Choosing Portable Ballet Barre for Home – Review & FAQs

While the ballet barre is an important equipment for a ballerina’s routine, it is also a very crucial element for dancers and fitness enthusiasts for whom being fit is the order of the day. A portable ballet barre, for a fitness die-hard, is a must have accessory in his/her home. Fitness experts world over recommend and encourage people to make use of these ballet bars in an easy, effective and efficient way.

Anyone who wishes to tone up his body can go for barre workouts as part of their training at home. If stretching your body and dancing around is your forte, then these barres are absolutely handy and good.

I have curated a list of the best ballet barre for home and reviewed each one of them in a manner where you can pick and choose the best portable ballet barre for home use.

List of top rated portable ballet barre

Ballet Barre PhotoProduct NameMeasurementsTypeDetails
Vita Vibe FB4 Portable Ballet BarreVita Vibe Portable FB 448 x 41 x 44 inchesDouble handrails, Freestanding
Vita Vibe Portable Ballet Barre B48 4Vita Vibe B48 448 x 21 x 46 inchesFreestanding
Vita Vibe BD60Vita Vibe BD6060 x 21 x 46 inchesDouble handrails, Freestanding
GoFit Portable Barre48 x 54 inchesPortable, Full Kit
Vita Vibe BD48 Ballet Bars for home useVita Vibe Portable BD4848 x 46 inchesDouble handrails, Freestanding
Adjustable Single Dance Barre by Soft Touch – Portable Ballet BarreSofttouch Ballet Barre Adjustable Height66 x 49 inchesFreestanding
Vita Vibe Fitness Portable Barre for WorkoutsVita Vibe Fitness Barre44 inchesPortable
Vita Vibe WS48-W47.5 inchesWall Mounted
Stamina Aluminum Studio Barre (with workout DVD) – Best Multi-height Ballet BarreStamina Studio Ballet Barre (Aluminimum construct)47.5 inchesPortable
Klarfit Double Ballet BarKlarfit Double Ballet Bar44 inchesPartially Portable
Softtouch Freestanding Single Ballet Barre – Best Single Ballet BarreSofttouch Freestanding Portable Ballet Barre Single Rail49 inchesPartially Portable
Health Mark SB19200 Ballet BarreHealth Mark Ballet Barre Model: SB19200 55 inchesPartially Portable
Flex by Milliard Professional Kip Bar – Best Entry-level Ballet BarreFlex by Milliard Professional Kip Ballet Barre57 inchesPartially Portable

There are three things which you must know to get your perfect portable barre for your home workouts

What is a ballet bar or the handrail

It’s a horizontally placed rail which allows one to maintain balance while performing training and exercise and works as your support to keep yourself from falling or slipping away. It’s portable & it can be moved around the home with ease. If you have been using a chair to keep yourself supported, you can very well understand how useful this home ballet bar-rail is.

Apart from the fact that it looks better than to have a chair for your exercise, the entire barre is designed in a manner to avoid the barre from flipping or tilting around during the exercise sessions. While a chair always runs the risk of flipping off resulting in your falling off on the floor, the ballet bar bring an element of safety into your daily training routine.

What are the measurements of a portable ballet barre

What should be the ideal height of a portable barre ? Well, it solely depends on what’s your height. The thumb rule is that the horizontal bar should be located between your waistline and hip.

A perfect ballet bar or handrail is an absolute beast. If it has been some time that you had looked out for a good stand, or if this is the first time you are wanting one, consider a ballet barre with a folding feature.

Most of the times, the these ballet bar are adjustable. The vertical legs can be heightened or shortened per your requirements and comfort level. The adjustable feature helps when there are multiple users in a house to use the ballet bar.

Generally, the benchmark length for a handrail is 4 feet which can accommodate two people to work with a ballet barre simultaneously. Alternatively, if two people are using a barre, they can stand on either sides giving each of them access to 4 feet of handrail.

The features of a portable ballet barre

Barres come in two kinds: Fixed ballet barre (wall mount ballet bar) and the portable ballet barre. Here, in the article, I will discuss more about the portable ballet barre since they are the best among the two options, for home applications.

In respect of rails, a portable ballet barre comes in 2 different formats: a single rail set up and a double rail set up. The double rail set up is good for training and stretching. It’s also a good option if there are kids around who would want to join your workouts.

Additionally the double rails can be adjusted to two different levels at all times. You will not need to adjust the rails again when you start with a fresh exercise which may require the bar rail to be set at a different height.

