extra space to cook turkey, whole chicken, and huge hams. Check the lid open-close system. Also check how far you should place your gas griddle in the kitchen from the wall, when the lid is open.

Side Walls

Among the most important feature, is also the side wall construct of the gas grills. A strong, stainless steel or cast iron wall will have a higher degree to heat retention compared to plain iron construct walls. This increases the efficiency of your cooking burners and ensures that the heating is even and well distributed inside the wall chambers.


Always looks out for the manufacturer warranty details while buying an outdoor gas griddle. A well covered warranty will save you good money in times of malfunctions, the likelihood of which is high in outdoor griddle grills. You will not need to pay for spares if any of those actually break down. The warranty features of high quality products are long and eternal in nature. Electronic parts generally have a one year warrant coverage. Some brands offer lifetime replacement or repair of their products. Consumer experience has shown that paying a little extra for the brand is worth the money for the quality of the product and the warranty it provides.


The size and the number of the burners should be in proportion to the size of the gas griddle. Some manufacturers will create a huge metal casting griddle creating an impression that you can cook a huge party meal over there. But it will have just single burner which too shall be small is size. A single burner with a small size will practically mean your huge griddle has lots of cold zones affecting the cooking and taste of the food.

For a standard family size of two to four people, 2-3 burners are good enough. If you have a large family or you are a friendly guy who is a wonderful host and invites people over to your home, I will recommend you should go for a 4 burner outdoor gas griddle. The intensity of the heat should also be good enough when hosting such parties. This ensures you can cook large meals within a reasonable time frame. Multiple burners will also help you cook multiple foods having considerate different heat requirements. And this is where burners with independent heat controls come handy.

  • Find out the technical specs for the burners – the material they are constructed of and their respective features. The most in-demand material is stainless steel. Compared to brass or cast burners, stainless steel is easy to maintain, practical, reliable and easy to use.
  • Check the perforation hole patterns on the griddle. The more the number of holes, the faster does the grill heat up. A double row will ensure even faster heating process and an even & better distribution of heat across the cooking surface.

Do note that for a complete and proper cooking of the food, it is not the size of the griddle which matters or even the number of burners. The power of the burners and its ability to spread the heat evenly on the cooking surface plays as much a role as other factors to get the perfect cooking and taste experience from your outdoor gas griddle. An inbuilt fire distributor helps with the even spread of the heat. Remember the size of the grill should be based on the number of people you intend to host regularly. If it’s a large group of people whom you are going to host regularly, go for a very large griddle otherwise most of the times a four burner outdoor griddle should be enough to serve the purpose.

Regulator handles are equally important which controls the temperature settings of your burners. There are 2 kinds of regulator handles. The first one being a fixed flow system. The amount of heat generated through the fixed regulator handles is fixed. It can’t be decreased or increased. The second one being the adjustable controllers. With them, you can control the temperature of the heat infinitely. You can increase / decrease the amount of heat output by as much as 05 to 25 degrees within a given range and period of time. This helps with the cooking process since it gives you control over the heat output of the burners.

Another important element is the flame cutters in your grill. These are metal plates which stop the flow of grease, juices, salt and food particles into the burners thereby avoiding messing up of the fire in the burners. Additionally these plates double up as aroma dispensers. The juices, minute food particles getting accumulated on them, eventually evaporate and help in saturation of the aroma of the food with BBQ flavors. This system is effectively deployed in Char Broil and Weber Flavor Bar Systems

Also watch out for the location and construct of the flame cutters. They should be located right below the burners and not on the sides. The flow of juices, grease, food particles should flow into the tray forming part of the grease management system for your gas griddle.

The accumulation of dirt, food particles and contamination of the burners is among the most common malfunction issues in the outdoor gas griddles. To avoid such recurring issues, buy a reliable and better designed gas griddle which has flame arrestors covering the burners from the top and not just from the sides alone, as some models do. Ensure there are no rust signs on them. A stainless steel construct helps iron out these issues.

A professional grill always should have borders around it and an efficient grease management system. An additional drain valve in the grease tray makes it easy to maintain and cleanup post your party.

The construct of the gas griddle, whether outdoor, indoor or compact ones, is mostly robust. Hardly any complaints have been found in the construct quality of reputed names ever. High quality griddles are marked with super polish welding seams and use of 304 grade stainless steel rims. A home near coastline will mean that rust will eventually start appearing on your gas griddle. A high quality stainless steel frame will only delay the inevitable. In such high humid conditions, a copper construct will do better but the price for copper will be too high and might not be worth the spent. However, you do have choices to make.

