Roomba 665 Review – Buyer’s Guide & Comparison with 650 & other models

Robotic hoovers are one of the finest specimens of the advancements in the home appliance technologies. Best is, these nifty devices get even smarter with more cutting-edge features with each passing year. Leading this pack is the iRobot Roomba 665 robovac which is what this article is about – Roomba 665 review.

It is undoubtedly one of the most sought after robovacs you will find today. I have laid down a pro review on Roomba 665 for a detailed understanding on its features and application. Added to this Roomba 665 review, you will also find a discussion on the similarities and differences between the 650 and other model as well.

Overview of Robovacs

iRobot’s very first robot hoover was launched in the year 2002. Since then, the company has gone through continuous upgradations in its devices for better customer experience. iRobot has come up with three series of smart helpers for home care- Roombas (dry cleaning robots), Braavas (mopping robots) as well as Mirras (pool care robots).

Roomba is your smart robot hoover which is designed to operate autonomously while the user is away or simply doesn’t wish to carry on the entire home clean-up task manually. With a Roomba model, all you would have to do is to push the “CLEAN” tab and then you can put your feet up while the robovac does all the grunt work for you. This amazing device will go to all extents for a thorough clean-up- over thresholds, under your beds and they can also tackle your carpets. Put simply, these models are excellent for any kind of dirt. It’s to note here, iRobot has developed the 600 series especially to handle pet hair.

 Roomba 665 Review

iRobot Roomba 665

Top features of Roomba 665

The 665 is powered by a Lithium-ion battery as well as armed with a series of extractors/brushes and a strong suction system. The robovac is fitted with adjustable wheels for fast maneuvering over thresholds as well as across various surfaces. There is a list of buttons for operating the device.

It  iRobot 665 follows advanced iAdapt Navigation mechanism that enables it to figure out its route across your home. Then the robovac is designed with three-step cleaning procedure which helps with cutting-edge multi-surface operation.

The whole set of 665 includes:

  • The Roomba 665 hoover
  • Home Base or Docking Station that comes with cord
  • Spare filter
  • Virtual Wall-Barrier
  • Spare brush set
  • Dimensions: around 17.8″ by 17.2″ by 4.9″
  • Weight: around 11.45 lbs

Guide to Apply iRobot Roomba 665

It’s really easy to operate your iRobot 665 vacuum cleaning robot. First, you will unpack the vac and take out the wrappings. Then, you will charge up your 665. For that, you will need to connect its Home Base with power outlet. Once it’s connected, place the robovac on the station and press on “CLEAN” tab.

Look for the tiny white indicator at the left of the device to check the charging status. The best thing would be to charge it up overnight when you are starting out with it for the first time. You can take it out of charge once the indicator starts to show green. After that, press on “CLEAN” tab and then the robovac will begin with the cleaning task on its own.

Right above and below the “CLEAN” tab, there are couple of other buttons- DOCK and SPOT. The SPOT button enables the machine to go for an in-depth cleaning of a particular area. The robovac will move in circular paths around that specific area around 3 feet in diameter. On the other hand, the DOCK tab will enable the iRobot 665 to move back to Home Base.

You will find 5 more buttons which will help to schedule your cleaning sessions as per your preferences.


Before the robovac is let to operate, clear the floor of any spilled fluid, if any. Besides, there should not be any accessible cords across the cleaning surface, lest the robot might get damaged or stuck. Put away breakable or fragile stuff as well, if any.


The robovac is equipped with Virtual wall-barrier that carries dual operation mode. As you turn up the switch, the cleaner creates a wall which is invisible and can only be detected by the robot. It will help to prevent your robovac from entering unwanted rooms or areas. The second one is called Halo Mode. It helps to create a circular barrier around objects which the robovac should avoid. Once you turn the mode on (by switching down), the robot will perceive that circular barrier as some obstacle and hence will stay away from it.

Now, we will check the similarities and differences between the iRobot 665 Roomba and other amazing related hoovers around.

List of Roomba 665 and other models

PhotoRoomba modelTime (in mins)Product WeightDetails
iRobot Roomba 665 reviewiRobot Roomba 66590 minutes8.00 pounds
iRobot Roomba 650iRobot Roomba 65040 minutes7.00 pounds
iRobot Roomba 614iRobot Roomba 61460 minutes11.50 pounds
iRobot Roomba 690iRobot Roomba 690 60 minutes7.80 pounds
iRobot Roomba 805iRobot Roomba 805 75 minutes8.40 pounds
iRobot Roomba 880iRobot Roomba 88075 minutes8.40 pounds
Shark RV 750Shark RV 75060 minutes5.51 pounds
Shark Ion 720Shark Ion 72060 minutes5.51 pounds

Roomba 665 vs 650 and Other leading Roomba models

iRobot Roomba 650 vs 665

iRobot Roomba 650

When it comes to roomba 665 vs 650, well, these two are more or less same and there are very few differences. To start with, you have the design. The irobot 665 is a mix of silver and black. On the other hand, 650 features a black body topped by a yellow round design that renders a futuristic touch to it.