Off late, these rails have started to be composed of PVC material. The PVC is gaining traction with the users and they like the feel of it. Before PVC was introduced into the ballet barres, they were made of either metal or wood. The use of PVC into the manufacturing process has incidentally also brought the costs down.

Each of the materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. While the metal can be very cold when touched, wood can develop cracks and can be harsh at times. A metal ballet barre is also heavy which ensures that it will never tilt with your weight. But being heavy, it also is difficult to move it around your home with ease.

As for for tilt issue, even the wooden or the PVC barre remains firmly balanced due to its design. There’s also the aluminium rails which are good choices if pure metal is an issue. This article will focus on the aluminium and PVC made rails since these two fit into the requirements, are balanced & safe and are the best sought after poducts in the segment.

As you decide on your ballet barre to improve your exercise routine, you must be confident and sure of the equipment you plan to purchase and that the choice of your ballet barre will provide you with the support, that you need, for years to come.

If you will need to move your ballet barre every day, you will also need to be sure of the ease of transport and its durability. Portable ballet barres score over the fixed ones by a mile here.

I have curated a list of the top rated and best selling ballet barres and have created tables for you to be able to review and make informed choices. Have also done an in-depth review for each of the barres on the list. I am confident you will be able to choose the best ballet barre for your requirement after having read review of all the ballet barres.

Review of ballet barre for home

Vita Vibe Portable Ballet Barre FB4 

Vita Vibe FB4 Portable Ballet Barre

An outstanding product from Vita Vibe, this is a free standing ballet barre and is adjustable. It is easy to assemble and will take only few minutes to be up and ready for your training. These free standing ballet bar are wonderful for home use and can double up for your dancing class also.

A free standing ballet barre can be used in the following fitness programs:

  • Physique 57
  • Cardio Barre
  • The Barre Method
  • Xtend Barre
  • BootyBarre
  • Balanced Body
  • Pure Barre

Features of this free standing ballet barre

  • Foldable and portable design
  • Long enough for multiple people to be able to use it together
  • Both barres are adjustable to 44 inches
  • Aluminium construct
  • Powder-coat finish with anti-microbial qualities
  • Non slip rubber feet to prevent damage to floors
  • Diagonal leg braces for stability
  • Safety collars for rigidity and stability
  • Made in USA
  • Dimension: 48 x 41 x 44  inches
  • 10 years warranty
  • Weight:
    • 19 pounds for the 4 feet ballet barre
    • 22 pounds for the 6 feet ballet barre

This portable ballet barre is a good fit for home use and is on the top of the best selling and the best rated ballet barres. It’s sturdy, stable, strong, adjustable, and inexpensive with a decade long product warranty. Recommended for you if the specs fit into your requirements.

Vita Vibe B48 (4) Portable Ballet Barre

Vita Vibe Portable Ballet Barre B48 4

Vita Vibe creates one of the finest and the largest range of ballet bars for home and professional use. If you haven’t liked the first one, here’s another top free standing ballet barre from their stable. The B48 4 is a portable ballet barre with a single handrail which is easy to use, assemble and store. It will last just as long the as the last model that you saw.

With powder coated aluminium body and strong clams to adjust the handrails, the barre is easy to assemble, use and store. The ballet barre height can be adjusted to a minimum of 6 inches to a maximum height of 46 inches – will cover everyone’s requirements in any given family !

It comes with three options of barre lengths – 4 feet, 5 feet and the 6 feet handrails. The product comes with a super 10 year warranty and provides you an array of color options to choose from – Black, Dark Mystic Gray, Light Pink, Purple, Satin Silver and Teal.

The barres have a thickness of 1.5 inches for a good and stable hold all through your training.

These are free standing ballet barres intended to keep your balance during your exercise. Must not be treated like fixed wall support which can hold your weight during push and pulls. Use it for balance during your training and it will never disappoint you.

Features of this free standing ballet barre

  • Made of strong 1.5 inch diameter aluminium
  • Powder coated with anti-microbial qualities for user safety
  • Adjustable portable barre heights from 6 inches to 46 inches from the floor surface
  • Strong engineered composite clamps for easy adjustments
  • Non slip rubber feet to prevent surface issues
  • 28 inches feet pivot flat for storage
  • Weight:
    • 4 feet single – 9 pounds
    • 5 feet single – 9.5 pounds
    • 6 feet single – 10 pounds
  • Easy to assemble – no tools required
  • Made in USA
  • 10 year warranty
  • Multiple color choices

Vita Vibe BD60 Portable Ballet Barre with Double Handrails

Vita Vibe BD60 Portable Balle Bar for Home Use

Another great product from the house of Vita Vibe. This too is a freestanding ballet barre and can be adjusted to suit your height and comfort. It won’t take more than couple of minutes to assemble to disassemble the product. A great ballet barre for home use.