You can also accessorize your flat top grill with a plethora of options like side shelves, bars & hooks, storage compartments, low tables, bottle openers, dual surfaces for cooking, roasters, extra fryers, and planchas. Each of these accessories help you expand the range of your cooking dishes and adds to customization of your food preparations churning out aroma filled, presentable, delicious food for your family and guests.

Material checks in your outdoor gourmet griddle

If the the post heating looks of your grill worries you, buy a stainless steel unit with double outside walls. The external appearance of the unit will not change colors due to the heat generated by its burners.

In case you are planning for a hybrid type flat top gas grill, check and inspect the grid grill material. It will either be a cast iron or a porcelain enamel steel. Many sellers give instructions to clean the grill while it is still hot, but that could be little risky. The porcelain while hot is fragile and cleaning while it is hot, might result in cracking of the upper layer. If the layers are left with no coating, it will eventually result in rusting issues. A one year warranty, in such cases, would not suffice. So make sure to clean the grills after your cooking is done, but ensure that the porcelain areas are not hot while you do your cleaning stuff.

The cooking surface area in a outdoor gas griddles have multiple options. Stainless graded steel is the most durable, practical, and is cleaning friendly but it’s pricey at times. Surfaces made of cast iron costs cheaper and have the ability to keep areas warm for a longer duration of time. Steel frames coated with enamel needs gentle hands to care and should be cleaned when the surfaces has cooled down entirely.

The design of the griddle has an affect on the quality and the appearance of the meals. You should pick the one which suits your personal requirements and preferences. Ribbed grills and surfaces with groove are good for steaks. These grooves and ribs allow you to make signature patterns of your BBQ steak and facilitates to grill rosy and juicy meat pieces. On the other side, flat surfaces are a good fit for fish, grilled veg preparations, and other seafood. In such circumstances, you should go for double sided grills which can adjusted as per the desired cooking product. Pro chefs recommend gas griddles with close wide rods – they help to cook the food without burning them up and provide an appetizing look to the final food appearance.

The burner material should be stainless steel and each should be independent from the other. The lids for the burners are best made of steel coated with porcelain. The heat control knobs are mostly made of plastic but you must ensure they have infinite setting movements and not just low, medium or high sims. The infinite setting helps when you need to reduce the heat by just a little. The 3 position knobs won’t allow you to do so.

The high point of an outdoor griddle grill is the additional and extra functionality they offer.

You can find side shelves or tables added to almost all models of gas griddles in the market, now a days. This might not hold good for built-in compact models. But these side shelves are a great addition to outdoor griddle grills. These shelves are located on the either side of the cooking areas and come as handy for cutting food particles and vegetables. One can also keep on those shelves all running items which you will need during the cooking process.

You can expand the utility of these shelves by adding drawers, hooks for hanging utensils and additional shelves for storing small items like spices and other ingredients. You can also have an additional side burner if your main frame grill doesn’t have enough of them. The extra burner helps cook side foods away from the main burner and their heated environment.

Some of the outdoor griddles also have cleverly created gas storage tanks spaces. Such spaces are generally open from all sides with the objective of being safe. Then some have compartment storage spaces with doors or panels to increase the utility, convenience and comfort during the cooking process. These compartments also increase the style of the unit.

An integrated LED display unit is a wonderful feature which will help you cook your food even when it’s dark outside – a typical set up when the party is hosted in your lawns and gardens.

Rotisserie is among the most sought after accessory in every customer review of indoor and outdoor gas griddles. It facilitates cooking of large pieces of meat and whole poultry providing with an evenly distributed heat and resultant beautiful and perfect browning. Some of the models have separate burner set up for a rotisserie.

It’s imperative for you to understand the additional utility or the lack of utility and convenience that each of these features brings to your cooking experience. Also, every additional feature will also affect the overall pricing of the product. Look out for what you actually need and what can be foregone without affecting your cooking experience.

Conclusion for Outdoor Gas Griddle

The advancements in technology & design, improved quality of construct materials, and innovation in cooking appliances has made it possible to churn top quality food meals with minimum efforts and less time. The gas grills have distinct advantages in cooking process, like:

Efficiency of cooking time: Gas grills heat up pretty fast, almost instantaneous, resulting in reduced cooking times.

