Hydrogen Water Machines – Reviews, Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

Hydrogen water is basically normal pure water topped with extra hydrogenated atoms which does not bond with the water and but remains as a free floating ion in the water. It has been studied for years by scientists all over the world and has particularly been used highly in Japan. Hydrogen water machines, as a concept, have come a long way since the first time they were invented and used. Now it has personal, residential as well as commercial applications, with tens of options to choose from for your residence and captive consumption purposes.

Irrespective of what whether it is seen as a gimmick or a genuine product invention, hydrogen water is now popular and liked by the masses and the classes as well. And with the introduction of budget friendly models, everyone wants to taste this pie.

How a hydrogen water maker works?

The basic principle upon which the a hydrogen water maker works is to convert the pure water into hydrogenated water through the process of charging the water with negative cathode. During this cycle of passing the water through the cathodes, the water gets enriched with hydrogen. This happens in the gaseous and dissolved forms which reduces the Oxidative Reducing Potential (ORP) to minus 200 milli-volts generally denoted by the symbol mV. This results in water getting hydrogenated and ready for consumption.

Which company makes the best hydrogen water machine?

It boils down to your requirements like the amount of hydrogen water needed by you and whether it is for residential or commercial use. You can count on these brands which are popular with the buyers and they make good quality machines – Lourdes, Brondell, Gosoit, Cosan USA, 1HydroNation (portable ones), NAMA (commercial application), Bawell, Arui.

What is the cost of a hydrogen water maker?

You can categorize them into 3 types – portable machines, conventional machines, and high quality hydrogen water makers. A portable model will cost you around $55-$105 while the stationary conventional machines cost around $150-$230. At the top of the spectrum, the high quality hydrogen water machines have a price range starting from $340 and going up to $1050. Each one has its own features and capacities, unique to it.

Hydrogen water is a great form of body preventive maintenance. It helps to repair the body systems and fortifies our immune system against radical elements found in the nature. A great many studies have substantiated the regenerative capabilities of hydrogen water, the manner in which the hydrogen atoms attach itself to the mitochondria and and its positive effects on the overall health of the body.

List of the top rated hydrogen water machines

ImageHydrogen Water MakerpH rangeORP rangeDetails
LOURDES HS-72 Hydrogen Water MachineLOURDES Hydrogen Water Machine -HS727 to 8minus 600 mV
H2 USB Sport MAXX Bundle Hydrogen water MakerH2 USB Sport Hydrogen Machine - MAXX Bundleph does not changeminus 350 to minus 600 mV
Bawell 2195 Alkaline Water Ionizer MachineBawell Alkaline Ionize 21952 to 12plus 600 to minus 800 mV
Lourdes HS 81 Hydrogen Water MakerLourdes Hydrogen Water Maker HS-817 to 8minus 600 mV
Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Water MachineAir Water Life 7000
Aqua Ionizer Water Machine Deluxe
4.5 to 11plus 600 to minus 750 mV
Aqua-Ionizer Hydrogen Water Machine Pro AWL-5000Aqua-Ionizer Hydrogen Water Machine Pro AWL-50005 to 11minus 600 to plus 600 mV
Real Spirit Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 ProReal Spirit USA Hydrogen Water Model AWL-90003.0 to 11.5minus 860 to plus 1000 mV
Life Hydrogen Water Ionizer M9Life Hydrogen Water Ionizer M92.0 to 11.5Up to minus 800 mV
Life Ionizer MXL-11Life Hydrogen Water Ionizer MXL-111.7 to 12.0Up to minus 900 mV
IntelGadgets IT-580 Hydrogen Water GeneratorIntelGadgets Hydrogen Water IT-5804.5 to 11Up to minus 850 mV
Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.5Aqua Ionizer Hydrogen Water Machine Deluxe 9.5 Anti Oxidant 3.0 to 11.5plus 600 to minus 880 mV
Tyent USA UCE-11 Hydrogen Water MachineTyent USA Model UCE-112 to 12Up to minus 1050 mV
IntelGadgets Hydrogen Water Generator IT-757 IntelGadgets Hydrogen Water Maker IT-7574.5 to 11Up to minus 850 mV
Tyent Rettin Mmp-9090 Turbo Hydrogen Water GeneratorTyent Hydrogen Water Machine MMP-9090T2.0 to 12Up to minus 1050 mV
GOSOIT Hydrogen Hydrogen Water MachineGOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water Pitcher7.2 to 8.5Up to minus 500 mV
AlkaDrops Hydrogen Water Machine ortableAlkaDrops Hydrogen Water Portable Machine4 to 6.5400 to 700 mV
ARUI Ellaim Hydrogen Water MakerARUI Ellaim Hydrogen Water Maker7.4minus 350 mv
Pure Hydration PH127 Hydrogen Water GeneratorPure Hydration Water Maker PH1279 to 9.5minus 450 mV
Youth Eternal Hydrogen Water Machine PortableYouth Eternal Supreme Hydrogen Water Generatorph stays the sameUp to minus 600 mV

The hydrogen water machine market has many many options to choose from. On one end of the spectrum are the basic models, the stand alone units of a bottle that connect through a USB connector and on the other end are the expensive machines like the Lourdes hydrogen water machine which can bring water from the Holy Lourdes. And then lots of other good options between both the extremes, which are the most sought after hydrogen water machines. The prices can go from few hundred bucks to few thousand bucks.

Almost each of the machines listed here perform well towards its stated and intended objectives. It, then, boils down to the budget you have created for installing a hydrogen water machine at your home, office or any other place of your choice. These machines act as a catalyst agent to infuse the water with hydrogen ions. If you are wanting a religious and spiritual experience you should go for the expensive models like the Lourdes, if you are looking for satisfying a kind of daily need the basic ones will be sufficient, and if you are a nutrition or a sports connoisseur, you should choose one of the middle range hydrogen machines which deliver more punch for more quantity of water.

Now, let us review the best hydrogen water machines available in the market.

Review of the best hydrogen water machines

Lourdes Hydrogen Water Machine -HS72

Lourdes Hydrogen water machine HS 72

The Lourdes is among the most expensive hydrogen water machines and also a very high quality product. This one is an improved version over the last launches (in terms of design).