The barres are made of Aluminium 13 grade providing great strength to the product. And inspite of being strong and sturdy, the barres are light weight and can be easily carried around without any fuss. You can pick the color of your choice to suit your inner decor or the wall where you intend to place these rails.

Features of this free standing ballet barre

  • Made of Aluminium
  • Strong yet light weight for easy transport
  • Powder coating for longevity with anti microbe quality
  • 1.5 inch diameter barres
  • Adjustable height range 6″ to 46″ inches
  • Rubber feet to avoid slips
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Awesome rating – 4.3 by the buyers
  • Available in six color options
  • Made in USA
  • 10 year limited warranty

A great commercial and home use double handrails ballet barre with consistent and good performance over the years.

GoFit Portable Ballet Barre for Home


GoFit GoBarre Ballet Bars for Home use

This portable ballet barre set is kind of storehouse of products on offer ! You have a sturdy yet flexible handrail for pure barre and other exercises, a video DVD for visual DIY training (you will become a pro), a rubber ball for exercises and the favorite item of all the buyers, a flexible exercise band.

The flat band can be used with and without the rails – a wonderful option to sculpt your body to perfection. The stand is made of hardwood rail of 1.5 inches in diameter. There are knobs placed on the edge of the feet to give the ballet barre its stability.

It is easy to assemble. Few customers did have a feedback of minor issues related to nuts during the assemble process. The product has been found to be sturdy in its built and performance.

Features of this free standing ballet barre

  • Free standing ballet barre design
  • Resistance training flat bands
  • Adjustable range of 36″ to 54″ inches from the floor
  • An ab exercise ball
  • Workout DVD for DIY advice and tips
    • Ballet, Yoga, Functional training, Pure Barres

Vita Vibe BD 48 Portable Ballet Barre for Home Use

Vita Vibe BD48 Portable Balle Barre

This is a double rails portable ballet barre equipment. Rated superb for both exercising and dancing enthusiasts, it is light to carry and has good stability in terms of balancing. Available in multiple colors, this model is equally rated high by its buyers. With an aluminium build, and a good 1.5 inch barre for a super grid, this portable ballet barre is rated as high as 4.3 on a scale of 5 by those who have actually used the product.

Features of this portable ballet barre

  • Made of aluminium
  • Power coated with anti-microbe feature
  • Adjustable height range 6″ to 46″ inches
  • Six color options
  • 1.5 inches diameter barres for good grip
  • Non slip rubber feet
  • Pivot flat legs
  • Quick & easy to assemble – no tools required
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • Made in USA
  • 10 year limited warranty

This high durability, easy to use ballet barre has seen a consistent demand over a period of time. If you are first time user, this is a good entry product.


Softtouch Portable Ballet Barre Adjustable Height 5.5 ft

Softtouch Ballet Barre for Home with Adjustable Height

Minimal design with a high style, Softtouch understands a customer’s requirement very well. It makes some of the best ballet barres available in the market. This is a strong, steady, single rail barre with a nice touch to it. Everyone who has used this ever, has been a fan of this portable ballet barre.

Features of this free standing ballet barre

  • High quality aluminium construct
  • Adjustable ballet barre height from 31 inches to 49 inches
  • Can support weight of 300 pounds
  • Comes with a safety lock to avoid shifting while in use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 66 inches of length
  • Lightweight
  • Available in double rail option too
  • Surface color is texture coated bronze

Vita Vibe Fitness Ballet Barre for Home PVC Made

Vita Vibe Fitness Portable Ballet Barre for Workouts

Once exercise becomes a regular chunk of your daily routine, you do need a set of equipment to help you with your training and specific exercises. These portable ballet barre help to achieve the desired results with precision workouts.

This portable ballet barre model can be used for following exercise regimens:

  • Physique 57
  • Cardio Barre
  • The Barre Method
  • Xtend Barre
  • BootyBarre
  • Balanced Body
  • Pure Barre

Irrespective of if you use it for Pure Barre, or for Cardio Barre, for dancing or stretching, the Vita Vibe Free standing Ballet Barre has all the qualities to improve your exercise routine. With the passage of time, the bars become an integral part of every user’s fitness regime.

This model is built in order to absorb the strain arising out of repeated workouts. It has support collars and leg braces to provide stability and sturdiness to the ballet barres.