Versatile: Gives you the ability to prepare dishes with various degrees of complexities with ease. The only grey areas are recipes which require long duration of slow cooking where you have to leave the dishes being cooked overnight on the griddle. For everything else, the gas grills are a smooth process.

Ease of maintenance: The modern gas grills are made of high graded stainless steel are easy to maintain & clean and low on maintenance costs. Folding design of the legs and the shelves make these outdoor grills easy to transport and easy to fold and store too. Less space = less issues.

Price: Gas griddles, compared to charcoal griddles, are costlier on a comparative note. But the running cost and maintenance covers up the lost ground. Gas is, and has always been, cheaper than high quality firewood and coal.

If you have zeroed in a gas outdoor griddle, then I must say you have given preference to your time, effort, approach, practicalities surrounding the concept of cooking on griddles, and ease of work over other factors. This is among the best decisions you are taking in journey of your cooking experience.

The market offers a variety of gas griddles with various permutations and combinations which an inexperienced user will get confused with. I have made an attempt to make the process of choosing an outdoor gas griddle easier and simpler for you.

How to clean a gas griddle

The griddle is your helper too. Once you are done with the cooking, just allow the griddle to heat up until the food leftovers inside the burners and around the plates get burnt. Post that, the cleaning of the griddle becomes easy with the help of a metal scraper while it is hot and preferably using a plastic scraper when it has cooled down.

  • You must regularly clean the grease trays. This will prevent burning of the grease and reduce the smell coming out of it.
  • Heat up the grill on high and clean it thoroughly with a metal brush. You can make use of a cleaning agent. Be sure, that the cleaning agent is not inflammable.
  • For surface areas and plates coated with enamel, make use of special griddle cleaner.
  • Grills and burners made of cast iron must always be cleaned with hands. It should never be washed in a dishwasher.

Accessories and tools for griddle cleaning

  • Clean water
  • Soap induced warm water
  • Sponges
  • Dry Paper napkins and towels
  • Wet non-alcohol wipes
  • Tooth picks
  • Cocktail stirrers
  • Foil
  • Tongs
  • Gloves made of Rubber to handle the grease which must be sticking on the griddle inner walls
  • Plastic and metal brushes – ones having steel round bristles. They come in many sizes and shapes. Pick the one that fits your requirements
  • Scrubbers for total cleaning of the most resistant accumulated dirt
  • Cleaning Agents – you can find special cleaners for griddles which are made for specific surfaces like enamel, steel, cast iron, etc.
  • Micro-fibre clothes for cleaning and wiping the external surfaces of the griddle. They are good for both enamel coated and stainless steel surfaces.
  • Aluminium grade containers for easy exchange containers filled with grease. They make it easy for the grease management process

How to Clean the Outdoor Flat top Grill

Make use of the special soft brushes for grills. Apply vegetable oil with the help of a cotton pad to avoid the food particles from sticking on the grill. Lubricating the grid like this before the start of cooking process, makes the post-cooking cleaning process comfortable and effective. If you do not have access to a brush, roll the foil into a piece of ball and hold it with tongs to clean the grill surface.

Pre-heat the griddle to high temperature under a closed lid conditions before you start the cleaning work. The high heat will ensure that the food articles around the burners and plates gets burnt and the grease in the surrounding areas melts away into the grease trays. Once fully heated up, switch the heating off and allow it cool for the next 20 minutes. Start the cleaning thereafter. Start first with the grid, and then move to other areas.

Cleaning the interiors of the outdoor gas griddle

  • Check the user manual and unlug the gas fuel tank
  • Clean the food leftovers in the grill with a metal brush and sprinkle some grill cleaner on the internal areas. Allow 30 seconds for the cleaner to do the self work. Wipe the grill and other internal areas clean with a good sponge. Rinse the area with water and allow them to dry up.
  • Spray the plates and bowls with a cleaner. Allow the cleaner to settle on the surfaces for 30 seconds. Remove the contaminants with a plastic scraper or scrubber. Wipe the plates clean with a sponge or cloth.
  • Clean the grease tray or the container and the grill bowl. Use the metal brush if required. Make sure water does not get into the burner tubes.
  • Dry the grill out, place all the parts you have removed back into their respective grooves and sprinkle the entire griddle with a general spray.

