Best Pellet Stove Inserts – Buyer’s Guide & FAQs

Are you thinking what’s a pellet stove insert, which one to buy and how to go about choosing the right one ? Well, you have landed right on the spot. A pellet insert is an efficient way to cover your old fireplace with a more modern fireplace equipment. You might want to understand how they work and how to go about using one. Let’s dissect these insert stoves in detail and look out for signs to on how to choose the best pellet stove insert for your home.

List of Best Pellet Stove Insert

PhotoBrandServiced Space Burn TimeDetails
Timberwolf Economizer Pellet Stove InsertTimberwolf's Pellet Economizer2,000 sq.ft.30 hrs
Napoleon Fireplaces Wood Burning Fireplace Insert for EPI-1402Napoleon Insert EPI-1402M2,000 sq.ft.8 hrs
TimberRidge 55-TRPEPI Pellet Stove InsertTimberRidge TRPEPI 552,000 sq.ft.24 hrs
Breckwell P2000I Pellet Stove InsertBreckwell Pellet Insert2,000 sq.ft.12 hrs
Drolet 60,000 BTU EPA-Certified Escape Fireplace Wood InsertDrolet Escape 1800i 1900 sq.ft.9 hrs
Napoleon TPI35 Pellet Stove InsertNapoleon Stove Insert TPI352,000 sq.ft30 hrs
Vogelzang TR004 Colonial EPA Wood StoveVogelzang Wood Stove Colonial TR0041,800 sq.ft.8h rs
Comfortbilt HP22iComfortbilt Pellet HP22i2,800 sq.ft.18 hrs
Stove Builder International CW2900 Century high-Efficiency Wood InsertStove Builder CW29002,100 sq.ft.8 hrs

There’s a difference between a pellet stove and a pellet stove insert. The main difference is that of the location

Freestanding Best Pellet Stove Insert

where these units can be installed. A free-standing pellet stove can be installed anywhere within your house. Since it is freestanding you can not place it inside your existing fireplace. You can make it part of your furniture decor at any specific point where you need heat.

Whereas a pellet stove insert can be used only within your existing fireplace. In case, you do no have a fireplace in your home, you need to get a fireplace stove. Else a fireplace stove insert should be your preference.

Pellet Stove Insert Reviews

The Economizer from Timberwolf’s – Best Pellet Stove Insert

Timberwolf Economizer Best Pellet Stove Insert

This is not a typical Avalon pellet stove insert but it is indeed a wonderful option you would not want to pass over. This is the pellet stove insert which you have been looking out for, a modern and sleek designed, mid sized insert to fit into your fireplace.

Heating power of Timberwolf pellet stove

This pellet stove insert has a 45 pounds hopper storage capacity. It means that once the hopper has been filled to the capacity, the stove insert will keep going until the hopper dries out of its fuel. A full hopper can give you 30 hours of burning time with a single fill.

This single fill can heat upto 2000 square feet of house space for upto 30 hours without any issues. That’s what we call a strong punch packed in a small package !

Salient Features of Timberwolf pellet stove

Timberwolf’s pellet insert is smaller than many other options we have, but it cover’s all the features that you will be looking out for.

The surround of the insert sits back further while the remaining insert necks out a little bit for hearth and mantle. It is easy to install and can be set into any fireplace.

This insert is a fusion of the old and the new in terms of design and adds to the decor of your living room. You will not need to chop wood pieces any further.

Is an existing fireplace required to use this ?

This insert is designed to be placed (insert) into an existing fireplace area. In the absence of any fireplace masonry work, you won’t be able to install this pellet stove insert properly anywhere else.

Can I control this with a digital remote ?

Yes, you can do this through a control panel and a digitized system integrated to it. But this will also mean additional masonry related work, wiring and more system integration.

This pellet insert is crafted to provide with lots of heat across vast areas (2000 sq ft) consistently for over 30 hours of actual hours of operations.

Napoleon’s EPI – 1402M – The Best Pellet Stove Insert

Napoleon Wood Burning Fireplace Top rated pellet stove Insert for EPI-1402

A very durable and extremely efficient stove insert from Napoleon. This insert brings an incredible level of beauty and performance in terms of fire energy into your home. The overall design is stylish and elegant in looks.

This one has all the makings of being the best pellet stove insert. The door of the insert is made of cast iron material which is strong and easy to operate as well, a spring fitted handle and an efficient air wash system to keep the huge window clean for clear viewing of the inside of the insert.

There’s negligible smoke during the start of the fire, and the unit burns the wood clean and evenly. The entire unit is easy to use and maintain. The only thing which you must ensure is the size of the wood that you place inside the hopper. The wood should be cut in sizes which can fit into the hopper easily without any issues.

