Best Snake Repellent Reviews, Complete Buyer’s Guide & FAQs

The thought of having any kind of snakes in our backyard is a terrifying thought. Since the beginning of time, the relationship between snake and man has been less than friendly, and let’s be honest, not many people would be glad to live with a couple of snakes in their garden or home. It is but natural for people to try their best to get rid of these slithering reptiles. Traditional methods have been used for years but they not always turn to be completely effective. If you want to make sure that your home and backyard or garden is 100% snake-free forever, it’s good to find the best snake repellent around.

List of the Best Snake Repellent brands

ImageBrand / ProductCompositionCoverageDetails
Pinelake Snake RepellentPinelake's Natural Snake DefenseChemical3ft wide baries
Dr. T's Havahart Snake RepellentDr. T's Snake-A-Way from Havahart StoreChemical4-5 inches wide baries
Senca Mole Snake RepellentSenca Sonic Snake and Mole RepellentElectronic7,500 Square Ft
Ortho Snake RepellentOrtho GranulesChemical 1,440 Square Ft
Woodstream Snake RepellentWoodstream Snake ShieldChemicalBand 8 inches wide
GARDEN SECRETS Snake RepellentGarden Secrets Snake DeterrentElectronic 55 Square Ft
Enviro Snake Scram Snake RepellentScram Snake DeterrentChemical1 lb / 300 Square Ft
Haibinsh Solar Ultrasonic Snake RepellerHaibinsh Ultrasonic Rodent Snake Mole RepellentElectronicAbout 9.0 mtrs
Luma Snake Repellent SpikesLuma Solar Mole Sonic RepellentElectronic12,000 Square feet
Tysonir Snake Repellent for OutdoorTysonir's Repellent for Outdoor ApplicationsElectronic 1200 square mtrs

What makes a best snake repellent ?

As the name suggests it is something “repels” snakes, i.e., keeps them away from places you don’t want them to be present. There are traditional and modern methods to get rid of snakes, in general. People have used various chemicals and set pout physical traps to ensure that they are not welcomed with a hissing noise.

It has been seen that the most effective method to get rid of such unwanted guests is to use a certain kind of spray or noise or granule. This triggers the “Jacobson organ” present in a snake. It hinders the snake’s ability to breathe in air and the scurry away to other places to breathe properly. This guide I have made will help you understand which methods are the most effective and which ones will be most fruitless in the long run.

Things to keep in mind while you buy the best snake repellent

Using a combination of physical and chemical means together is the best way to make sure that your place remains snake-free. To ensure that the objective and is met and whatever methods you use are worth your time and money, read ahead to get a better idea about how to go making your surrounding snake-free.

Brand of snake repellents

When it comes to buying something like a shoe, you might not be that brand-conscious. All you would want is something durable and comfortable. But there is no such way to ensure full results in case of snake repellents and the name of the brand speaks a lot for itself in this field. Buying a lesser-known or unknown, unpopular brand can not only be ineffective to get rid of snakes but it can be dangerous as well. Unbranded chemicals can put you and your family’s health at risk.

  • Buying a reliable snake repellent product

You should always get some information about the product you select. This includes reading reviews of other people who have successfully used it to get rid of snakes. With the help of such reviews, you can understand real-life experiences of people and know just how effective a product is, how much time it takes and whether or not the effects of the product are long-lasting. With such information at hand, you can make a wiser decision.

  • The ingredients of a snake repellent

The ingredients can be either organic or chemical. We naturally think that organic is the best and safest way to go about and when it comes to repellents, it has been seen that several organic or natural products work pretty well. Snakes are very relentless. Strong chemical products are also a way to make sure that they stay far, far away from your home, but these snake killer chemicals are not good for humans either. When it comes to using natural products, it also ensures your safety and is also a cruelty-free way to make sure that the snakes stay away. Using natural products is also the smartest decision if you have small children or pets roaming around in the yard often. Natural products will make sure the environment is not ideal for snakes, and help them stay away without causing them any harm. Are snake repellent safe for pets ? Yes, if it’s used properly and is natural and organic.

  • Using snake repellents

There are various forms of repellents available and the distribution of each is different. You have to go for either sprays, granules, or vibrating machines. Choose the one, depending on the kind of home you have, your own needs and comfort, and also how big your snake problem is.

All you have to make sure is- keep kids and pets as far away from the areas where you distribute these products. The rest should be easy, as long as you keep an eye on pellets and trapped snakes. Maintain your garden or compound at all times for maximized effects.