This Lourdes model ionizes 1.8 Ltr of water per cycle. It is equipped with a specially designed floating hydrogen top lid which prevents the hydrogenated ions in the water from being evaporated into the atmosphere. The water hydrogenation process is done in time batches. The machine gives you three cycles of time options – 10 mins, 20 mins, and the 30 mins cycle. The longer is the cycle duration, the richer shall be the hydrogen content of the water.

You will need to change the water filters once every 8-9 months depending upon the usage of the machine. Also make sure to clean the white small sponge sitting at the bottom of the machine under the pitcher. This sponge is placed in a way to move the hydrogenated ions to the bottom of the pitcher for even & equal distribution. A clean sponge will ensure better distribution of the hydrogen ions in the pitcher.

The Lourdes HS 72 machines make use of an advanced ionizing system – Separate Chamber Electrolysis. This system integrates the machine’s Solid Polymer Electrolyte (SPE) and the Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) with the SCE technology to create hydrogenated water. This system does not introduce chemical reactions to introduce hydrogen, instead they provide bespoke additives and magnesium to introduce hydrogen into the water chamber thereby replicating a result similar to that found in the water of Lourdes.

This machine will not bring changes in the TDS level of the water nor will it allow other ion particles like Oxygen to mix into the hydrogenated water.

The ion plates in the machine are large and made of silver titanium mix with a top coating of platinum. Being a Japanese product, you get a top quality product with very intense accurate metal purities and a machine quality which delivers highest graded ion plates in the entire industry.

It has also an option of adding a hydrogen inhalation kit. With this kit you can inhale 26 mg of hydrogen per minute which in water terms is equal to 6.9 gallons (26 Ltrs) of 1.0 hydrogenated water


  • Saturates full in 10 mins for 500 ml of water ionization, 30 mins for 1.8 Ltr
  • SCE + SPE + PEM technology
    • SCE – Separate Chamber Electrolysis System
    • SPE – Solid Polymer Electrolyte
    • PEM – Proton Exchange Membrane
  • Optional Hydrogen Inhalation Gas Kit
  • H type D / I filter cartridge
  • Cartridge replacement indicator w/ reset button
  • Latest 2019 Japanese model – there’s no newer model than this
  • Ranked 4.8 by actual buyers
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Product weight: 4 pounds
  • Pitcher capacity: 1.8 Ltrs
  • Application: Counter top placement
  • Country of origin: Japan (the filter is manufactured in Taiwan)


The HS-72 is the only Lourdes hydrogen water machine which is made in Japan. This is different from others which are made in China or South Korea. The word “Lourdes” means healing water – similar to the healing waters of Lourdes in France. The word “Lourdes” has not been trademarked because of which there are multiple products with the same word “Lourdes” attached to it.

The HS-72 is the benchmark for any hydrogen water machine. This is original, made in Japan, and that’s why you should expect to pay a higher price, 6x to 7x,  for the product compared to other hydrogen water machines in the market.

H2 USB Sports Hydrogen Water Maker Portable – MAXX Bundle

H2 USB Sport MAXX Bundle Hydrogen water Maker

This is an IoT (Internet Of Things) enabled portable hydrogen water maker. The H2 Sports is a handy and a small water device perfect for traveling, home and work applications.


If you are in requirement of a portable on-the-go hydrogen water machine, then this model is your solution. This is an accurate, and fast process machine made for health oriented professionals and sports persons who need a consistent supply of hydrogenated water at all times – at home, during traveling, at work.

This device is able to produce hydrogen ions from 1.0 to 1.5 PPM (parts per million) in 5 mins to 7 mins cycle in a 14 oz (400 ml) glass water bottle with 2 adapters for plastic bottle. This is an on-the-move device and fully portable. This hydrogen water machine works with a rechargeable standard lithium battery. You can also plug it into a standard AC connection. It has a USB port for connecting the machine to other devices like your laptop, battery bank or any other USB port equipment, say, your car charger.

This hydrogen water maker is compatible with all sources of water. It can ionize distilled, filtered, tap, or RO water. The ionized plates are made of titanium with a coating of platinum which discharges negative ORP in the range of minus 350 mV to plus 600 mV. These titanium plates remove heavy metals like Nickel, Chromium, and Molybdenum waste so that no toxic material reaches your internal body system.

The Lithium batteries can provide up to 12 water recharge cycles.


  • Hydrogen ions in the range of 1.0 – 1.5 PPM
  • Storage capcity: 400 ml/14 oz glass bottle + 2 adapters for a plastic bottle
  • Proton Exchange Membrane technology – from DuPont, USA
  • Solid Polymer Electrolysis – from DuPont, USA
  • Ion plates: Titanium with coating of Platinum
  • Batteries: Rechargeable lithium
  • Up to 12 water ionizing cycles per battery recharge
  • Can be plugged and powered
  • Can be powered through USB port also
  • RoHS / CE / EU / FDA certified
  • Available in three color options – Silver, Gold, White
  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.25 x 10 inches
  • Self Cleaning Mode
  • Comes with an Inhaler adapter


This is an exceptional portable hydrogen water maker. Among the most compact devices, this is at the top of the charts for anyone who has been looking for an on-the-go hydrogen water machine.

Hydrogen water maker benefits

The primary benefit of this device is its portability. You can have hydrogenated water at all places that you want – home, office, traveling, car, hotel stays. The hydrogen water maker remains with you all the time, all the places. Some devices also produce alkaline and acidic waters per your requirements.

Does hydrogenated water actually work ?

There are many health benefit claims about hydrogenated water. Though these claims are widely accepted, they are not scientifically backed as of the moment. But they are considered a good healthy option to keep your body hydrated all through the year. A hydrogenated water has no side effects. On its own, hydrogenated water is harmless and can be consumed as per your thirst requirements.