The recommended size for fuel is 16 inches. The inside of the firebox is constructed with firebrick which provides for years of untroubled operations. The firebrick construct also allows better energy efficiency and heat dissipation around the room.

Features of Napoleon EPI 1402

  • Energy output – up to 70,000 BTU’s
  • Heating Service area – up to 2000 sq. ft.
  • Large Viewing Area
  • Size of the window glass  – 16.25 W x 10.5 H inches
  • Dimension (including flashing) – 31.25 x 44.5 x 19.75 inches
  • Capacity – 2.25 cu. ft.
  • Weight – 110 pounds (w/0 bricks), 185 pounds (w/ bricks)
  • Fire burning hours – 7 hours
  • Blowers: 2 x 100 CFM
  • Fan speed is adjustable
  • Internal finish: Porcelain, Black
  • Fuel size – 16 inches
  • EPA Certification done

TimberRidge Fireplace Stove TRPEPI 55 – Top Rated Pellet Stove

TimberRidge 55-TRPEPI Top Rated Pellet Stove Insert

The TRPEPI 55 is not a US manufactured product but nevertheless has a great product quality. It has its own signature unique design and is easy to maintain and clean. The installation is just easy as well. Just fill it, shut it, and heat it.

Heating Power & Ignition

The hopper for this pellet stove insert can hold up to 60 pounds of wood inserts. That’s a lot of wood available for heating in a single fill. The stove can generate heat to keep a space for around 2000 sq feet absolutely warm and cosy.

The auto ignition system helps you with a quick start and the heat can dissipate pretty quickly all through your home. Compared to other pellet stove inserts this one is rather quick on its feet in terms of time required to generated actual heat feel around your home.

Salient Features of Timberidge 55

The look & feel is among the greatest features of this pellet stove insert. The design is soothing and exudes elegance. The face area and the surrounds are made of steel grey and have a lining of accentuated gold color to give them a distinct feeling. The front door panel has a 3 view glass door system which allows you see the burning flame from any angle of the stove insert. The large view adds to the decor of the home.

Will it need a daily maintenance ?

Well, a regular and consistent maintenance of a stove pellet insert is of paramount importance irrespective of the brand and make of the product. It’s in your interest, to clean the ashes each time you are done with using the stove. It helps to keep the stove from choking up and forming of dust & ashes on the inner walls over a period of time. This keeps the efficiency levels consistent all through the years of use.

How much pellets does this stove use ?

This stove uses a little more pellets than its counterparts with similar specifications. This is also because this pellet stove insert has an ability to generate heat faster than other models.

Overall, this will be a great addition to your home. It has elegant looks and adds to the style quotient of your home. It’s time to replace your old fireplace with this new stylish pellet stove insert.

Breckwell’s Pellet Stove Inserts – Model P2000I – Best Pellet Stove Insert

Breckwell P2000I Best Pellet Stove Insert

It is not a US regular stove pellet but makes for a good option when you look at the specs. It’s easy to handle and install, has a unique finish look, and very easy to fill the hopper area when you are ready to heat your house.

Heating Abilities

The hopper can hold upto 60 lbs of fire wood. One full fill right up to the rim can heat an area of 2000 sq ft all through the half the day for around 12 hours.

The stove has an auto ignition for a quick start. It generates a lot of heat and does it in a pretty quick time frame. All you need to do is fill the hopper with the fuel and press the button for the heat process to start. Sit back and warm up to your house.

Salient Features of Breckwell

While there are many features in it, one thing that will consistently hold your attention is the overall design of this stove insert. The face and the stove are made with with grey steel and marked with gold accents to make them eye catching and unique in their own sense. The accents marking will hold good even in the backdrop of the heat which is getting generated inside the chamber.

There is a glass opening on the front door as well the as the curved sides, so that makes it a 3-sided glass view pellet insert. This glass pattern combined with the grey metal gives the entire unit a touch of elegance makes your fireplace a part of the decor of your living room. It allows to have a direct view of the burning fire inside the chamber giving it a an old time fireplace makeover too.

How’s the maintenance

You must maintain the stove regularly. This holds true for any model of the pellet stove insert that you buy. You should clean the chamber of the ashes and left over pellets at the end of the burning cycle or when you reload the hopper with the fuel. A regular and consistent cleaning ensures that the insert works smooth and has a long service life for your house.

How much pellets does this model need ? Is the requirement high ?

It does need quite a bit of pellets when you start with the heating process. What this means is that it will require more than what is needed in similar models.

This stove pellet insert is a great stylish addition to your fireplace if you are looking to update it. Absolutely no reason to hold onto an old styled insert anymore.

