Mission Style Recliner – Buyer’s Guide and FAQ

New trends in mission style recliner chairs continue to charm consumers. Each season brings with itself new recliner designs, eye soothing pleasant colors, and overstuffed and pampered chair shapes. Along with a superior design and increased functionality the mission style recliner continues to move to new levels of technology meeting and satisfying the requirements of consumers and businesses who increasingly spend more than normal time on their recliners and work stations.

What is a mission style recliner chair, what are its benefits and how is it advantageous to those spending more time in a sitting posture ? In this article, we will explore each of the questions, list the best mission style recliners based on research and explore the rich variety of these modern upholstered recliner category.

Top rated Mission Style Recliner

PhotoProduct name & codeMeasurementsMechanics Details
BarcaLounger Mission Recliner Chair 5702-87Signature Design by Ashley Santa Fe. Item Code:199012634"W x 43"H x 39"D Durable recline mechanism
Signature Design by Ashley 1990126BarcaLounger All Leather Mission Recliner Chair. Item code: 73323-Fudge-WG32.7"W x 42"H x 37.5"DLeggett & Platt Mech heavy-duty Manula push back
New Hickory Wholesale Solid Wood Recliner Chair McCoySolid Wood Recliner Chair by New Hickory Wholesale33"W x 41"H x 38"DSmooth recline mechanism
New Hickory Wholesale Heartland Slat Amish Arts & Crafts Solid Wood Recliner ChairAmish Arts Solid Craft Wood by New Hickory Wholesale 32.5"W x 40"H x 38"DSmooth recline mechanism
Evan Palance Pueblo 3-Way Recliner Chair - Elm LaneEvan Palance Pueblo 3-Way Recliner Chair - Elm Lane37.5 x 33 x 42 inchesPush-thru arm reclining mechanism

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What exactly is a Mission Style Recliner Chair ? The etymology of the word takes us to the times of the skillful designer craftsman Mr. William Morris. And this is where mission style recliners started to be associated with the word “Morris“. His company had adapted this design from a rural folk in Sussex, England. The design continued to evolve over the course of 150 years and along with it the mission recliner chair also gained popularity to come to be known as the Morris Chair. The main feature is that it has an adjustable back with can be quickly adapted into multiple design formats. The Morris Chair or the Mission Recliner Chair as it is known now, is a great concept design and is used widely in offices, homes, and leisure furniture designs. Let us have a look at some of the most in-demand mission style recliner chairs in the market.

Aspects of the classic Morris chair design still get reflected in the modern mission style recliners like the high arm rests with no upholstery and vertical support bard under the horizontal rests, and the low cushion seat.

Mission style recliner frames are generally made of solid natural hardwood which is then given a varnish coating to create dark shades of teak and are then decorated with ornate pattern pillows. Reminds me of the Victorian designs !

These recliner backrests are mostly hinged allowing the chair to have three positions of recline – the upright, watch the TV position, and the sleep comfort position. The initial Morris Chair had rows of wholes, pegs, cutouts, notches, and latch bar systems made of metal to adjust the reclining angle. As is the case with new inventions, these Morris chairs were high in demand when they were launched.

Mission Recliner Chair or the Morris Chair were invented in 1866 and have remained in demand ever since. The Victorian design was evolved into a modern mission style recliner chair by the European and American furniture designers.

Mission style recliner consumer market:

Morris chair design – Traditional mission style recliner

These recliner loungers have dark hardwood lacquered framework with high arm rests and vertical bars underneath the arm rests. They are combined with low seating position topped with plush pampered pillows, and a metal hinge attached to the recliner seat. These traditional Morris Chair designs do not have leg rests. The leg rests came into the designs at a later stage of its evolution.

Modern mission style recliners

These modern mission style recliner chairs are a direct evolution of the Morris Chair. They haven’t changed much though. The hardwood chair frame is mostly not lacquered. It is given a finishing of natural varnish induced wood color, at times dark wood color to resemble the forest teak wood. There is the addition of the footrest which will lift up when the you recline the chair. The base pillows on the seat and at the back can be removed, when required. The back, seat and the leg rest areas are padded in rich upholstery with bond leather or micro-fiber. The seating is packed with pocket spring coil systems topped with memory foam. Every thing else remains just as the old fashioned Morris Chair !