Cleaning the exteriors of the outdoor gas griddle

  • Pick a suitable cleaning agent and apply it accordingly to enamel and the steel surfaces. There are universal as well as specific cleaning agents for different kinds of surfaces.
  • Wipe clean the surfaces with the help of micro-fibre cloth. Ensure that the steel and the enamel surfaces do not get scratched while cleaning them
  • Thoroughly rinse the panels and the frame with warm soapy water with the help of sponges.
  • Wipe dry with a soft cloth the housing features of the grill.
  • Clean the inlet burner valves with soft brush – you can find in the market special brushes made for such specific purposes

Cold Cleaning your Outdoor Gas Griddle

When the griddle has cooled off, use a normal cleaning brush to remove the remaining soot from the grills. If your cooking menu has got fish, banana grills, or any other light snack products, you should restore the grill back to its original pure clean stage. Use a normal paper sheet or towel, apply oil and scrunch the paper. Use the tong to apply the oiled paper to the surface of the griddle. Once done, polish the grill in same fashion using a foil instead of paper this time.

Cleaning of the grill should come as part of basic maintenance. You should clean and restore the griddle each time you have used it. This will ensure that you get the best performance from the griddle each time without having any sudden unexpected maintenance issues cropping up in the middle of a cooking operation.

During the yearly griddle clean up process, watch out for any visible cracks in the burners. Test the burners to make sure they are working smoothly. Also have a look at the opening on both sides. There should not be any kind of grease, food particles, insects clogging up those openings. If you find anything like that, clean up those areas with the special brush.

After every cooking expedition, when you are done with the cleaning, always cover up the grill to shield it from dust and ravages of weather. Those grill covers will keep your griddle look polished and attractive for a long duration of time.

Tips on using the outdoor gas griddle !

  • A gas griddle is liked because of its ability to ignite fast, heat up instantly, and its heat adjustment abilities. To make the most of your gas griddle cooking experience, here are few experience based tips:
  • Pre-heat the griddle before you start cooking. Turn the burners on and set them them to full heat settings with the lid closed. The griddle will be fully ready in the next 10-15 minutes.
  • Made-for-grill recipes, generally, specify the cooking temperatures for warm and windless weather conditions with 69-71F conditions. If the weather conditions are different, you should adjust your recommended cooking temperatures accordingly. If it’s windy and cold outside, you should cook the food a little longer. Inversely, if it’s hot and dry, cook the food a little shorter. Taste the food to be sure that you are on the right track.
  • The more is the food on the grill surface, the more is the time required to cook it – so choose your servings wisely
  • When cooking meat, always close it with a lid. This ensures that the meat is heated from all sides and you get a full brown well cooked meat.
  • To prevent the flare ups from happening, remove the excess fat from steaks. Just leave around 4mm-6mm of fat on them (0.20 – 0.25 inches). In the situation of a flare up, turn the burners off and move the food to some other area of the cooking surface. When the flares have gone out, turn on the burners and continue with the cooking process.
  • Never use water to put the flame out on your outdoor gas grill
  • Keep in mind, that large pieces of meat, around 1 pound, will take longer to cook than multiple smaller pieces of similar weight.
  • Make use of tongs to flip over the meat during the cooking process. Using fork or other sharp tools can result in the juices getting leaked out of the food.
  • Some delicacies like seafood, casseroles, and fish fillets are better cookrf in aluminium pellets. Any other cooking bowls having handles with heat resistance will also work good.
  • It is good to oil the food before cooking on the griddle. Lubricating the food with oil will result in the food being cooked evenly brown and it will not stick to the grill either.
  • If you plan to use any glaze ingredient like sugar, sauce, or marinade, do it only 5-10 minutes before cooking. These glaze containing ingredients have the ability to evaporate & burn fast, hence applying them pretty early will not yield the desired result.

FAQs on Outdoor Gas Griddle

Which is the best gas griddle ?

There’s no one size fits all gas griddle in the market. Having said that, Blackstone gas griddles sit at the top of the pecking order. I have reviewed for you some of the top rated and most in-demand models like the super performer 36 inch Blackstone 1554, the flat top 28 inch Blackstone 1517, the portable 22 inches Blackstone 1666, and the full stainless steel 36 inches Blackstone 1560. Weber, Camp Chef, Blue Rhino, Royal Gourmet, Broil King, and Cuisinart are also top of the line brands.

Which is the best flat top griddle ?

Again boils down to personal requirements, I would rate Camp Chef as a good option. The 28 inches Blackstone 1517 is also a wonderful and highly rated flat top griddle

Is an outdoor griddle better than a grill ?