Drolet Fireplace Wood Stove – Escape 1800i – Best Pellet Stove Insert

Drolet 188i Best Pellet Stove Insert

To start with, this one is a smart choice built of savings. This pellet stove insert model qualifies for $300 biomass stove tax credit. That’s a good product which starts your savings straight out of the bat.

The Escape 1800i will make your house warm and bring a degree of coziness into your ambience. Based on buyer’s pellet stove insert reviews, it is easy to install, heats up the home fast, and fits into your home budget. The stove insert is certified by EPA and is very efficient.

It has a pretty large glass viewing window for you see the fire in its full force. Combined with 130 CFM blower with adjustable speeds, it delivers 75,00 BTU of heat throughout the 1900 square feet of space with ease and efficiency. It has a inner brick lined firebox with a 27″ W x 26.5″ D x 22″ H dimensions.

Salient Features of Drolet Pellet Stove Insert

  • $300 tax credit for biomass stove
  • Multiple options for the faceplate
    • Large 32 x 50 inches
    • Regular 29 x 44 inches
  • EPA certified
  • Premium quality blower 130 CFM
  • Energy output: 75.000 BTUs
  • Heavy duty door latch
  • Air washed ceramic window glass
  • Log size accepted: Max 20 inches
  • Cleaner emission
  • Firebrick lining for plate protection

This is among one of the best selling inserts. Has a high customer demand and has rave customer reviews for this pellet stove insert.

Napoleon’s Pellet Stove Insert – Model TPI35 – Top Rated Pellet Stove Insert

Napoleon TPI35 Top Rated Pellet Stove Insert

The Napoleon TPI-35 is among the most elegant stoves on this list. It has a black solid door with air finish. The Napoleon brand has always lived up to the customer expectations.

With a heater output of 38.250 BTUs, this stove can continue burning for up to 30 hours. That’s an impressive performance by all standards. For a mobile friendly home, this heat energy and the burn duration are good enough.

This pellet stove insert is designed to heat up to 2.000 sq feet of space by use of pellets as fuel. You can also use corn up to 50% as a mix with the pellets. It will work just fine with this 50% / 50% mix of corn and pellets as well. The pellet stove is fitted with CFM 120 convection fan, heat exchanger, digitized control panel, auto ignition system, thermostat control, and a black trim flash.

This pellet insert stove is easy to maintain and easier to install. Basis the feedback from actual users, the installation is very basic process. It produces minimal ash and provides for excellent heat circulation. The auto ignition help with the start process and the stove heats up pretty fast. The Napoleon TPI is easy on power bills, is sturdy in it’s built, and has a proven smooth operation process.

Salient Features of Napoleon tpi 35 pellet stove insert

  • Energy output: 38,250 BTUs
  • Heat area capacity: 2000 sq. feet
  • Black Trim Flashing
  • Burn time: up to 30 hrs
  • Easy to install and use
  • Ease of maintenance
  • CFM 120 convection fan
  • Thermostat heat controls
  • Hopper load capacity: 45 pounds
  • Efficiency rating: 76.25 %
  • Product Weight – 140 pounds
  • Fireplace dimensions for opening – 22W x 21H inches
  • Auto ignition
  • Heat exchanger
  • Digitalized control panel
  • Fuel intake: Pellets (up to 50% corn as a mix)
  • Product Dimensions: 21.25W x 20.81H x 23.50D inches
  • Surrounding Dimension: 38.375 W x 293.375H inches

Vogelzang TR004 Colonial EPA Wood – Best Pellet Stove Insert

Vogelzang TR004 Colonial EPA Wood Stove Best Pellet Stove Insert

This Vogelzang TR004 EPA Wood Stove insert can burn fuel (wood) for up to eight hours on a single fueling. It gives out an heat output of around 69.000 BTU which is good enough to cover a spread of around 1850 square feet.

It’s an efficient clean wood burning stove and is a good fit for your old fireplace replacement. You will be able to feel the change in your home with this stove insert. The door is heavy duty made of cast iron, and added with a spring touch handle fitted with an air glass which allows uninterrupted view of the burning wood inside the chamber.

The stove is easy on power consumption and will bring down the bills. It is fitted with CFM 150 speed adjusted blower with an auto ON and OFF system. The exterior housing is built of steel and can last for years without any issues. The large transparent window allows you to view and enjoy the internal combustion as well.

Attached to the this pellet stove is a damper which provided for ample air for circulation in the stove and provides for adjustments per the comfort level required. The electric power consumption is minimal. The Vogelzang is a great way of heating up your homes. The price point is also competitive compared to other pellet stove inserts in the market.