What is better hydrogen water or alkaline water

While hydrogen water attacks the basic causes of aging and diseases – inflammation and stress due to oxidation, alkaline water makes use of stronger pH levels to attack and neutralize the dangerous processes in our internal body system. With respect to risks, there are no known risks associated with hydrogen water. However this does not hold true for alkaline water. With all the benefits that alkaline water is associated with, it also has an element of risk. Some of the experts, have over the years, suggested that too much of alkaline water can result in loss of acid from the blood or what is more commonly referred to as alkalosis. In can result in muscle tremors, stomach aches, headaches, more than normal sweating, and numbness.

Bawell Alkaline Ionized Water Machine – 2195

Bawell 2195 Alkaline Water Ionizer Hydrogen Water Machine

This is a counter top designed alkaline water machine by Bawell. It is easy to install and even easier to use. The machine tells us all the things we need to know. All that needs to be done is to connect it to the water inlet or the incoming water line and just install it. The installation process will take around 30 minutes. There’s a DVD included in the product to help with the installation process.

When done with the installation, set the options you want, turn in ON and give an ear to what the machine says. It has many benefits, the strongest pH factor and the best ORP capability among all the Bawell hydrogen water machines.

This Bawell ionize water machine purifies the water with a 2-stage internal system and then asks you to choose between the alkaline purified water or the acidic purified water. You can literally feel your body getting healthier as you lose weight and your skin starts to feel better due to the water from this electrolysis alkaline water.

It is equally easy to maintain. The internal filters will need to replaced once in 10-12 months depending upon the degree of usage of this alkaline water machine.

You can also bring about a change, for better, in your plants and pets lives with use of alkaline water. One can also wash your fruits and vegetables with acidic water which is a natural anti-bacterial agent. It will remove all the germs and contaminants from your vegetables and fruits. There’s no need for soaps and cleaning agents. A great application in times of Covid / Corona issues, I would say.

You can convert your regular water into a real cure-all water with this Platinum Ionizer Alkaline Water Machine


  • pH range of 2.0 ~ 12.0
  • ORP range: plus 600 to -800 Mv
  • Water Options:
    • Acidic
    • Alkaline
  • Alkaline options:
    • Weak
    • Medium
    • Strong
    • Ultra-strong alkaline water
  • Water pressure: Min 20 lbs
  • Filter lifespan: 5000 Ltrs each
  • Flow rate: 1 Gallon / 30 Seconds
  • Notifications: Voice enabled, automatic
  • No. of Titanium Plates: Seven
  • 2 stage internal filtration system
  • Included with the set: 2 filters
  • Product Weight: 11.02 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.2″ x 6.2″ x 11.8″ inches
  • Optional 3 stage filter process

Is the hydrogenated water discussed here good to kidneys ?

A study for human kidneys has not been commissioned yet but a scientific study on rats has shown encouraging results. It was observed that hydrogen water when consumed by rats reduces damage to kidneys. However this experiment has not been extended to humans, yet.

Lourdes HS-81 Hydrogen Water Maker

Lourdes HS 81 Hydrogen Water Maker

This is the Lourdes HS 81 hydrogen water machine. This is similar to the HS-72 which we covered above with the difference being that this is a 2016 model. This along with the other version are among the best hydrogen water generators in the market.


This Lourdes HS-81, 2016 model, processes the water in batches of 1.80 Ltrs per cycle. It is fitted with a floating cap to block hydrogen ions from evaporating into atmosphere.

You can process the water in cycles of batch timings of 10 mins, 20 mins and 30 mins. The duration of the batch decides the hydrogen richness of the water.

The filters have to be replaced once in every nine months. And you must also clean the small white sponge sitting at the bottom of the pitcher. This sponge regulates the flow of the hydrogen ions to evenly distribute it in the entire pitcher.

The Lourdes HS 81 hydrogen water machine is equipped with advanced ionizing system – the Separate Chamber Electrolysis. It brings together the machine’s Solid Polymer Electrolyte (SPE) and the Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) with the SCE technology to generate hydrogenated water. This does not result into any chemical reactions for introducing hydrogen into the water chamber. This combine technology provides bespoke additives and magnesium to send hydrogen ions into the water chamber thereby replicating a result similar to that found in the water of Lourdes.

This entire process will not bring a change in the TDS level of the water. It also restricts other ions like Oxygen to mix into the hydrogen enriched water.

The ion plates are made out of titanium and silver and are given an extra coat of platinum for improved performance. The Japanese technology, as usual, gives you the best possible home tech with consistent and good results.

The maintenance is easy. The filters that you need to change are cartridge based. Just remove the cartridge and place a new one and you are done with the change of filter.


  • 3 time duration cycles for full ionization – 10 mins, 20 mins, 30 mins.
  • Separate Chamber Electrolysis – SCE
  • Solid Polymer Electrolyte – SPE
  • Proton Exchange Membrane tech – PEM
  • Hydrogen Gas Inhalation Kit to help you when you are on the move
  • H-type D/I filter Cartridge
  • Cartridge change indicator
  • Reset option to bring everything back to the default setting


This is a gold standard product like the Lourdes HS-72. It is just a different version of the earlier one. The product is costly compared to others but so is the quality of the hydrogenated water.

Air Water Life 7000 Aqua Ionizer Water Machine Deluxe

Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Water Machine

Another wonderful counter-top water ionizer machine that will help balance the pH level of the water you consume and keep you well hydrated all through the day. It will also protect the body cells, detox the entire internal body system and recharge your energy levels.


You can install this hydrogen water maker from Air Water Life on the top of your counter or place it below the sink – there’s a separate kit available if you wish to do so. This hydrogen water machine has a self cleaning system which works twice every week on auto mode leaving you to manually clean the machine only once a year along with the water filters. Just don’t let go of the minerals and electrolytes, it’s a great product.

You can make use of the alkaline adjusted water with additional anti-oxidants for brewing tea & coffee, cooking your food, regular water consumption, and even for household cleaning purposes.

The Aqua Ionizer 7000 water machine is ETL as well as RoHS certifed and approved. These are among the top labs in water process certification and this speaks volumes about the quality of this water machine.