The addition of non-slip feet covers ensure that there’s no damage to your floor surface. This is a no-tool-required set up where you can adjust the height of the barres with hand knobs itself. Irrespective of the kind of program you participate in your Vita Vibe ballet bar will have a role to play in it.

Features of this portable ballet barre

  • Portable construction
  • Safety measures like rubber feet, super grip hand knobs
  • Aluminium barre construct – 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Power-coat finish to the barres
  • Adjustable barre heights up to 44 inches from the surface of the floor
  • Engineered composite clamps
  • Barre weight
    • 4 feet: 19 pounds
    • 6 feet: 22 pounds
  • Made in USA
  • 10 years limited warrant

Vita Vibe WS48 Wall Mount Ballet Barre with fixed single handrail

Vita Vibe WS48 Portable Ballet Barre with fixed handrail

Though this is a portable ballet barre, technically, we must not call it one. It is so because you are not going to mount and dismount this barre each time you are going to use it. It is going to get fixed onto a section of the wall or the beam from where you can use it towards your specific exercise regime. This is called a wall mount ballet barre

Features of this wall mount ballet barre

  • Made of Hardwood Ash
  • Crafted beautifully with polished finish and smooth grip
  • Brackets which can be placed anywhere along the barre line
  • Bracket made of 0.25 inch fabricated heavy gauge steel
  • Powder coated Black Matte finish for brackets
  • Wood barre diameter: 1.5 inches for good grip
  • Rounded edges and sanded smooth barres
  • Distance of the barre from the wall (after fitting): 8 inches
  • Made in USA
  • 10 years limited warranty

Stamina Studio Ballet Barre for Home (made of Aluminium)

Stamina Aluminum Studio Barre (with workout DVD) – Best Multi-height Ballet Barre

Just as the name suggest, this ballet barre for home has the stamina to provide you support irrespective of the kind of heavy duty exercise you might get into. It has got just the right features that make a portable barre, a great product.

This portable ballet barre comes with 18 adjustable height positions providing a great degree of flexibility to your fitness regime. These multiple height options are already set into the vertical poles. This also means that you get a greater degree of stability and security with these pre-set positions.

The set also contains a video DVD for visual tips and advice on different exercise regimes for all age groups, right from amateurs and new beginners to experts and senior people. You can learn the Pure Barres with ease with these tips.

If your fitness takes you to places, you can carry your Stamina Barre along with you to those places. It’s simple and easy to assemble and disassemble process makes it a great fitness companion.

Features of this portable ballet barre

  • Aluminium construct
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • 18 pre-set height positions with quick height adjustment
  • Light weight but sturdy frame
  • Anti slip rubber feet
  • Workout DVD to make you an expert
  • Barre weight: 10 pounds
  • Max height: 43 inches

Klarfit Double Portable Ballet Barre

Klarfit Double Ballet Bar for Home Use

If you want to replicate the training you did in you ballet class, this Klarfit Portable Ballet Barre gives you an outstanding level of performance and stability.

It has a strong tubular solid construction which provides it with the sturdiness required for professional workouts. The strong built gives you the confidence to perform.

With a double bar system the Klarfit ballet bar gives a kind of its own versatility to the workouts. You can place the top bar at 44 inches and the other bar at 33 inches to get a multi person performance at a single time. Such arrangements are very much liked by ballet studio teachers since it gives them the opportunity of take care two students at a time without compromising on the quality of the training.

The construct allows to spread out the performance instead of clinging the students to a wall mounted barre.

At home, you are assured of the stability of the barre. The ballet barre will be stable even after multiple hours of training without battling an eyelid. This stability is the result of its sturdy tubular design.

Features of this free standing ballet barre

  • Sturdy tubular frame
  • Double ballet bar handrails for improved performance
  • Length of the bar rails: 43 inches
  • 31 inches wide angled legs for increased stability
  • Non slip rubber coating on the legs
  • Free standing ballet barre design
  • Ballet Bar weight: 11 pounds
  • Powder coated steel tubes
  • Adjustable height system for both the barres

Softtouch Freestanding Portable Ballet Barre with single handrail

Softtouch Freestanding Portable Ballet Barre with Single handrail

A pocket friendly pricing should not mean that you have to compromise on the construct quality of the ballet barre you are looking for. The Softtouch portable ballet bar single handrail goes with exactly this approach towards making a good quality product fit into your budget. This barres are used by kids and adults as well.

With a sturdy built, you will have the service of this barre for years and years. Even if I take into account the metal ballet bar construct, not everyone will be able to match the steel and bronze construct that this model of Softtouch provides with.

With a weight support capacity of 300 pounds, this freestanding ballet barre beats most of its competitors with ease.