Review of the Best Snake Repellent

Pinelake’s Natural Rattlesnake Repellent 128oz

Pinelake Rattlesnake Repellent

This product is safe for homes with small children and pets. The product does not harm the snake fatally or in any manner. It’s much better than basic glue traps which can be fatal or painful to a snake and difficult for us to get rid of. The best thing to do, along with using the product is to ensure a clean, debris-free compound. I personally like this product because it works really well. It is safe for pets and kids as it has certain pure essential oils present. To make it work for long periods of time, replace and replenish the repellent often

Main features of this snake repellent

  • It is made of pure essential oils
  • You get a full gallon with each product
  • It is safe for humans and pets
  • It works on all kinds of snakes
  • It is organic and safe
  • It is a spray product
  • It is rattlesnake repellent


Q-Which essential oils repel snakes?

A-Peppermint and clove oil are natural snake repellents. Some other scents are also used in this product.

Dr. T’s – Snake-A-Way from Havahart – Best Rattlesnake Repellent

Dr. T's Havahart Rattlesnake Repellent

This is the most effective and works best for garter and rattlesnakes. The best thing that I like about this rattlesnake repellent is that I don’t have to feel guilty about harming the snake fatally or violently, this product helps the snakes stay away from my home in the first place. The repellent is available in granules and it is to be applied in the required areas, once in every 3 months or two. The granules are designed in such a way that the smells make the snakes find the environment not worth living. They are unable to breathe properly and they scurry away to some other place. Always use gloves while distributing the pellets. If you are infested with garter snakes, keep each pellet about an inch away from one another. The odor should be kept in check because if you can’t smell, it, it means that it needs replacement. The pellets of such rattlesnake repellent are not safe for pets and humans so handle very carefully. It works on both venomous and non-venomous snakes.

Main features of this rattlesnake repellent

  • It has 28% sulfur and &% naphthalene
  • It gives a success rate of 91%
  • 91% repellent rate
  • Works on non-venomous and venomous snakes, both
  • It does not fatally harm the snake
  • It lasts for a long time
  • It is granular


Q-Will this work on coral snakes?

A-Yes, it will. Just use the right dosage around the targeted area.

Dr. Ts Snake Away Video Review

Senca Sonic – Best Snake Repellent 

Senca Sonic Best Snake Repellent

This is a very effective repellent against the snakes and it keeps some rodents and moles at bay too. The vibrations are very effective and can work on an area of 7500 square feet. The vibrations are given out every 30 seconds and no toxic chemicals are needed to use this. Homes with pets and kids can use this product without worrying about health issues.

Main features of this pest and snake repellent

  • It is charged by solar energy
  • No chemicals involved
  • Covers a large area
  • It is made of ABS plastic material
  • It is water resistant
  • It is easy to install


Q-How does this product work?

A: You dig a hole that is eight inches deep and install the device. Ensure that you leave at least two inches above the ground. It should charge for twenty-four hours before you start using it.

The Ortho Granules – Best Snake Repellent

Ortho Best Snake Repellent Granules

One of the best snake repellent products in the market is the Ortho. It is granular chemical and it works on snakes of all kinds. The main ingredients are clove, cinnamon, peppermint and castor which means that it smells nice and is not very toxic. It is mostly safe to use in homes with pets and kids. The product will not get spoilt by rains and can work for a whole month before you need to replace it.

Main features of this granules based snake repellent

  • Weighs about 2 pounds
  • It’s safe to use in homes with kids and pets
  • It is effective around 1400 square feet
  • It uses essential oils
  • It doesn’t stink


Q-Will it repel garter snake?


Woodstream’s 6400 Shield – Best Snake Repellent

Woodstream Best Snake Repellent

This Woodstream Corp 6400 repellent is great for small homes, homes with kids and pets, and homes where you have grown your own vegetable. This is a very effective a powerful product and it works for long periods of time. The smell is strong but won’t irritate or harm you as such. But the snakes will be unable to breathe fresh air and will stay away from your home. It contains essential oils and sulfur. This is a good mixture and you just need to sprinkle it in the peripheral regions of your compound. It is a naturally safe formula.

Main features of Woodstream’s snake repellent

  • It is made of sulfur and essential oils.
  • It is granular
  • It lasts long
  • It’s easy to use
  • it’s safe for humans and pets
  • It weighs about 4 pounds
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Safe for kids and pets


Q- What kind of snakes will this work on?

A-This product works on both venomous and non-venomous snakes

Garden Secrets Gopher Mole Best Snake Repellent

Garden Secrets Gopher Mole Best Snake Repellent

This is a great product which works on snakes and garden moles.  This product does not use any toxins and is great for homes which have pets and small kids. The vibrations released by this machine helps keep all snakes away from the desired area. If you are looking for something that saves you money and time, going for this product is a good idea. The batteries get charged on their own and they work even if it’s not too sunny. It doesn’t need any extra power source.