  • pH level range: 4 to 11
  • ORP range:  minus 800 to plus 1000 mV
  • Water settings: Seven
  • Titanium plates coated with Platinum – seven plates
  • Four stage Ionized alkaline
  • Single non-ionized purified filter
  • Two ionized acidic settings
  • High energy-efficiency plates
  • Carbon filter built into the machine
  • Twice-a-month self cleaning process
  • Water Output per minute: ¼ gallon
  • ETL approved
  • Food grade plastic used in the machine (BPA free)
  • RoHS approved & certified
  • Factory Quality tested
  • Intuitive LCD panel – backlit
  • Long product life
  • Very durable
  • Easy installation
  • Dimensions – 5.2 x 4.3 x 13 inches
  • Weight of the machine: 11.35 pounds
  • Power supply: 150 Watts

How much of hydrogen water one should consume every day ?

For a grown up adult, intake of around 2 to 2.5 litres should be good to achieve required hydration levels, if you have set such goals. Depending upon the prevailing health conditions, people drink different quantities of water. You should really consult your physician if you are not sure of how much intake you should have.

Is it safe and okay to consume hydrogen water ?

Yes, unless there is scientific evidence contrary to it.

Aqua-Ionizer Hydrogen Water Maker Pro AWL-5000

Aqua-Ionizer Hydrogen Water Machine Pro AWL-5000

It is a stylish, elegant hydrogen water machine with high quality build from the Air Water Life brand from USA. The machine comes with an installation kit to keep things easy and smooth for you.

It’s an easy to install and easy to use water machine. You won’t even will have to pull out the user manual to operate this, it’s that easy to operate ! Once installed, plug the machine to the nearest power point and you are good to consume fresh alkaline water fit for drinking topped with anti-oxidants for a healthy and better life.

With the AWL-5000 you are done with buying plastic water bottles. You entire home needs will be sufficed with this hydrogen water machine. You can also install additional filters if you want to increase the purifying abilities of the AWL-5000.


  • Number of water settings: Seven
  • pH level range: 5 to 11
  • ORP range: Up to minus 600 mV
  • Water output capacity: 4000 ltrs / year
  • Number of filters: One (you can add additional filters if you want)
  • Number of filtration plates: Five titanium plates with platinum coating
  • Easy to install
  • Plug & Play model
  • Power input: 150 Watts
  • Weight: 10.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 12 inches (as good as portable)

Real Spirit USA Hydrogen Water Maker Model AWL-9000

Real Spirit Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Pro

This is technologically the most advanced and the most powerful water ionizer machine from Real Spirit USA. This ionizer effectively keeps you well hydrated and can potentially rid you of many water related ailments and detox your body completely.


With this machine, you are in control of your home requirements for safe and healthy drinking water. It is high on anti-oxidants (ORP of minus 860 to plus 1000 mV) which helps create a healthy balance in your food and water intake.

Not only can you make alkaline grade water from this machine, you can also make acidic grade water which is good for your skin care and hair care. You can also use the acidic grade water for watering your plants or washing your vegetables and fruits before cooking or consuming them. An alkaline grade water has a pH level reading between 3 to 11 .

The pre-installed carbon filters remove almost every pollutant from the water which can be a cause of worry for your health. With an output capacity of 4k litres of water per year, you are assured of healthy drinking water all through the year.


  • ORP level range: minus 860 to plus 1000 mV
  • pH level range: 3 to 11.5
  • Number of water settings: Seven
  • Water output per year: 4,000 ltrs
  • Advance filter technology
  • 10 mins installation
  • Eco-friendly plastic
  • RoHS & ETL certified
  • Dimensions: 16.61 x 12.40 x 8.70 inches
  • Machine weight: 12 pounds
  • Power input: 110 Volts

Life Hydrogen Water Ionizer Machine M9

Life Hydrogen Water Ionizer Machine M9

The manufacturer of this super hydrogen water machine claims that they make water machines which provide the highest levels of anti-oxidants in alkaline ionized water, in the world. Yeah, you read that right. And that explains its pricing.

This high level of anti-oxidation is due to the 9 plate ionization process. Each of these nine plates are made of titanium and are double coated with platinum. Most of the machines have single platinum coated titanium plates ranging from a count of five to seven plates. The M9 hydrogen water maker is high quality device worth its name and stated power.

You can bring improvement in the general state of your health and improve the glow of your skin with this top of the technology filtration machine. Assuming that the unit is going to be in use each day of the year, you will need to change twice, the multi-filters in your machine, in a year.

The dual filters in this water maker are able to filter out the chlorine and its residues. In a multi stage process, the water is passed through the UV light to disinfect it of all parasites and bacteria.

The user panel is LED backlit and displays information about the filter levels, the acidic levels and the alkaline level of the water being dished out. One can scroll through the display menu with the buttons provided and manage the settings for each of the alkaline, acidic and filtration levels needed per your requirements. Use the Filter 1 & 2 buttons to reset when it’s time for the change in filters.

You can set the alkaline level of the water with the Alkaline set button. Slowly you can build the acceptability of alkaline water into your body system by adjusting the levels on the lower side initially. This hydrogen water machine allows you to set alkaline levels starting from 8.5 pH upto 11.5 pH levels. The acidic water can be used to for your skin care needs and for washing fruits & vegetables as well.


  • Over the counter / Under the counter placement
  • pH level range: 2.0 – 11.5
  • ORP range:  minus 800
  • No. of plates: Nine
  • Type of plates: Titanium with a double coating of Platinum
  • Number of alkaline levels: Four
  • Number of acidic levels: Three
  • Dimensions: 17  x  17  x  16 inches
  • Weight: 32.5 pounds
  • Input Power: 110 volts
  • LED backlit control panel
  • Number of internal filters: Two
  • Battery free operation

Oxygenated water = good health ?

There’s no scientific evidence supporting this. Drinking more of oxidized water does not increase oxygen levels in your internal body system or the blood. The concept of oxygenated water can’t be taken seriously. Oxygenated water and hydrogenated water are two different concepts.

What are the effects of inhaling hydrogen in gaseous form?

While hydrogen in gas form is flammable but non-toxic in nature.  It, however, is a chemical asphyxiant. Hydrogen gas has no color, odor or taste. Inhaling high doses of hydrogen gas will result in headaches, delirium, tremors, nausea, and eye and skin irritations. Hyydrogen gas can also cause a fire, so be careful. Inhaling hydrogen sulfide, can result in death or sudden unconsciousness. Hydrogen gas is not something to play around with.