A griddle has no open gaps for food particles to fall through, it has an oiled and smooth seasoned cooking surface area, the food gets brown from all sides giving it a better taste and look, and the food cooks evenly than most of the grills. Outdoor gas griddles are an amazing product and they empower you to achieve so many different cooking combinations and permutations. Worth noting is that in popular parlance, the words “grill” and “griddle” are often used interchangeable. So beware while you are discussing an outdoor griddle with someone who knows a thing and two about them.

Is griddle cooking safe for health ?

Cooking your food on a griddle is, without an iota of doubt, healthier than frying them up. A gas griddle is a cooking equipment. On it’s own merit, it does not harm the food. The question of healthy food then boils down to what you want to cook. Too many burgers are not good.

Are Blackstone grills manufactured in US ?

Absolutely. They are designed, engineered and manufactured in US

Are Blackstone grills made of cast iron ?

Different models are made of different materials. While most of them are cast iron, seasoned and ready to use, the Blackstone 1560 36 inches is all stainless steel equipment. It’s what the most large restaurants go for.

Which is the best griddle to cook pancakes ?

The Electric Presto 22 inches 07061 griddle with detachable handles is among the top options.

Which kind of foods can be cooked on a griddle ?

Generally, cooking the breakfast has been the preferred option for griddle buyers. Many also want to have a griddle for their evening, night parties. You can cook eggs, bacon, pancakes, french toasts, grilled cheese, waffles, burgers, hot dogs, hash browns, steaks, meat (even large pieces), shrimps, pizzas, quesadillas, grilled sandwiches. You can prepare you entire lunch and dinner on the griddles.

Which kind of metal is used in the construct of griddles ?

Cast iron, stainless steel, chrome steel and aluminium are the most used materials in griddles. While cast iron is the most common, stainless steel is the one which is preferred by the professionals and commercials establishments.

Can one cook a steak on griddle ?

Yes, of course. But the process is demanding and challenging too.

How to cook steak on griddle ?

Get a pair of medium sized tongs, a meat thermometer, standard foil, timer, paper napkins & towels. 30 minutes before you intend to cook the steak, bring it out of refrigeration and allow the steak to come down to room temperature. Fire up the griddle up to 400 F until it’s hot, but not more than that. Check the hot griddle with a very light sprinkle or a drop of water. The sizzling water will indicate you that the griddle is good to go.

Light brush the steak with a little dose of olive oil, and season it with some sea salt and black pepper on all sides, before cooking it up.

Cook the steak on high flame for about 10-12 minutes. Then, flip it over to cook similarly on the other side for 10 minutes. When done, cook both the sides on medium heat for another 10 minutes (lower the heat controls accordingly). You can also expose the sides to a medium heat for few minutes.

When the steak has been high and medium heated on both sides, allow them rest for 5-10 minutes. Mix in some veggies, a little olive oil, and sprinkle in some spices and mix them well. Then cook the steak on high heat for 3-4 minutes so that everything blends in and then continue to cook the steak at low flame for the time till it is fully cooked and you are satisfied with its looks & aroma as well.

Can you boil water on griddle ?

Yes. Just put the pot of water on the griddle and fire it up till the water reaches a boiling point.

How to cook eggs on the griddle ?

Crack up the eggs in a small bowl or a cup. Ensure that shell pieces don’t get dropped into the bowl. Sprinkle in the vegetables and spices, if you want the eggs that way. Prepare your griddle, put on the flames and set the temperatures to around 300 F.

Sprinkle a little bit of olive oil or any other oil which you intend to use, on the griddle surface. Pour the mix onto the griddle surface. Sprinkle a little bit of oil on the eggs mix. Sprinkle some water and let the egg mix bubble up for a couple of seconds. Cover it up with the lid for a minute and two, as per the heat being generated. Remove the cover and allow the eggs to cook for another 30-40 seconds on low flame. Slip the spatula under the eggs and remove it from the griddle. You are ready to serve the food.

Can you prepare chicken on your griddle ?

Yes, the process is similar to how the steak is cooked but customized variation per the needs and situations is done.

How to go about cooking hamburgers on the griddle ?

Get a meat thermometer, just like the one used for cooking steaks. Season the griddle surface with a coat of olive oil or any oil of your choice, fat and some butter. Fire up the griddle and set the temperature settings to 400 F. Check if the griddle has reached the desired temperature levels by sprinkling a few drops of water. With experience you will able to judge whether the griddle is up to the desired heat levels or not.