Features of this free standing ballet bar

  • Steel & Bronze construct
  • Barre weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Height adjustment: From 31″ to 49″ inches
  • Safety lock to keep the barre from moving down when pressured
  • Barre diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Surface coat: Bronze texture coat

Health Mark Ballet Barre for Home – SB19200

Health Mark SB19200 Portable Ballet Barre

Most of the people doing routine exercises do not indulge in pre and post stretching consistently. With the Health Mark Portable Ballet Barre, you can pick this stretching habit without a fuss. It comes with a travel bag for easy transport.

In general this Health Mark model brings in industry benchmark features. It is made of steel and has a height adjustable system for the handrails. With its own weight of 25 pounds, it can take pressure of 400 pounds, clearly going ahead of all its competitors by a mile. It’s a product you can count on.

Features of this portable ballet bar

  • Steel structure
  • Barre Lenght: 5 feet
  • Black power coated finish
  • Height adjustment range: 33″ – 55″ inches
  • Heavy rubber supports at the legs
  • Freestanding design
  • Barre weight capacity: 400 pounds
  • Product weight: 25 pounds

Flex by Milliard Professional Kip Ballet Barre for Home

Flex by Milliard Professional Kip Bar – Best Entry-level Ballet Barre

As and when you decide to move to the next level for your at home fitness training or gymnastics, you can go for the Flex ballet barre by Milliards Professional. When you approach this equipment, you should know that you are going to work on the safest and the best ballet barre for home use available in the market.

The rubber wrapped on the feet of the barres keep your floor safe from any damages caused due to the pressure on the barres or due to the movement of barre from one location to the other.

The height adjust knobs are fitted with cushions to avoid any kind of injury to children running around the equipment at any point of time.

The Pull & Click system ensures the position of the barre remains fixed even with a distributed pressure of 140 pounds on it. This tested-for-kids and approved-by-parents Flex ballet barre is a great home training equipment for those who want to do good with their exercise routines.

Features of this portable ballet bar

  • Barre weight capacity: Up to 140 pounds
  • Height adjustments:
    • Min 35 inches
    • Max 57 inches
    • 10 intervals for height settings
  • Sticker sheets to personalize the equipment
  • Premium grade steel construct
  • Rubber base to protect the floor from damage
  • Designed for kids

FAQs on Portable Ballet Barre

When did ballet first take shape?

Ballet, in it current form, first took shape in the late 15th and early 16th century. It has come a long way since then. The word has its origination in the French language. If you look at the etymology, it can be tracked even back when it was for special form of dance performed for the courts and later evolved as a special dance form performed on the stages.

What is a ballet bar?

The barre fitness bar was first conceptualized by Lotte Berk in 1959. She was a dance teacher and she used the ballet barre fitness exercise to cure herself from a back injury she had sustained.

Can I install the ballet bar myself ?

Most of the ballet barres crafted for home are generally designed for DIY installation. Barres for commercial applications should be installed by hiring professionals only.

At what height ballet barre is mounted ?

A standard height for a ballet barre for fitness purposes is 36″ to 38″ inches (measured from the surface/floor to the center of the barre)

What type of material should be used in the ballet bar ?

Barres have traditionally been made of wood. But now steel construct barres are also available which are very strong. Off late PVC based ballet barres have also been introduced and they have seen good customer reviews.

Should one put a finishing to a wooden ballet bar ?

Most people use the wooden barres without any finishing. You should not try to stain or varnish a wooden ballet barre since it will cause a sticky build-up and may sooner than later require a refinish. Just let it be as it is and it will create its own natural platina.

How should the portable ballet barres be cleaned ?

Irrespective of the construct – steel, wood or PVC – you should clean them regularly with anti-bacterial agents. You can also use a baby wipe to clean them smoothly.

Are free standing ballet barre sturdy ?

They are meant for balancing during your training/dance exercises. They are not meant to hold your weight while performing your exercises. A barre should not be used as a crutch.

How many people can use a free standing ballet barre at once ?

Depends upon what each one of them intends to do. But if you intend to just hold onto the barres for balance during your exercise, more than one person can hold the barre simultaneously.

Can a free standing ballet barre be folded for storage ?

Almost all the models discussed above can be easily disassembled and stored without any issues

Is a free standing ballet barre easy to assemble and disassemble ?

Yes, they are easy to assemble and disassemble. Most of them will not require any tools for doing so. And in certain instances where tools shall be needed, they will be provided by the manufacturer along with the packing.

Practice safety with your fitness regime while working with ballet bars.


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