Life Hydrogen Water Ionizer MXL-11

Life Hydrogen Water Ionizer MXL-11

The highest level of anti-oxidant properties are made available by this hydrogen water machine from South Korea. It provides with the perfect levels of pH content in its hydrogenated water. It comes with an 11 plates system inside the purification unit which can deliver 800 watts of power induced water giving a wide pH range and a high negative ORP ratings.

This hydrogen water maker has a life time warranty on the product for parts as wells as labor. This indicates the super high quality and working of the water machine. The warranty gives a no tension ownership of the machine. A double internal filtration system and a custom made pre-filter takes care of the heavy metals, chlorine, VOCs, pollutants and other contaminants & impurities in the water.

The water generator has a special UV light filter in-built into it which takes care of even the most harshe impurities and provides added protection to your drinking water.

The manufacturing brand for this machine, the Life Ionizers, command the highest levels of respect in the industry and are among the oldest brands in this business. This water maker can be placed on top of the counter or even under the sink fitted with a high grade faucet kit made of stainless steel.


  • pH level range: 1.70 to 12.00
  • ORP range: up to minus 900 mV
  • Number of plates: Eleven Titanium cored plates with top coating of Platinum
  • More hydrogen per glass of water
  • Sleek & Elegant design
  • High flow rate
  • Touch pad controls
  • Manufactured in South Korea
  • Customized Pre-filter system for crystal purity
  • Validated by doctors
  • Laser induced technology
  • Levels of alkaline: Four
  • Acidic levels: Three
  • Purifying level: One
  • Power input: 800 watts and 110 volts
  • Dimensions – 12 x 12 x 28 inches
  • Product Weight: 27.6 pounds
  • Lifetime product warranty

IntelGadgets Alakaline Water Ionizer IonTech Machine IT-580

IntelGadgets IT-580 Hydrogen Water Generator


This basic water maker is among the affordable alkaline ionizers on the list. The features, however, are not basic. The soft touch button panel is easy to operate and master. It has three different buttons for alkaline, acidic, and purified water output.

It has an in-built carbon filtration system that protects the water from soluble impurities and gives you a healthy & tasty dose of consistent water supply. The machine is equipped with a notification indicator for letting you know if a change of the filter is required at any point of time.

The self propelled auto clean function works smooth and it take not more than 11 seconds for it to run after each cycle of use. And if a full cleaning is needed, you can initiate the process with the touch of a button. It will take not more than 120 seconds for the full internal cleaning of the IT 580 water maker to be completed.

The model has safety features to avoid excessive heating and another feature to ensure you do not consume acidic water accidentally.

Brew tea and coffee, drink, wash, cook with the balanced pH water from this water maker. Lead a healthy and efficient life.


  • ph level range: 4.5 to 11.0
  • ORP range: minus 850 mV
  • USA made carbon filter (activated)
  • Number of plates: Five Titanium electrolyte induced plates (made in Japan)
  • Non-toxic Ionized membranes and temperature-resistant ceramics (made in Japan)
  • Auto self clean system (11 seconds ops after each use)
  • Number of water levels: Seven (1 purifier, 2 acidic, 4 alkaline)
  • Water dispensing through extra large flexible tube (XL)
  • Indicator light system for
    • Filter Change
    • Full Clean
  • Easy-to-understand control panel with touch button panel
  • ISO, SGS, CE certified
  • Noise free operation
  • Power supply input: 230 watts, 110 Volts (220V option available)
  • 71 PSI max pressure
  • Output: Three ltrs / minute
  • Construction: Fiberglass
  • Dimensions: 12.2  x  8.7  x  4.92 inches
  • Product weight: 13 pounds

Aqua Ionizer Hydrogen Water Machine Deluxe 9.5 Anti Oxidant

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.5


This is not just another 7 or 9 plate water ionizer maker. It is crafted to provide you with the highest possible anti-oxidant levels in water. This is next version of the 9.0 model with additional and better features for improved performance levels. It has easy to understand front panel made of carbon fiber.

Apart from the regular features, it has an “High Anti Oxidant” button. It triggers the water maker to provide you with the right level of pH level, with best ORP mV score topped with the right amount of hydrogenated water with anti-oxidants. The panel also has other water output functions like the brewing water, cooking, drinking and purified water.

There’s an auto self clean mode option and if the system decides that a thorough cleaning is required, it will flash a wash indication light. All you need to do is to press the “Wash” button and the system will initiate a full cleaning process which will last for 30 seconds. A soothing background music plays while the full clean process is completed.

The panel has a Beauty & Cleaning function to provide water for your skin care, to wash fruits & vegetables, and for kitchen counter top cleaning requirements. But the one which you will be using more is the High Anti-Oxidant function to get a complete healthy dose of water for yourself and your family.


  • pH level range: 3.0 to 11.50
  • ORP range: plus 600 to minus 880 mV
  • Filter output range: 4000 liters of water / filter change
  • Number of water settings: Seven (1 pure water, 2 acidic water, 4 alkaline water)
  • One of its kind Antioxidant function
  • Self clean function
  • Number of plates: Nine Titanium plates with Platinum coating
  • Power – 400 watt / 120 volts
  • Machine weight – 13.8 pounds
  • Dimensions – 16  x  14  x  9.5 inches
  • No batteries required
  • Manufactured in USA

How does drinking alkaline water benefit you ?

Consuming alkaline water creates a balanced pH level of water in the body, helps in weight loss, boosts the immune system, helps to keep the sugar levels in check, provides with increased energy levels, and helps the body with faster recovery of muscles during routine wear & tear. But as pointed out earlier, there is not concrete scientific study to support these benefits.

How much of alkaline water can you drink every day ?

You can drink up to half a gallon of alkaline water per day but it will be better if you understand  & follow your body, diet and weight and consult your doctor.

Tyent USA Model UCE-11 Hydrogen water maker


Tyent USA UCE-11 Hydrogen Water Machine


Tycent’s hydrogen water makes UCE 11 is high on delivery and absolutely elegant on design. It uses a trademark 11 plates filtration process to deliver amazing alkaline grade water. Worth every bit of money that you have put into it.