Heat and cook the burger patties for about 4-5 minutes on the first side, and around 3 minutes on the other side. Make use of spatula for flipping the patties, remember the surface is sizzling at 400F

The heat at the center of the patty should be around 160F (check with the help of meat thermometer). Cut into one of the patties to ensure there are no red marks inside of the patties. Flip them over and cook on both the sides equally. Mix in some onions, (you can shallow heat the onions on the griddle with some olive oil), and pour some butter to caramelize the patties. You can also add eggs, bread crumbs, whole wheat, or mix of super fine vegetables to bring i more stability to the structure of the patties.

What is the maximum temperature a Blackstone griddle can be heated upto ?

560F is the max setting available on most of the Blackstone griddles.

What is the ideal temperature setting on a flat top grill ?

It all depends on what you are cooking and the quantity associated with it. Mostly, 375 F is the median temperature found to the fit for most of the cooking recipes. That’s the most optimized setting for most of the professionals, world over. Low temperatures of 300-320 F are considered enough for cooking pork, meat, potatoes etc.

High temperatures are mostly good for cooking steak, fish, burger, and onion mix as an ingredient for other food recipes. High temperatures have the ability to make your food crispy, brown, and tasty.

Seafood, breakfast, and other vegetables are better cooked on medium to low medium temperatures.

How to cook tasty fishes on the griddle ?

Season your favorite fish with a little bit of olive oil. Fire up the griddle and set the pan at 375 F. Allow the fish in the pan to heat enough so that the steak gets carbonized and a line effect gets created. When done, flip 90 degree angle to create a criss & cross pattern on the fish. Brush the other side and repeat the process. You are ready to serve !

Which kind of oils can be used to cook food on griddle ?

Almost all kinds of oil go good with the griddle cooking. You can use coconut, avocado, peanut, or even grape seed oil. I prefer virgin olive oil over others for its taste and health benefits. You can also use butter for seasoning the food before heating.

Should you apply oil on the griddle ?

Yes, absolutely. A little bit of olive or vegetable oil works wonders on the efficiency of the cooking process. It also ensures food doesn’t stick to the surface of the grills in a rigid manner.

How long will it take for burgers and hotdogs to be cooked on the griddle ?

Burgers will be ready in 4-6 minutes (assuming that the griddle has reached the optimum heat position) and hotdogs should take an extra 2 minutes. Share with us your experiences in the comments section.

How to make your Blackstone griddle rust free ?

Rust can form only on iron surfaces and not anywhere else. This is the reason that the Blackstone 1560 is always in demand by retail as well as commercial customers. It’s an all stainless steel product. Coming back on keeping your Blackstone griddles rust free – you will need a list of things to clean the rust. Generally, rusting is observed on the flat top grill area of a griddle. Assemble the following things: your regular cooking oil or vegetable oil, a metal scraper, paper napkins & towels, heat resistance gloves, a grill brick or stone. Once you have all these tools at your disposable, fire up the griddle and allow it to heat up at max temperature for around 15-18 minutes.

When done, turn the heat off and allow the griddle to cool down. Pick your scraper and scrape away rusted top area till the entire rust has been done away with. Pour around three-four spoons of oil on the top surface area and scrub the area with a grill brick. If you don’t have the grill brick, you can use a dry sandpaper or a steel scrub wool.

When you are done with the scrubbing, wipe the griddle clean with a cloth. Apply another round of three-four spoons of oil and clean & wipe the griddle again. Repeat this process until all visible signs of rusting have been removed. Season the flat top of the griddle with your regular oil to avoid the rust from coming back. The cooking oil creates a natural layer of protection on the iron sheet. All kinds of oil go good, but the virgin olive oil has a better bonding ability with iron than others. Coconut oil also has good natural bonding abilities.

This protective layer of oil does not allow water to come in direct contact with the iron sheet of the flat top grill. When there’s no water, there’s no rust. You can do the oil + scrub cleaning process after ever major party you have hosted. This keeps the problem at bay and you don’t have to put in huge amount time at a later stage.

And how to make my stainless steel Blackstone gas griddle rust free ?

If it’s actually a stainless steel product, the rusting should not take place on the gas griddle. However, you must ensure that you thoroughly clean your griddle each time you have done some cooking on it. It ensures that your favorite gas griddle remains speck and clean and part of your kitchen equipment decor always. Oiling up the flat top and is a good practice even on stainless steel flat top grills.

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