Besides, if it comes to iRobot Roomba 665 vs 650 in regard to weight, the 650 appears to be tad smaller. It weighs around 7 pounds while its product dimension is 13.4″ by 13.4″ by 3.6″. Both the robovacs come with top handle and same series of brushes. It’s to stress here the top handle is only available with Roomba 600 models.

Besides, just like the 665, the 650 too can run for an hour at a stretch. However, if you want a Roomba with a longer operation time, you might check out Roomba 655. If you make a comparison between roomba 655 vs 665, the Roomba 655 can run for 80 minutes at a stretch. But then, there are not many major differences between the 650 and 655. If you want to know how to program Roomba 655, it’s the same as 650 and allows you to schedule cleaning sessions for every week.

Again, when we are discussing Roomba 650 vs 665, it should be noted that the 665 allows remote-controlled operation but you won’t find that feature in 650.

As both 665 and 650 aren’t Wi-Fi compatible, they can’t be operated via virtual assistants or an app. However, both the robovacs are excellent in dealing with pet hair.

In terms of price, the 650 is slightly cheaper.

The best selling iRobot Roomba: Reivew of the iRobot Roomba 805

iRobot Roomba 614

iRobot Roomba 614

The 614 is more of a basic  model and the robot does not come with cleaning scheduling facility that you will find in other Roomba robovacs. Thus, you have to start and switch it off manually only.

In regard to operation, the Roomba 614 is able to operate for an hour at a stretch without recharge. If the charge starts to decline, the robovac will go back to its Docking Station. Besides, the model is slightly bigger compared to  665 model (17″ by 18″ by 5″) as well as heavier (around 11.5 pounds). However, akin to 665, the 614 too maneuvers in pretty random patterns while cleaning and hence might miss out on a couple of spots.

In regard to operational span, the 614 can run for 45 minutes only, much lesser than that of 665. Then, it’s not Wi-Fi compatible as well as doesn’t allow remote-controlled operation. However, it comes with top handle and same brushes as you will find in any 600 model.

iRobot Roomba 690

iRobot Roomba 690

Well, the 690 device was the very first one from the Roomba clan to sport Wi-Fi connection and allowed remote control via unique iRobot app.  This is a major point where 690 scores over 665 when we talk about Roomba 665 vs 690. The iRobot app allows users to control as well as check status of the robovac and even receive notifications when the vac gets done with the cleaning or gets into some sort of trouble. For example, you will get notification if the robovac gets stuck into some power cord or dustbin.

Akin to 665, the 690 too allows users to set cleaning schedules but the latter one sports a more enhanced design and coms with just 3 buttons- HOME, SPOT and CLEAN. In regard to looks, the 690 appears to be much sleeker.

When it comes to operation time and suction power, both the Roomba models can run for an hour at a stretch. However, the 690 is more powerful as well as gets charged faster. Besides, just like the 665, the 690 too assures a quiet operation.


Well, you have two other amazing robovacs here which deserve absolute mention. It’s to stress here Roomba, although great, yet isn’t the sole home care helper -the contemporary market offers some other models too. One of them is Shark robovac series.

Roomba 805 by iRobot

iRobot Roomba 805

When it comes to Roomba 665 vs 805, a primary difference lies in bottom brushes. With 805, you have 2 extractors that help the device to brush out all kinds of debris, pollen and dust from upholstery, hard floors and carpets. However, the model is not very powerful with thick carpets as well as pet hairs as you won’t get a brush with lengthy bristles here.

Besides, the dustbin in 805 is different too (in comparison to 665), both in regard to filter installation and form. On the contrary, filter maintenance is a breeze with 805. But yes, there is no top handle on Roomba 805.

However, it’s to note here, being a newer model, the 805 comes with enhanced navigation mechanism that enables it to navigate across your home successfully and ensure a highly efficient cleaning job. In other words, the 805 is able to eliminate even the minutest of dirt particles like a boss and that too from varied surfaces. If you have allergy, the 805 will be a great model for you as it can work on finest of flecks and pecks.

Roomba 880 by iRobot

iRobot Roomba 880

If the discussion is on Roomba 665 vs 880, well, the 880 is a relatively new entrant and hence more improved and more powerful. This robovac shares many similarities with 805 but then, the two also differ in terms of size and battery.

With 880, you will get an advanced “iRobot Extended Life Battery” which is more powerful and also more durable compared to the Li-ion battery you get with 805 or the 665. In regard to looks, the 880 is a round all-black model with 4 silver buttons, one IR-sensor as well as a bumper which helps to prevent the device from bumping into your furniture. Akin to other Roomba models, the 880 can figure out its way right back to Docking Base easily and can even avoid obstacles like stairs when it gets acquainted with user’s premises- the same thing you see with the 665 device.

Then, as the 880 isn’t Wi-Fi compatible, it can’t be operated through virtual assistant. However, the robovac allows a remote-controlled operation that enables you to operate it from distance and let it go just wherever you wish to- and that too without the hassles of bending all over down.