Main features of this snake repellent

  • Contains an Aluminum tube
  • Has a pulse vibrate
  • Its solar powered with automatic recharge batteries
  • No extra power is needed
  • It’s waterproof
  • It is safe for the environment and humans and pets.
  • Covers a large area


Q-How much distance should be there between each spike?

A-20-feet distance between each spike

The Enviro Snake Scram Best Snake Repellent

The Enviro Snake Scram Best Snake Repellent

This works on both venomous and non-venomous snakes. It contains some essential oils like pure rosemary, cinnamon, cedar oil and clove. These are safe for the environment and safe for us, humans. If you grow your own flowers and veggies, then this is the best product to go for. The mixture of the ingredients is perfect for home or professional use. The snakes will not be able to breathe in the presence of this repellent and stay away. Just make sure that pets and kids don’t inhale or ingest this product. It lasts for a long time, and results are guaranteed.

Main features of Enviro Snake Scram

  • The weight is around 20 pounds
  • It is long lasting
  • It made of essential oils
  • It’s in granular form
  • It’s not toxic by nature hence safe for soil and growing plants around


Q-How is it used?

A-Just sprinkle the granules along the peripheral region on your compound. Sprinkle during evenings when the temperature is under 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Haibinsh Solar – Best Snake Repellent with sensor technology

Haibinsh Solar Ultrasonic Best Snake Repellent

This is an ultrasonic snake and gopher repellent vibrator which is completely safe for humans and pets. It not only keeps snakes at bay but also keeps off other pests and rodents. Snake killer chemicals are not the best for most homes, especially if it’s a small home or if you grow your own veggies or if you have pets or kids. This vibrator is the best and most effective snake repellent product that you can make use of.

Main features of this sensor based technology

  • Safe for the environment, it’s extremely effective towards snakes and rodents
  • It is solar-powered
  • It is waterproof
  • No chemicals needed
  • Works on a powerful motor
  • Easy to install and use
  • Long-lasting


Q- Will rain hinder the effect of this product?

A-No, just make sure that it is placed 4 inches above the ground in case there is flooding.

The Luma Sonic – Best Snake Repellent Spikes

Luma Sonic Best Snake Repellent Spikes

This is a highly effective, non-invasive snake repellent. It works on solar energy and doesn’t need batteries. It’s humane and safe to use and very easy to install. The product can work over 12000 square feet area and is known to release certain ultrasound vibrations in the surrounding which is not good for snakes and curtails rodents. Because of this, they stay far away from the radius of these vibrations. It is water-resistant and can withstand harsh weather. There are no chemicals or harsh traps involved. Using this snake sonic vibrator cum repellent also ensures the safety of kids and pets and is easy on the environment.

Main features of Luma Sonic spikes based Snake Repellent

  • It is hugely effective and durable
  • It made of ABS plastic
  • Works on solar charging
  • Safe for pets and kids and is easy on the environment
  • Can cover 12000 square feet
  • It is humane
  • Comes in four-spikes


Q-What is the use of the spikes?

A-Make a hole in the ground and insert the spike for sturdy constructions.

The Tysonir Best Snake Repellent for Outdoors Installation

Tysonir Snake Repellent for Outdoor

This product can be used in homes for outdoor compound and is safe for small kids and pets. It is very effective and is pretty easy to install & use. It is solar energized, so it saves money and goes easy on the environment and no chemicals are used to make and use this product, which is honestly the best thing about it. Put the product in the ground, 10-centimetres away from the surface. The rest will be done on its own. Take care of unwanted rodents and snakes and ensure the safety of your home with these solar-powered repellents.

Main features of Tysonir Snake Repellent mechanisms

  • Solar-powered
  • It’s made of ABS material
  • It has a rechargeable battery
  • It is very easy to install and use
  • It is safe for humans and pets
  • Works on both rodents and snakes


Q- Will the vibrations affect my pet?


FAQs on the Best Snake repellent products

Are snake repellents safe for my pet dog?

When you buy a snake repellent, you will notice that most good brand manufacturers mention the fact that it’s safe for pets. However, no matter what anyone says, it is not always 100% ensured that if your dog eats any form of repellent, he or she will be alright, as every animal has different health systems. So, make sure that no matter what you buy, you keep your dog away from eating any pellets as such.

Are snake repellents really effective?

