Best Ridge Vents for your House – Cobra Ridge Vent reviewed

House maintenance is an integral part of increasing the life span of a house. When we buy or build a house, the only thing that we have to keep doing over and over again is to maintain it. To help us reduce that labor, it’s best to do things right the first time. Here, I will be talking about choosing and installing the right kind of ridge vents for your home.

What is a ridge vent and what makes it a ridge vent best ?

A ridge vent is basically a temperature and moisture transmission unit present in most houses and some storage units. Most of these are built in areas where the temperature is mostly humid. Humidity can be damaging to many things and to protect your home, a ridge vent is essential. With the help of such vents, the air is circulated around and the pressure in the house is released. Hence, you get fresh and clean air circulating in your house all the time. Your health is also taken care of by way of fresh pure circulating air all through the day and night.

Where are ridge vents installed?

They are installed along the roof and it protects the home from hot and humid weather conditions. These vents have a specially integrated weather filter along with exterior baffles and a special under-eave vent system. With the help of these three parts, a basic ridge vent is constructed to provide the house with efficient air circulation.

Energy Efficiency and Other Advantages of Ridge Vents

Contemporary homes are constantly changing in style, design, and make while adjusting to the latest changes in modern lifestyles. Change is good, but these changes have also brought in some challenges in the way. We are consuming more electricity and hence our carbon footprint is becoming a real issue. We need constant heating and cooling systems in hour homes, always have- well, at least in most states.

What if you could save some energy and, in turn, save up on your electricity bills, while you take care of your home’s temperature balance? In hot and humid areas, the hot air inside a home makes it unbearable. If you install a roof ridge vent, you can cool down your house to a certain extent, hence spend less time using the air conditioning system, which always spends a lot of electricity.

People are very much into building their dream homes when the time comes and these days, energy-efficient homes are very much the talk of the town. If you want to build a perfect home, filled with fresh air at all times while doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint, then it’s highly suggested that you go for such vent systems. A continuous ridge vent is preferred in most homes and even industrial establishments these days.

Advantages of having a cobra ridge vent installed in your home

The weather can cause a lot of damage to your home. If you live in a place like Florida or something, moisture and humidity are your home’s biggest enemies. Your attic is at constant risk of rotting away, growing mold and mildew, and dangerous fungi or spores. Install these vents so that it can automatically create a “weather shield” against the outside environment and your home inside. Installing it automatically saves you years of labor and maintenance. It’s a long-term investment which is a must-have in all homes present in humid regions.

Ridge vents are very easy to install and some are even made of 100% recycled material. They are made of extremely durable material, yet are flexible, and they can withstand harsh weather conditions like humidity, heat, rain, and strong winds.

Another advantage of using a continuous ridge vent, is that it will not spoil the aesthetic value of your home. Your roof will have space and won’t be jammed up, which is the case in point with box vents. These vents is installed along the length of the roof itself and they are designed in such a way that they are concealed completely. You won’t even know it’s there.

And because it runs along the whole roof, there are no edges or gaps through which air can escape in or out.

If you have any old roof vents, it’s time to change to continuous ridge vents. They suit our modern lifestyle better and it will protect your home for years. Less maintenance, fresh air, all around the house.

Taking Care of Your Attic

Some homes have the luxury of having some extra space upstairs, in the form of an attic. These days, people are changing the way they live. They are trying to be more space-sufficient, more well-designed, in terms of home aesthetics, and making the use of every corner of a home. Most people are turning their attic into a specific room- like a guest bedroom or a game room or a movie room. Whatever the purpose is of your attic- even if you use your attic traditionally for storing things, you have to make sure that it is maintained well all throughout the year. Attics, being on the top of the house are most vulnerable to weather conditions like extreme heat and humidity, cold, harsh rains, and snow or strong winds. Yes, a coat of some protective paint on your roof can do the trick but that’s temporary.

You should go for installation of a good quality ridge vent like GAF Cobra ridge vent or the Owens Corning Ridge Vent (can be found here) to protect your attic and in turn, your home. Not only will you be able to protect the wooden parts of the home’s top area, but you will also be taking care of the air circulation system of your house.

Get fresh air all around the house, including the attic. Protect the roof and the attic from harsh weather and humid conditions. No more fear of mold and mildew. Ridge vents have the ability to protect a home from all those pollutants. This means, you don’t have to spend much time and money in constant maintenance as well.

Most people are a bit apprehensive about turning the attic into a bedroom. Mostly because of concerns of growth of harmful molds and fungi. But if your home is protected by a roof ridge vent, you don’t have to worry about this.

Decorate your home as you wish and stay safe at the same time.

Are the ridge vents expensive?

They might sound complicated, or expensive, but they are not. The best ridge vent units are easy to install, cheap and they last for ages. With the help of these vents, you can also save some money because they help the house release hot air and keep it cool. Hence, less money is spent on coolers and air conditioner bills. And don’t worry about ruining the aesthetics of your home. Contemporary ridge vent designs are made very well and they are almost undetectable once installed. They become a part of the roof itself. All you have to do is make sure that the vent has access to an area from where fresh air can go in and hot air can go out. This balance will maintain a good temperature and pressure inside the house while keeping it moisture and humidity-free.

List of best ridge vent in the market

Want to know about the best ridge vents in the market? Well, here’s your ultimate list of the based on based on size, type, and materials used.

