Best Single Propane Burner – Buyer’s Guide

Talk about popular culinary mediums and propane burner tops the list with élan. One of the major draws here is that propane burners assure easier control on heat and temperature while cooking compared to the electric counterparts. Whether you are planning for outdoor parties at your backyard or need to carry a burner to your camping trips, a propane burner would be a great choice. Another major advantage is that, as these burners are not dependent on electricity, they won’t stop cooking even if there is a power outage. Propane burners are available in varying burner numbers, ranging from single propane burner to a double one to even bigger 4-5 burners.

A single propane burner is the most common pick especially if you don’t need a propane burner for a commercial kitchen. These single burner options are further available in various BTU ranges, ranging from decent 15,000 BTU to 65,000 BTU to even higher 100,000-200,000 BTU and so on. A great bit about single propane burners is that these are lighter to carry compared to double (or more) burner models. Some of the single burners come with hose and regulators while with more economical models you have to buy them separately. Are you too looking forward to invest in a single propane burner? Well, here goes our list on best single propane burner models you will get in the current market.

List of the Best Single Propane Burners

ImageBurner NameHeat Output in BTUsBurner SizeDetails
Gas One B5450 Single Propane BurnerGasOne B-5450200,00015.5 x 15.5 x 12 inches
Bayou SP10 Classic single Propane BurnerBayou SP10 Classic BTU57,00018 x 18 x 13 inches
Concord Single Propane Burner Deluxe 200,000 BTU Banjo Concord Deluxe BTU Banjo200,00022 x 15 x 18 inches
Coleman PowerPack 7,500 BTU Single Propane BurnerColeman PowerPack 7,500 BTU7,50012.5 x 4 x 13.38 inches
EdelmetallBrü 72,00018.5 x 15 x 16 inches
Basecamp F235825 Single Propane BurnersBasecamp F235825 15,00014.88 x 10.55 x 3.54 inches
Dark Star Banjo Single Propane BurnersDark Star Banjo 2.0 Propane Burner65,00018 x 18 x 13.5 inches
Camp Chef Single Propane BurnerCamp Chef Propane Burner Maximum Output60,00011.75 x 17.25 x 16.5 inches
GasOne B-5250 Single Propane Burner Heavy DutyGasOne B-5250 Propane Burner Heavy-Duty100,00015.75 x 15.75 x 12.5 inches
GasOne B-5300 High Pressure Single Propane BurnerGasOne B-5300 High Pressure Single Propane Burner65,00012.5 x 12.5 x 14.25 inches

Reviews of the Single Propane Burner

GasOne B-5450 Single Propane Burner – 200,000 BTU

Gas One B5450 Single Propane Burner

Powered by a solid 200,000 BTU, this GasOne single burner stove is quite a powerhouse. You have a heavy-duty high pressure burner here which would be perfect for your outdoor cooking activities. Whether you wish to host a backyard party or need a strong burner for your fishing, camping or brewing needs, this would be the perfect burner for you. Manufactured with cast iron, this burner also earns brownie points for its durable and sturdy build. Another great thing about this GasOne model is its easily adjustable heat controlling regulator knob which assures precise control on heat and temperature while cooking.

Then, the single propane burner comes with 0-20  psi customizable regulator that’s fitted with a steel-braided hose (for using with the gas tank) which allows convenient control on gas and pressure flow to ensure a safe experience. The regulator is designed with o-ring that prevents risks of gas leakage.

And yes, despite its strong build, the burner setup is lightweight and portable enough to be carried on easily in your fishing or camping trips.

Bayou Single Propane Burners SP10 Classic 59,000 BTU

Bayou SP10 Classic Single Propane Burner

If you are looking for a premier single burner propane cooker with high-end BTU, this Bayou model with huge 59,000 BTU capacity will be a great pick for you. Whether you want to boil or fry or steam or brew, you have an ideal match here. It features a welded 14” broad cooking surface which can accommodate big stockpots with up till 62-qt capacity. So, if you always have guests or friends coming in your home, you can count on this SP10 Classic model hands down.