To ensure 100% effectiveness, it’s best to use a combination of methods- both chemical and physical means. The chemical means, of course, mean that you use the right kind of sprays and pellets and physical means would mean basic garden and backyard maintenance. You have to make sure that you trim your grass on a regular basis, get rid of weeds, build fences around your home, and keep bird feeders as far away as possible. These will automatically attract fewer snakes to your area.

Are these snake repellents safe for pets?

It is always, always a risk for anyone- be it human or animal to ingest or inhale such repellents. If you are using vibrations or natural ingredients, the risks are always less. If you are using sprays and pellets anyway, try to make sure that your pets don’t come in touch with any of these or ingest any pellets. Even if coming in contact with a natural snake repellent would not kill them, they still might have an allergic reaction or have a tummy upset.

Is snake repellent safe for chickens?

If you have poultry at home, then if you are spraying snake replants in their living area or pen or on foods and vegetables grown at home, the chicken will be at risk. If you are using pellets around the ground, then that is a higher risk for chicken if they ingest it. When you are using such chemicals, the first thing you need to make sure of is that your chicken and other animals stay as far away from these as possible. Don’t open the pen until the pellets are removed.

Are there any natural plants that repel snakes?

Some plants have certain smells and tastes which are bitter to snakes and so if they come near or consume such plants, they will slither far away. Some of such plants that you grow as a natural snake repeat are marigold, garlic, and wormwood.

Do mothballs help in keeping snakes away?

A lot of people tend to believe that mothballs help in keeping snakes away. But this is not really effective. Snakes won’t be smelling the mothball and get repelled unless they actually lick it. This is because snakes smell through their tongue. You need to mix something like sulfur with mothballs for them to be effective.

Will my snake repellent works on lizards as well?

If you want to get rid of other small reptilians, unwanted guests, some repellents like mothballs may work in keeping home and garden lizards away.

Do these repellents keep frogs away?

Yes, frogs are not very fond of the snake killer chemicals present in these repellents. Spray your chemical around your fence and the frogs will not pay you a visit.

Do they work on copperhead snakes?

Yes, spraying any kind of good snake repellent around your fences will keep copperheads away, but to keep them away for good, make sure that you also maintain your outside area. Physical and chemical means together help in repelling snakes. So, trim your grass, clear away weed on a regular basis, fix holes and cracks in fences and keep the compound clean and neat.

How do these repellents work?

The Jacobson’s organ in a snake is affected by these repellents. It makes them unable to breathe well and they go away to areas to catch their breath and stay away from environments where you use the chemicals. Apart from chemical, vibration machine based repellent systems  have a similar effect on snakes.

Which are the best snake repellents?

The best for you would depend largely on the kind of compound you have and how big of a snake problem you have. On the other hand, if you have pets or babies and infants in the house, it’s best not to go for chemical variants. If you have such a situation and you have a small home, you should go for repellent vibrators instead. They will work just fine.

Which snake repellent is safe for my dog?

Always go for natural products if you are using chemicals. However, it’s best not to let your dog sniff or ingest any form of these chemicals as they can get sick, no matter what these sprays or pellets are made of. The best is to go for the ultrasound vibration machines if you have a pet.

How is snake repellent used?

There are different kinds of snake repellents. You can go for granules or sprays and you can also go for ultrasound vibration machines. Depending on the guidelines provided by each product’s manufacturer, you should use your respective repellent.

How long will the snake repellent last?

If you are using chemicals like sprays and pellets the effects should last up to 3 months, give or take a week and so. But if your area is prone to rain, the chemicals might need replacement more often. If you use a physical barrier, install sonic vibrators, and keep your yard clean, that will ensure longer periods of a snake-free home.

What are snake repellent chemicals made of?

The ingredients used in a such repellents differ in different brands. Most of them commonly have a few basic ingredients like sulfur and naphthalene or some more natural ingredients like the urine of snake predators. Ultrasounds are also used. All of these together work the best, for long-lasting effects, and is the best snake deterrent.

What is the best snake repellent for my home?

When it comes to using repellents, the matter is pretty subjective. Different homes have different needs and it also depends on how bad the snake infestation is. If you have a small home and have small babies or pets, or if you grow vegetables in your garden, it’s best to go for ultrasound vibrators. Chemical pellets and sprays can be used in larger compounds, but make sure you or any of your family members don’t ingest or inhale anything.

Are snake repellents pungent in smell?

They do have a strong smell as they affect the Jacobson’s organ in a snake.

How to distribute snake repellent?

When you are applying chemical variants of repellents, make sure that you wear gloves and some form of mask to protect yourself first. Make sure you read the instructions carefully and apply the amounts as instructed.

How are snake repellents distributed in form of granules?

Wear protective gloves when you use the pellets. Spread the in the areas where the snakes are present most and along the fences and peripheral regions of your home.