RV 750 by Shark

Shark RV 750

The 750 shares all the pros of 720 and also comes with some more. The model is compatible with Wi-Fi and is operated via an app. You can schedule cleaning sessions through the app only- you will also receive app notifications about current status of the cleaning session or if the robovac gets into some kind of trouble.

In regard to moving pattern, the 750 moves in random fashion yet is slightly less chaotic compared to the Roomba models.

Now, Sharky comes with 11 sensors which enable it to adapt to surroundings and navigate accordingly. It also contains 9ft boundary tape equipped with 2 connectors that create angles in places where you don’t want the hoover to enter. It’s the same as Virtual Walls you get in Roomba models. However, if you ask me, I personally feel iRobot robovacs are more efficient compared to the Shark ones.

The robovac assures an extremely quiet operation which means you can even run it at night. It is powered by Li-ion battery and carries one self-cleaner bottom brush as well as two rotating brushes at side for highly effective cleaning in between furniture legs and around corners.

Ion 720 by Shark

Shark Ion 720

Sharks pose a solid competition to Roombas and for all the great reasons. In regard to design, both the robovacs are much alike with almost equally powerful suction power.

Talk about differences and the major one is the 720 features a pair of rotating brushes at side 2 additional brushes in bottom. Unlike the Roomba models, these bottom brushes feature medium bristles- you will find one extractor as well as a long-bristled brush right in bottom.

Then, although the Shark model too follows a random movement while cleaning but its more consistent compared to Roomba. Besides, the Shark model allows remote-controlled operation. You can also use the remote control to set cleaning schedules- something that’s not feasible with the Roomba series yet.

The 720 is not Wi-Fi compatible. Thus, you can’t operate it through virtual assistant. But, the 720 lacks the virtual barriers you have found in irobot 665 reviews. You would have to use barrier strips here to prevent the 720 from heading to unwanted spaces.

Last but not the least, the 720 model assures absolute quiet operation and it’s quieter than the iRobot robovacs anyday. You will get a sound if the 720 bumps into something heavy while cleaning across your floor. Then, yes, the dust container of Shark is double the size of that of Roomba’s which implies you won’t have to empty it frequently.

The Conclusion Roomba 665 Review

Based on the above discussion, there is a large range of robovacs today to take care of your home cleaning tasks so that you get more time to relax or concentrate on other major stuff.

The iRobot Roomba series assures a lasting manicure for you and also more quality time with your friends, family and yourself. It’s a busy world today and time is one thing we are constantly running after.

The Roomba 665 will be a great pick here if you are struggling to squeeze out some quality time from your packed schedule. You will appreciate its futuristic, sleek design as well as the whole range of handy features. Yes, it’s not Wi-Fi compatible akin to newer models yet it is no less effective when it comes to handling the dirt like a pro.

The Roomba 600 line is especially designed to eliminate messy pet hair from your home. Thus, if you have furry friends at home, count on the 600 robovacs with your eyes closed. Don’t you think it would be a better idea to invest in a 600 robovac instead of wasting time and energy on mopping your floors time and again manually? You bet. With a 600 robovac, all you would need to do is to push on the “CLEAN” tab and the hoover will shoulder all the leg work of cleaning for you.

Backed by smart technology, the Roomba devices are able to trace back their way across your home; they can even adapt to various surroundings. Thanks to their adjustable wheels, they can roll around seamlessly on various surfaces, bet it a tile or a carpet.

Added to floors, these robovacs can be used on upholsteries and your bed. These robovacs are fitted with sensors which prevent the device from hitting hazardous stairs or some high surface. Then, there are barriers that will keep the robovac out of unwanted areas specified by you.

Some amazing features of Roomba robovac:

  • A nifty top handle which enables easy carriage of the robovac
  • Advanced Dirt-Detection technology which allows the robovac to spot dirt easily which eventually leads to more effective and convenient elimination
  • Multiple indicators notify on status of the robovac from time to time
  • Virtual wall-barriers are only visible to robovac and are absolutely safe for users
  • Comes with spare spinning brush and extra filter
  • User manual for thorough guidance on operation

You can use the SPOT mode if case you aren’t happy with a Roomba device’s work. You would simply have to hit the CLEAN tab and then the robovac will handle everything in an area which is around 3 feet in diameter.

Although the 665 model doesn’t allow remote-controlled operation yet it can be scheduled for cleaning your premises when you aren’t at home. As the model assures a quiet operation, you can even run it at night. Just be careful not to land your feet on it in the dark! Although the POWER/CLEAN tab stays lit while the hoover operates, the other buttons don’t. It’s the same case when the hoover rests on its Base. So, be careful.

Besides, just make sure the floor is free of any sort of spilled stuff while you run the hoover across your premise- lest the robovac might get damaged big time. After all, the Roomba is meant for vacuuming and it’s not your mopping robot.

Finally, after some time, the Roomba will just feel like another family member and it’s always a pleasure to have such a nifty helpful member at home.

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