Salient Features of Vogelzang TR004 EPA

  • Energy output: 69.000 BTUs
  • Heat coverage area – 1.800 square feet
  • Wood logs length: up to 18 inches
  • Blower: 150 CFM with adjustable speeds
  • Door: Cast iron
  • Faceplate: 44 x 34 inches
  • Reinforced steeel plate – gauge used 3/16 inches
  • Firebrick lining inside
  • 8 x 14.5 inches glass ceramic window
  • Product dimensions:
    • 24.75 inches Length including blower
    • 20 inches L without blower
    • 26.5 inches W x 21.5 inches H
  • Product weight – 265 pounds
  • Certifed: EPA

Comfortbilt Fireplace Top Rated Pellet Stove Insert HP22i

Comfortbilt HP22i Best Pellet Insert Stove

The Comfotbilt HP22i is a high efficiency product and scores high on pellet stove insert reviews. The design gives you a real live fireplace chamber look & feel. The external plates are built of heavy duty steel and the entire design is built in a way which is easy to clean and maintain.

Operating the stove is just easy as well. Use the auto ignition feature to light up the stove chamber. The product is supplied with details instruction for easy installation. You will need to place this stove into your fireplace area in manner where it correctly fits into the given space, pull the exhaust through your chimney and place the cap on its roof.

Once you have filled the chamber with the pellet inserts, you just need to use the auto ignition to start warming up your home. The stove is energy efficient and adds to the decor of the home due to its well thought out design and aesthetics. The three pane glass fitted door panel allows you an easy and all angle view of the fire flames inside the chamber. Enjoy the view and absorb the warmth !

The beautifully crafted stove insert attracts attention, calms your nerves, the flame soothes the eyes, and allows you drift into your thoughts. The HP 22i produces around 42.000 units of heat energy (BTU), and can warm up an area up to 2.000 sq. ft of space. The hopper can hold up to 46 pounds of pellets. The stove has multi program heat settings for flexibility of use.

Salient Features of Comfortbilt Fireplace Stove Insert

  • Energy output: 42.000 BTUs
  • Heat coverage area: up to 2000 sq ft
  • Burn hour capacity: up to 18 hrs
  • Hopper load capacity: 47 pounds
  • Multi heat programmable settings
  • Ease of exterior cleaning
  • Auto-ignition
  • Large glass pane for amazing inside chamber view
  • Bay type design
  • Certification: EPA and CSA
  • 3 inches exhaust port (standard)
  • 2 inches air intake (standard)
  • Finishing cover shroud: 42 inches Width x 33 inches Height

Stove Builder Highly Efficient Wood Stove CW2900 – Best Pellet Stove Insert

Stove Builder CW2900 Best Stone Pellet Insert Stove

The CW2900 has a huge heating energy output at 75.000 British Thermal Units with which it is able to service an area of around 2100 sq feet of space.

The burn hour rate is around 8 hours. Equipped with a iron cast housing frame, brick lining in the fire chamber, air glass wash system, high quality 130 CFM blower, a face front kit sized 32 x 50 inches and stell finished secondary system for air.

Smoke is a non issue with this model. Just ensure to turn the blowers off before the doors get opened.  While you open it, do it slowly, and it is normal for some smoke to escape the fire chamber.

On your fist burning of the wood, ignite a small fire with limited wood. Don’t just stuff too much of pellets into the chambers. The first ignite is important for the entire system to get accustomed to the heat. Subsequent to that first round of fire, you can fill the pellet inserts to the capacity. The efficiency levels are high, and the quality of the construct is good. Among the best pellet stove inserts in the industry.

Salient Features of Stove Builder CW2900 pellet stove insert

  • Energy output: 75.000 BTUs
  • Heat coverage area: 2100 square feet
  • Firexbox size: 2.4 ccc
  • Burn time: 8 hrs
  • 32″ x 50″ faceplate kit
  • Product Dimensions: 28.375 width x 26.125 depth x 23.125 height (in inches)
  • Product Weight: 395 pounds
  • Log size – 20 inches (max length)
  • Fuel type: Cordwood (dry)
  • Glass system: air-wash
  • Brick lining in the fire chamber
  • Secondary system for air: stainless steel
  • Certification: EPA

The Final Word of Pellet Stove Inserts

Between a pellet stove insert and a wood stoves, the former is always going to be easy for you in terms of operations and maintenance. Additionally a pellet insert is also more efficient that its other counterparts. The heat dissipation is stronger and so is the heat energy output levels. Right from the installation to the daily burning of inserts, it’s going to be a much more simpler and joyful ride for you.

A pellet insert is also a great way to bring in some charm to your decor and upgrade your fireplace into something more modern without losing on the classic appeal of having a fireplace. The only problem for you is to pick the one that fits best into your requirements. Each of those pellet stove inserts listed above are hand picked basis the ratings, performance, pellet stove insert reviews from actual buyers. All you need to keep in mind is the right features and fitment for your home.

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