Another plus of the single propane burner setup is surely cast aluminium no-rust build that assures an excellent investment for many years down the line. Also, you will admire its superior heat-resistant paint that will maintain the sheen of the burner for a long period of time. Then, yes, the burner is designed with 360 degree windscreen guard which makes it a great choice for outdoor cooking. Besides, its 48” long LPG hose helps to keep the fuel tank away right from your big pots for safety reasons. the steel-braided hose ensures added protection from flame and heat downdraft.

Concord Deluxe Outdoor Propane Burner 200,000 BTU Banjo

Concord Outdoor Propane Single Burner Deluxe 200,000 BTU Banjo

Concord lives by the maxim – make each of your outing count. And, the Deluxe Banjo is embodies the same ethos with élan. This single propane burner is buzzing with a superior BTU output of 200,000 which makes it perfect to accommodate the big kettles and woks that you carry in your camping trips. So, if you have plans for outdoor adventures in the coming months and you are looking for an easily portable yet heavy-duty propane burner for that- you might bank on this one. The  burner is able to accommodate up to 200 QT or 400 LB pot filled with liquid.

You have a heavy-duty burner setup here made with solid cast iron and further layered with weather-proof coating. Put simply, you won’t have to worry about exterior damage if the burner stays outside for long. The burner further comes with a CSA certified high pressure 20 PSI temperature regulator, connector and hose. Besides, to ensure easy storage the burner setup features detachable legs which can be removed easily when you are not using them.

Coleman PowerPack  7,500 BTU – Single Propane Burner

Coleman PowerPack 7,500 BTU Single Propane Burner

This Coleman single propane burner might not match up to other models discussed above in regard to BTU output (7,500 BTU) but what makes it stand out in the  crowd is surely its advanced PerfectFlow Technology. This cutting-edge pressure-control technology assures steady heat throughout the cooking process as well as reduced fuel consumption.

The burner can fit pans up till 12” and generates 7,500 BTU cooking power which is pretty decent for cooking in small batches. It’s big stable base assures convenient stirring. The burner works with a 16.4-ounce cylinder which is sold separately. Besides, it’ to note here, the Coleman PowerPack burner is really simple to clean and maintain- especially given its removable quotient. In other words, you can remove the chrome-plated grate easily which eventually helps with thorough cleaning.

EdelmetallBrü 72,000 BTUs Outdoor Propane Burner

EdelmetallBru Outdoor Propane Burner Single

First things first, this single propane burner is especially meant for brewing explorations. If you are a craft beer aficionado and looking forward to make a valuable addition to your brewing equipment, this EdelmetallBrü burner would make a fine choice. In fact, according to some, this is the last burner a brewmaster would ever need to buy.

The burner delivers a considerable output of 72,000 BTU which helps to control the heat from “0” to optimum boil range in just a flash. It comes with precise fine needle valve which allows to carry out  crucial adjustments and banish boilovers. Another good part is the custom-crafted burner is able to adjust to just any kind of kettle size. In fact, every tool here has been custom-designed for specific brew-day activities.  The brushed classy stainless steel make draws kudos and do the polished copper finish. It’s to note here Edelmentall has used industry-leading raw materials here which have surpassed the highest of German quality parameters hands down.

You will find leg extensions (optional) to lift the burner to adjustable ergonomic height.

Basecamp Single Propane Burners Model F235825 15,000 BTU

Basecamp F235825 Single Propane Burner

The specialty of this Basecamp model is surely its stainless steel make which makes it sturdier and more durable compared to regular cast iron structures. This single propane burner delivers 15,000 BTU which is pretty impressive hands down. Then, mention must be made of its adjustable legs which allow easy balance even on an uneven terrain. If you have been looking for a rugged yet easily portable propane burner for your outdoor trips across various types of terrains, this could be the numerouno choice for you.

Then, the Angle Iron burner features range-style cooktop which can raise cooking pots away from flame to enhance combustion abilities. It assures comparatively cleaner burn compared to regular burners in the market as well as less soot issues. So, yes, maintenance is way simpler with this Basecamp model. Besides, you have different knob controls here which assure precise control on heat as per your specific cooking needs. Just one thing, the model does not include regulator and hose and you would have to buy them separately.