This has specially been designed for kitchens with high end taste and requirements. If you like putting your health at the center of your kitchen, this hydrogen water generator will sit well in your scheme of things. It does create a sense of healthy atmosphere around your life.

This model has won accolades since 2012 as being the water ionizer for the year. One of its type, it is manufactured under strict international grade guideline for superior quality and performance. With more than a dozen certification, this hydrogen water machine is totally reliable for its quality output and product durability. The price is commensurate with the quality and performance.

This machine provides you with very safe and healthy water for daily consumption. The Tycent UCE 11 has the ablilty to remove over 200 kinds of pollutants and contaminants from the water.

Top it with the electrolyte capabilities in this UCE-11 which in unmatched in the industry. It’s time to replace your daily water with this delicious, safe and healthy alkaline ionized water ! This product has some of the greatest reviews for hydrogen water machines in the industry.


  • pH level range: 1.7 to 12
  • ORP range: Up to minus 1050 mV
  • Double ultra filters ensuring 0.1 micron filtration)
  • Filtration rate: 99.90%
  • FDA-approved food grade plastic, Zero BPA
  • Eleven Platinum Plates – XL size –  Solid/Mesh Hybrid – dip & bake processed
  • Plate size: 7″ × 4 ¾” inches
  • UL certified
  • Number of water settings: Nine (Four – alkaline, Three – acidic, One – Turbo, One neutral)
  • Water setting are for both acidic and alkaline output
  • Fast flow rate
  • Sleek and Elegant high-end design
  • Auto self-cleaning
  • Flood prevent sensor
  • Advanced touch screen interactive technology
  • Anti-aging water benefits
  • Improvement in sleep patterns due to water quality
  • Hydrogen Boost Tech to achieve increased level of anti-oxidants
  • Product dimensions:  18 x 18.5 x 9 inches
  • Built quality: Stainless steel
  • Product weight: 18.5 pounds

Top reasons for you to choose this hydrogen water machine

  • Largest coverage of Platinum Plate Surface Area in the Industry
  • Solid/Mesh induced Hybrid Plates
  • Power Supply: SMPS PLUS®
  • Extreme and Ultra Filtration Capabilities
  • Zero Stipulations Forever Guarantee
  • Super Water Abilities
  • ISO 14001 and 9001 Certification
  • Additional Device certification by KFDA – Korean Food and Drug Administration
  • CSA and UL Approvals
  • Complete Adjustable Presets with 55 Settings for optimum performance
  • One-Touch Interactive Technology
  • Lead and Chemical Free
  • The only Technically Advanced Ionizer to be covered & reviewed by Cnet, Gizmodo, and Discovery
  • Advanced Cleaning System: PAST – Polarity Anti Scale Technology
  • Premium Anti-oxidantion process
  • Ranked Better Business Bureau A+
  • Costs lower than bottled water
  • Pre-Filter customized options for all source of water
  • Great sleek and aesthetic eye catching styling – great for high end kitchen looks
  • Pro Athlete Approved hydrogen water machine

The Tycent UCE-11 is among the best hydrogen water machine in the market. A good buy with great reviews.

IntelGadgets Hydrogen Water Maker IT-757

IntelGadgets Hydrogen Water Maker IT-757


The first feature to catch your attention in the Intel Gadgets IT 757 hydrogen water maker is the pH level selector buttons. With these buttons you bring a slight change in the pH level of alkaline water coming from your water maker. This adds to your overall taste experience.

In total, there are seven settings for your water – 4 for alkaline, 2 for acidic, and 1 for purified. The efficient ACF 1 single filter is efficient to process 1250 gallons of water without a change. Once this limit has been breached you will need to change the filter. The filter change is easy and can be done at home by you.

This IntelGadget hydrogen water generator has large soft LCD display with one touch control panel with buttons. The panel shows the filter indicators (remaining life), water setting buttons, and pH level increase/decrease buttons. They are colorful and liven up the kitchen decor.

The internal cleaning process is automated. Once the machine has processed 7.9 gallons of water through its filter, the machine is ready to go through a self cleaning automated process. This ensures that the quality of the alkaline water remains just as high as it was in the first batch when you had purchased this water maker. This counter-top placement machine is a delight.

The water output quality is secured through the use of five high quality platinum plates with ceramic ionized membranes. You can use the acidic water for your skin care, cleaning your vegetables and fruits, and also stain removal. The machine switches over to purified water process settings automatically each time you use an acidic water setting. This ensures that you don’t consume acidic water accidentally. However it is always recommended to check the settings and indicators before you directly want to consume water from the machine.

It’s a compact, affordable, and elegant hydrogen water ionize maker, has good reviews, is easy to use and maintain, and makes for a good healthy choice. It works on both 220v and 110v inputs.


  • pH level range: 4.5 to 11.0
  • ORP range: minus 850 mV
  • Number of plates: Premium 5 Patinum-Titanium ionized plates
  • Ceramic ionized membranes
  • Number of water settings: Seven – Four for alkaline, Two for acidic, One for purified water)
  • Type of filter: ACF-1 fiber carbon
  • Filter capacity: 1250 gallons
  • Easy maintenance
  • Soft-button touch control panel
  • Indicators for change of filter
  • pH level increase / decrease buttons
  • Large LCD display
  • Auto cleaning feature
  • Self cleaning indicator alert at every 7.9 gallons
  • SGS, CE, ISO certifications
  • Very long hose
  • Product weight: 11 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 12.3  x 8.8 x 4.9 inches
  • Voltage input: 110V/60Hz (220V option also available)
  • Manufactured in South Korea

Tyent Hydrogen Water Machine MMP-9090T

Tyent Rettin Mmp-9090 Turbo Hydrogen Water Generator

The other water generator from the Tyent USA line up is the MMP 9090T hydrogen water machine. Just as reliable as the last one listed in this research paper, it offers great durability due to it stainless steel built and the SMPS + power technology – it provides with 55 different power settings !