Are snake repellents effective?

If you are wondering- what is the best snake repellent on the market, first, you would obviously want it to be worth your money. Snakes are pretty resilient and you need the best to beat them. Having snakes around is not fun and you never known which one is venomous and cause harm to you and your family. So, it’s best to not leave anything up to chance.

Most naturally-made chemicals have little or no effect on us but that is not the case when it comes to snake repellents. In the last 1950s, a chemical called Mercaptan was used in these repellents which were later found to be extremely damaging to the central nervous system of humans. Not just that, it also seemed to have almost no effect on snakes. Naphthalene also contains certain ingredients called Neurotoxins. If a small child or a pet inhales or ingests naphthalene balls, that can actually be fatal. Mothballs or naphthalene balls are often discouraged because even though a snake is affected by the smell, chances are that it will never come to lick it in the first place, as their tongues have the smell factor in them, rendering mothballs useless against snakes and harmful to you.

You can go for sulfur too, but sulfur alone will not do anything to keep snakes away. However, if you use a mixture of sulfur and naphthalene, it works well. The smell will keep snakes away. If your area is prone to heavy rain, this chemical combination will wear off fast, so replace it as much as you can.

In the olden days, people have used pee, diesel or smoke, and other things to keep snakes away. Surveys and studies have shown that these don’t really work and it causes us more harm. They also harm the plants. So, it’s best to not go for these options.

Most people think that repelling snakes can be done using strong smells. But that doesn’t always work because snakes have their smell receptor present on their tongues. So, unless you can physically make a snake lick something, they won’t be smelling it anyway and there is no guarantee to that. Some universal repellents should be used along with some physical means. Mole and raccoon repellents have been shown to have an effect on snakes.

Studies are still going on to determine the best combination to repel snakes so for now, it’s best to use all the mentioned methods and chemicals, safely.

To summarize, ultrasound vibrator repellents are the best. They last longer, are not usually affected by rain and other environmental factors and they are safe for pets and humans in the house. Snakes can feel the vibrations through the ground, and in spite of not having any ears, these vibrations can be felt by them and they tend to stay away from such areas. Essential oils will not work against snakes, no matter how much you use it. Chemical snake relents are good only when used in a mixture (of sulfur and naphthalene).

When it comes to non-venomous snakes, some people use glue traps.

Physical methods to keep snakes away

Snakes are very resilient by nature and this using a mixture of chemical and physical means is the best way to keep them away, making some physical barriers to keep snakes away works well in most situations. Dig a deep fence around the periphery of your compound and make sure it has no cracks or holes.

A snake-proof fence

Snake proof fences can be bought or can be made at home. The basic snake-proof fence should be buried at least 3 inches deep and should be 30 inches in height. The stakes should be present at the top so snakes can’t slither over the top and enter. The main gate of the fence should be shut tight and kept in good condition. Don’t put any items piled up on the body of the fence.

The grass on your lawn or garden should be trimmed and the weeds should be removed regularly.

Snakes are dangerous creatures, and having physical barriers is a proven way to keep them at bay. Having a solid fence dug deep into the ground is one way to deny them access to your home. It would help if you also had trapped in place in the case, they make it through the barrier. Here is how you can go about this:

  1. Install a snake-proof fence

You can either buy one or create one. The fence should be thirty inches high and buried at least three inches in the ground. Stakes should be present along the fence to ensure that snakes cannot crawl up the fence. Your gate should be tight and should remain closed when not in use. Ensure that the fence is in good shape to prevent the entry of snakes through the holes. The fence should be built at a 30-degree angle.

  1. A glue trap for a snake

If you are dealing with non-venomous snakes, you can go for a glue trap. You can make one or get one from a shop as well. The traps are caught on these traps and are unable to move, you can then pick it and throw it or the snake will die of starvation anyway. There should be an extension holder to the trap as a snake in pain, stuck, would lash out. Always buy traps that are designed to let the snake go once some vegetable oil is poured. Carry the trap far from your home, pour the oil, and set it free. Check these traps daily or the snakes will remain stuck and die and that is a very humane way to deal with something.

  1. Can I use pets to keep snakes away?

Some animals are natural snake predators. Hedgehogs, mongoose, and certain breeds of dogs can keep snakes away. But it is best not to use pets as some snakes are venomous or dangerous and can harm your pet fatally. Sweeney’s snake repellent is a good alternative to keep snakes at bay.


The best way to make snakes stay away from your home is to keep your compound & garden clean, use ultrasound vibrators, and a combination of chemicals, and by putting up a snake-proof fence. Use all these methods and you should be able to give out a sigh of relief.

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