Dark Star Banjo 2.0 Single Outdoor Propane Burner 65,000 BTU

Dark Star Banjo Outdoor Propane Burners

The 2.0 is a new improved model from Dark Star and is one of the best brew burners you will get in the market today. You have a modern Banjo-style cooking burner here which delivers a powerful 65,000 BTU for improved brewing power in a flash. In other words, it takes no time to reach to quicker full-volume boil which makes it a perfect choice for the contemporary busy world. This Dark Star model can boil up 5 gallons of liquid in no more than 20 minutes. You will surely love its adjustable regulator that assures easy control on the gas flow.

Then, yes, the 2.0 model comes with a better and bigger in-build wind guard (3.5 inches) and lighter port which make it a great accessory for your outdoor culinary explorations. The burner diameter spans across 17” and its rugged build is able to accommodate up till 125 pounds of weight to make it easier to cook in big double batches. Moreover, the burner is a breeze to use and demands no assembly.

Camp Chef Single Propane Burners Maximum Output 60,000 BTU

Camp Chef Single Propane Burner

One of the best things about this single propane burner is that it’s specifically designed to heat up quick which means faster cooking anyday. Be it frying or boiling or brewing, this Camp Chef model would be handy for everything. You get a high-pressure burner setup here that assures a solid 60,000 BTU output. Mention must be made of the burner’s “Maximum Output” setting which allows a broad array of cooking variations.

Then, the Camp Chef burner is intelligently designed with 24 inches cooking height which speaks of added comfort. The compact model is easily portable and hence a breeze to carry in your camping or hiking adventures. And yes, the burner stands on 4 legs to ensure stable stand. Not only this, all the legs are compatible with uneven terrains. This is certainly another reason to have the Camp Chef unit in your next outdoor adventure.

GasOne B-5250 Outdoor Propane Burner Heavy-Duty 100,000 BTU

GasOne B-5250 Single Outdoor Propane Burner Heavy Duty

You have a heavy-duty high pressure single propane burner here which will make a perfect ally for your backyard parties, tailgates, outdoor adventures as well as large family cookouts. From broiling to boiling to frying to grilling, this GasOne model can cater to all. One of the best things about the burner is surely its sturdy build. In fact, the burner aims to fulfil three primary goals- solid heat source, easy portability for easy access and great stability & longevity. The burner head is made of cast iron which forms a spiral shaped flame to assure even distribution of heat for faster and uniform cooking. And the cast iron construction further assures excellent durability for years.

Then, the burner is fitted with a steel-braided easily adjustable regulator (ranging from 0 to 20  psi) that further assures a safe leak-free experience with the burner. Another great thing about the GasOne model is surely high-temperature resistant finish which eliminates issues like peeling frames or bad odor of burnt paint. This particular feature certainly offers a special leverage to the B-5250 unit. Last but not the least, the model also comes with in-built wind blockers that assures uninterrupted cooking even amid strong breeze.

GasOne B-5300 High Pressure Single Propane Burners 65,000 BTU

GasOne B-5300 Single Propane Burner

This GasOne high pressure model assures superfast boiling, cooking and grilling, all thanks to its magnificent 65,000 BTU power output. So, if you have been looking for a great mid-range single propane burner to be carried to your outdoor trips, this GasOne model would make a fine choice. The burner features easily adjustable regulator knobs that help you to control the flame and temperature, as per your specific cooking needs. The burner diameter is 14” which means it can accommodate your regular pots and pans hands down. Then, the GasOne burner boasts a very sturdy body that makes it a highly durable and lasting investment. Despite a strong build, the burner is lightweight which means easy portability.

Besides, the burner comes with an adjustable (0-20 psi) regulator as well as steel-braided heat-resistant hose that assure leakage-free use and safe gas and pressure flow.

Wrap Up

I will wind up with some pro tips on using your single propane burner at its best.

Right utensils

This is one of the most vital tips to remember here. Utensils made of glass and ceramic are the ideal utensils for propane burners. These materials assure less consumption of fuel and also don’t ask for higher temperature while cooking.

Maintain medium/low flame

It’s better to avoid cooking on higher flame all the time as that would only mean more consumption of fuel. Also, not all dishes would require you to keep the flame on high. So, try to maintain low/medium flame whenever possible.

It’s better to cook outdoors when you are using a propane burner. If your burner setup doesn’t come with legs, make sure to place it on a box or crate. The burner should be kept upright always.


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