It is crafted to exceed your expectations of safety and durability. With its large plates (among the largest surface area among all such water machines) it produces high quality hydrogenated water. It’s large nine plates are made with medicare grade mesh and high purity titanium, resulting in improved hydrogenated water and increased longevity of the machine.

The Tyent machines come with a DVD installation guide which makes is easy and friendly to install the product. It won’t take more than 15-20 minutes for you to complete the installation. With the installation of the machine complete, you can secure the water quality of your home for consuming, disinfecting, cleaning, and sterilizing.

Irrespective of how bad the quality of water in your tap is, the Tyent MMP 9090 Turbo will provide you with high quality hydrogenated water. Consistent consumption will make you see the different in your health over a period of time.


  • pH level range: 2.0 to 12.0
  • Voice enabled function
  • Number of water settings: 6
    • 1 Water Purifier function
    • 2 acidic water options
    • 3 alkaline water options
  • Turbo fast function for strong acidic and alkaline water
  • Auto control with built-in CPU chips
  • Power consumption: 55 settings ranging from 85 to 735 watts
  • Dual filters
  • Change of filter every 3000 Gallons (should be good for six months)
  • TM filter mode
  • Electronic extract construction
  • Product dimensions: 15.8 W x 4.7 D x 16.5 H
  • Input voltage: 100-240V a.c 50/60 Hz
  • Product weight: 12.3 pounds

GOSOIT Hydrogen Water Maker – Alkaline – Hydrogen Water Pitcher

GOSOIT Hydrogen Water Machine

This hydrogen water maker model is different from the other models I have listed till here. This is a stationary pitcher which produces hydrogen enriched water instantly. A good on-the-table model.

Equipped with two DuPont technologies powered Platinum SPE plates and a special membrane (PEM), this hydrogen water maker is a great source for daily healthy water for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s portable and you can carry it along with you, if you need it. Just plug and play, oops, drink !

This machine has cup and adapter power supply system. Plug the pitcher, switch on the power, and select among the 3 water process modes available on the machine.

  • Press 1 – for 300 to 500 PPB hydrogenated water in 4 minutes
  • Press 2 – for 400 to 700 PPB hydrogenated water in 6 minutes
  • Press 3 – for 600 to 1200 PPB hydrogenated water in 10 minutes

Do you know how much 1.5 litres of hydrogenated water is equivalent to ?

Consumption of 1.5 ltr of hydrogenated water is equivalent to:

  • 516 apples
  • 4 pumpkins
  • 38 carrots
  • 45 cabbages
  • 765 bananas
  • 136 lemons

Yeah, you read that right ! That’s how good it is !

You can choose from 2 color options it is available in – Red or Blue


  • Hydrogen enrichment: 800 to 1200 PPB
  • Disinfectant pitcher storage: 2 litres / 70 oz
  • LED console
  • Advanced PEM SPE 7 technology
  • BPA free Lightweight PP construction
  • Touch button smart panel
  • Multiple working levels
  • Visible hydrogen with separate design
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Electrolysis plate technology
  • Long life of the product
  • Input voltage – 110/220
  • Weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 11.5  x 10.3 x 7.1 inches

AlkaDrops 5 mins Hydrogen Water Generator Portable Machine

AlkaDrops Hydrogen Water Machine ortable

This hydrogen water bottle model is easy to use and is extremely portable. It can give a bottle full of hydrogenated water and health in flat 5 minutes. It’s EDC (Electrodes Disinfectant Cleaning system) works smoothly will all kinds of water – filtered, RO, distilled, etc.

Induced with 12,000 PPB of hydrogen molecules, this hydrogenated water will improve the quality of your sleep and your memory. The nutrition intake improves your health and overall skin care. The AlkaDrops portable hydrogen water machine separates oxygen and hydrogen molecules thereby creating a very healthy hydrogenated water for drinking.

Ensure that you are able to consume the water within the first 30 minutes of the water being hydrogenated by this machine to get the optimum benefit of the process. This is a fully portable hydrogen water bottle machine equipped with rechargeable batteries. In order to charge your batteries, just plug the machine through the USB cable and it will be ready in 2.50 hours to move with you wherever you want.


  • pH level range: 4 to 6.50
  • OP range: 400 to 700 mV
  • Japan manufactured SPE membranes
  • High-quality 1600 mAh lithium-ion polymer rechargeable batteries
  • High-grade Titanium plates with Platinum coating
  • Easy to clean, use and maintain
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Power input: USB cable
  • Power connector
  • Product dimensions: 2.8  x 2.8 x 8.3 inches
  • Rechargable batteries
  • Product weight: 1.54 pounds
  • Storage Capacity of bottle: 300 ml

ARUI Ellaim Hydrogen Water Machine – Hydrogen water pitcher

ARUI Ellaim Hydrogen Water Maker - Hydrogen water pitcher

One more great hydrogen water pitcher for you. This machine can change the composition of all kinds of water – tap water, filters, spring water, etc. – into hydrogenated water with its electric decomposition technique.

To get your instant dose of hydrogenated water, all you have to do is to switch it ON and then sit back to see the bubbles in the water go up as the hydrogenation process starts to execute. All it takes is just 3 minutes to get your glass of hydrogenated water ready. Super easy and extremely convenient.

This machine uses a ceramic built high quality deodorized filter to complement minerals in the water and to remove odors from it. The end result is a healthy, delicious, soft water, available for consumption from a trusted source.

A daily consumption of 8 to 10 cups of hydrogenated water delays aging and improves your overall body health. This device needs just a 12V power input and is low on power consumption. It is very portable and you can carry it anywhere. The device can be recharged and carried along anywhere you want. All you need is a power source to recharge the batteries if they run out of power.