Ridge PhotoBrand NameMaterial usedDimensionsDetails
GAF Cobra3 Best Ridge VentGAF Materials Cobra 3 Ridge VentPolypropylene48 x 11.5 x 0.9 inches
GAF COBRA 2005 Best Ridge Vent for HomesGAF Materials Cobra 2005 Ridge VentPolypropylene 240 x 10.5 x 1 inches
QUARRIX BUILDING PRODUCTS 58784 Ridge VentQuarrix Building Ridge VentProductsHDPE plastic11-1/4 x 20 inches

Ridge Vent Reviews

The GAF Cobra Ridge Vent – Best Ridge Vent in the market

Cobra Ridge Vent

This GAF Ridge Vent Materials product is a very efficient exhaust vent. It is made of sturdy polymer material and it gives the home a ventilating area per linear foot of eighteen square inches. You can select the size in each unit because the Cobra 3 comes with an EasyTear feature. The material is easy to install and flexible in nature.

This GAF Ridge Vent Cobra 3 can endure harsh conditions like a wind speed of up to 110 miles/hour. It is designed in such a way that it is immune to mold and mildew build-up. This, in turn, protects the wooden ceiling and roof material from rotting due to high humidity. Another advantage of GAF Cobra 3 is that it increases the lifespan of the paint job on your roof.

As mentioned earlier, you can select the size of each unit, depending on how your roof is originally built. You can make 3:12 – 16:12 units, each with 3 -inch long shank nails, and put them along your roof, even if it’s a slope. These are compatible with traditional model roof vent units and the finishing is smooth and has ridges on them which makes them more durable.

It is a basic plastic ridge vent made of black-colored polypropylene. Its dimensions are 48 inches x 11.5 inches x 0.9 inches. They need to be installed along the length of the roof and the whole product and installation will not burn a hole through your pocket.

Tips on how to install GAF Cobra Ridge Vent 3 on your roof

The GAF Cobra Ridge Vent 2005

GAF Cobra Ridge Vent

The GAF Cobra 2005 is another great name on the list here.

If you are keen to reduce your carbon footprint, this environment-friendly GAF Cobra Ridge vent is your best choice. More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious and that’s a great thing, to begin with. This cobra vent model is made of recycled fiber material. It is flexible and has a softer lining as compared to most models in the market. This makes installation a piece of cake. Smart Nails are provided with the main parts. Smart nails can be hand installed, hence less labor for you. You can also opt for 44 mm coil nails which can be installed using a basic nail gun.

It covers almost 17 square inches per linear foot meter if you use the smart nails and 14.1 square inches per linear foot if you use the nail gun instead.

It is a very flexible polypropylene material, all recycled. Its dimensions are 240 inches x 10.5 inches x 1-inch. It is a total steal, given its quality and durable material.

Quarrix Building Products 58784 – Ridge Vent Review

Quarris Best Ridge Vent Review

This Rigid Section Ridge vent by Quarrix is the perfect solution to all your home humidity problems. It is made of high quality, sturdy material, and the installation and assembling process is like a walk in the park. You can do it all by yourself. Each section unit is about 4 inches and you get a whole roll of 20 feet. StormStop is used to make the membrane which, as the name suggests, is resistant to regular wear and tears caused by storms. It is made of HDPE plastic material and its dimensions are about 11 inches x 20 inches.

This product is not only good for homes but also barns, commercial buildings, and warehouses. In Florida, most people use this product as it is always very humid there. The material of this product saves the establishment from humidity problems, corrosion, growth of mold and mildew, etc. Say goodbye to worrying about the growth of spores and fungi in your attic. Get yourself a roll of Quarrix today.

Wrapping up the Ridge Vent Reviews

One of the most important things to keep in mind while buying a ridge vent roll is that the place you buy it from should be licensed and certified to sell those materials. Always buy branded products and they will last for years. This might have been a small list but these are the best products you could choose from; you won’t have to look any further. GAF and TrimLine are known to have a massive number of products in their collection and they both make very similar items. You can also go for Soffit vent products. So, make sure that you don’t confuse between the two brands.

Replacing your old ridge vent or a part of it

If you already have an old ridge vent in your house and it’s time to replace it, make sure that you get a proper and full roof check done. Before you tear the old rolls apart, make sure that the roof is sturdy enough to take a makeover. If not, you need to fix the roof before you start installing any new roof vents. Sometimes only some sections could need replacement. If that’s the case, you don’t have to bring the whole thing down, just replace the problem area and get your house some fresh air in no time!

Should I go for box vents or continuous ridge vents?

Continuous ridge vents are definitely a smarter choice because they are installed along the whole length of the roof. No gaps or edges from where air can sneak out or in. The whole closed-up design helps in sucking in the vacuum pressure in the top area of the house. The best part about them is that the whole installation can be done at one go unlike in box vents which need to be installed part by part. There are some other disadvantages of box vent systems. These days, boxed vents are usually discouraged as they provide protection for only certain areas or sectors of the establishment. No one really needs localized ventilation because all parts or your home will be affected by humidity. Why go for multiple boxes to cover your whole house when you can get one long roll of continuous ridge vent and get done with it?

What kind of roofs requires continuous vents?

These continuous ridge vents are best for roofs with shingles and tiles.

So, where are box vents installed, if needed?

If you have a flat roof, which is rare these days, you may want to go for a box vent system. However, you have to make a hole in your roof for the box vent to work efficiently.

If you feel that you would need the help of a professional to help you do all these installations or to replace your old roof vent system, feel free to call an expert. It is best to get things come the right way and who could help and guide you better than a professional who specializes in roof installations and ridge roof ventilation systems?

Hope all this important information was useful and now you can make a smart decision and buy a ridge vent for your home today!

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