  • Hydrogen content in water: 0.4 to 0.9 PPM
  • ORP range: minus 200 mV
  • Process time: 3 minutes
  • USB power cable
  • Rechargeable batteries – 3 hours full recharge / 50 cycles
  • Single charge water output: 5+ gallons
  • Self auto clean function
  • High grade platinum electrodes
  • Smart One touch buttons
  • Activated water cluster function
  • Non toxic Environment friendly plastic cup
  • Dual options of 3 and 5 minutes
  • Mineral cap
  • Recommended water level temperature: 40 to 104 F
  • Storage Capacity:  1.8 litres / 60.9 oz
  • Machine dimensions: 6.78 x 12 x 13.4 inches
  • Product weight: 2.60 pounds
  • Manufactured in South Korea

Pure Hydration Natural Antioxidant Hydrogen Water Maker PH127

Pure Hydration PH127 Hydrogen Water Generator

Provide your body systems with the right quantity of antioxidants it needs. The alkaline antioxidant hydrogenated water is just the right thing for a healthy body with a stealth and calm mind. The Pure Hydration PH127 is a sleek, modern and elegantly designed hydrogen water maker. This is a battery operated, non electric ionizer with zero wastewater tech.

It can be placed as a counter top, connected with your refrigerator, or to any faucet at your home or office to get high quality hydrogenated water. The installation is easy with the kit provided with the machine. It has loud alerts which are audible from a distance and LED indicator lights for filter change and other operational issues.

It also is equipped with a touch less sensor for switching the flow of water on and off. You just need to place your hand near the sensor and the machine goes about doing its work. The same procedure to be done to stop the machine from creating hydrogenated water. The hydrogenation process adds all the necessary and required antioxidants and minerals which are good for the body.

The pure hydrogenated water with loads of antioxidants improves circulation of blood, hydration of muscles, boosts the immunity levels, improves the bowel movements and digestion system, helps for better and sound sleep, improves your skin look, and improves the energy levels in the body. This affordable, very portable and convenient hydrogen water machine is liked and rated high by almost everyone who picks them up for daily usage.


  • pH level range: 9.0 to 9.50
  • ORP range: minus 350 to minus 550 mV
  • Filter change indicator
    • Blue LED indicates normal ops
    • Red LED indicates time for change of filter
  • Easy to install
    • Over the counter
    • Under the counter
    • Connected to the faucet or the refrigerator
  • Filter life: 180 days
  • Internal design: High-pressure filter cartridge
  • Carbon block tech system
  • Minerals added: Potassium and Magnesium
  • No electricity required
  • Easy Connect refrigerator port
  • Sensor based on/off system (touchless)
  • Both sides entry (easy access)
  • Ultra filtration
  • Micron: 0.02 microns rating
  • Hydrogen: up to 1500 PPB (depending on the source of water)
  • Valve diverter kit included
  • Kits with extra faucets are available
  • Product dimensions: 11″H x 5.5″W x 12.5″D inches
  • Temperature range of water: 39 F to 95 F
  • Final output wate flow: 2.10 ltrs / minute
  • Product weight: 9 pounds
  • Manufactured in USA

Youth Eternal Supreme Hydrogen Water Generator – Portable Hydrogen Water Machine

Youth Eternal Hydrogen Water Machine Portable

A one of its kind, the manufacturer of this hydrogen water maker, claims that this model has the ability to fight off the ill-effects of phone radiation on our bodies. Something unique, I must say.

This curative hydrogen water machine has the advanced RP (Plasma Resonant) technology which is able to increase the biodiversity of hydrogen in the water resulting in positive and calmness in the body.

You can offset the radical elements inside the body with this great hydrogen water machine from Eternal Youth Supreme company. The unit is very portable and easy to carry for on-the-move lifestyle. Just ensure that you clean it atleast once every month to keep the hygiene quotient high.


  • Advance RP Tech for Hydrogen Biodiversity
  • Hydrogen content in water: ~ 1200 PPB
  • ORP range: minus 600 mV
  • Water holding capacity: 13 oz
  • BPS/BPA free plastic
  • PEM/SPE technology
  • Easy to maintain (once every month)
  • Adapter included for  bottles
  • Hydrogen generation time: 3 minutes
  • pH balance
  • No ozone or chlorine
  • Free of KOH and NaOH
  • Titanium Plates
  • Portable / on-the-go design
  • Chargeable machine (charging system is at the base)
  • Product weight: 2.39 pounds
  • Product dimensions:  27 inches height x 9 inches dimaeter
  • Voltage – 110V / 220V
  • Durable and efficient

What are the health benefits of hydrogen water ?

For those who do not want to drink normal regular water, the hydrogenated water is an incredible healthy option. Plain tap water has the potential to carry contaminants like fluoride, chloride, arsenic and other heavy metals.

Some benefits of drinking hydrogenated water:

  • Quick absorption by the internal body systems
  • Best for treating inflammation, chronic in nature
  • Improves digestion
  • Washes away not required radicals in the arteries and blood
  • Improvement in sleep
  • Reduction in blood pressure.
  • Works as a natural anti ageing agent
  • Promotes effective lactic acid metabolism
  • Relieves oxidation resultant muscle tensions post heavy exercises
  • Provides neuro-protection from or various health issues
  • Reduces radiation side effects arising out of cancer treatment
  • Helps in decreasing obesity
  • Helps in decreasing risks associated with Type-2 diabetes

Hydrogen Water FAQs

How was hydrogen water discovered?

The first time it was observed as a marked element  was in 1766. Henry Cavendish had first observed hydrogen as an element in the water table. Antoine Lavoisier later gave this element a name, “hydrogen”. Other scientists chipped in and experimented with electrolytes to come to what we today know as hydrogenated water.

Can one make his / her own hydrogenated water?

Yes, anyone can if you have access to the right machines needed for creating hydrogenated water. While you can make use of PEM hydrogen water makers, you can also make use of hydrogen molecular tablets to get the same results. You will need to drop the tablets in the purified water, stir it up, wait for it to dissolve and then consume the water when the tablets have been completely dissolved. The number of tablets will vary with the quantity of the water.

How is a personal hydrogen water maker different from a commercial one?

The real difference lies in the volume of hydrogenated water a commercial machine can create. The personal hydrogen water machines are the one that I have listed in this research article which are to be used for personal, home and office purposes limited to the consumption of 2-6 people.

What is the use of commercial hydrogen water machines ?

A commercial hydrogen water machine, on the other hand, is used to cater to the demand of large commercial places like large offices, schools, health and sports clubs, storefronts, gyms, hotels, hospitals, restaurants etc. These commercial hydrogen water makers also have applications in industries like chemical, electronics, or sewage processing.


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