Mission rocking chairs style

Rocking chair was a quick adaptation of the mission recliner chair. The Victorian design were adapted into the rocking chair thereby retaining the original Morris Chair charm. Many homes have a preference of these mission style rocking chairs over the traditional Morris Chair design. They like the feel of these ornate rocking chairs, the durability and the stability that comes with solid chair construction.

Mission style recliner with separate Ottomansrecliner chair with ottoman

The most recent adaptation of the Morris Chair has been the combination of mission style recliner with a separate Ottoman. These mission leather recliners do not have extensions for foot rest. They however have greater flexibility where you can lean back in your chair and place your feet on the ottoman.

Some of the features which make the modern mission style recliner chairs so charming and enticing:

Removable pillows

Mission style recliner chairs in the modern times have extra integrated padding. They are equipped with removable cushions which are user friendly and can easily be taken care of. If the cushions become saggy, they can be removed and fluffed. Sagging is a normal process over a period of time and the ability to remove the cushion comes handy in such situations. This is something which is not possible with the traditional Morris Chair designs.

Bonded or Genuine leather for mission chair

Bonded leather is comparatively a recent invention in the upholstery market. It was not in use till few decades back. This is a result of invention of synthetic material and latex based fibers. The bonded leather is water proof in nature, highly durable and easy to maintain. A good quality faux leather is helpful to keep the mission leather recliner in a good and loving condition.

Ability to recline full

While traditionally a recliner chair had three recline positions with a simple lever lock system, the modern mission leather recliners can be converted into a make shift bed for your guests and visitors. You can also take a quick nap in them, if you are tired. 3 recline positions are generally enough for a such chairs.

Pillow tie straps

The modern recliner chairs come with removable pillows and cushions. In such designs, look out for pillow ties or straps to hold the pillow at one place when you recline. Velcro system is also good but the area covered with the Velcro feature should be large enough that the pillow does not slip away while you move into a reclining position.

The most striking feature of a mission style recliner chair is its Victorian allure. This never-ending-charm-of-the-old world-design gives your room a cozy and warm atmosphere. If you have additional wood panel work done in your living room, then these mission style recliner chair will add to the overall charm of your decor and furniture.

Irrespective of whether you have a bias towards the classic Morris chair or the modern mission style leather chair or the other mission style recliner types, you are always going to find comfort in the craftsmanship of the reliable and sought after designs that are listed below in the comparison table. Each of these recliner chairs are created out of the finest hardwood species with love, care and passion.

Review of the best mission style recliner

Signature Santa Fe Design Mission Style Recliner by Ashley

Mission Style Recliner by Ashley Signature Santa Fe Design

Recliner Chair with Ottoman on Amazon

This is the classic Morris Chair category mission style recliner from the house of Ashley. The name Ashley itself says provides a guarantee on the quality of this leather mission chair. This brand is at the top of the reviews for the protection and the on-time delivery mechanisms which it has with the logistic suppliers.

For anyone whose ultimate goal is to recline in a luxuriously appointed vintage look chair, this product tackles the issue effortlessly. With high leg setting, a rustic vintage finish, tight back and seat, dense foam, corner block design frame, and a strong seating space reinforced with metal, this mission style recliner comes equipped with good quality grain design leather material.

You get an amazing feeling when you sink yourself into the dense foam seating which has extra padding. The mission leather recliner seat is wrapped up with a thick grain design faux leather of high quality (a kind of poly fiber) with a decorative and beautiful stitching on the posh back of the recliner seat.

This comfortable lounger has mastered the mission style recliner design. It allows its user to enjoy the smooth reclining mechanism which works with the press of a button. There are no levers and knobs. It has a self reclining motion technology to give you the ultimate comfort. This high seat Santa Fe recliner chair adds to your home decor and gives it a style statement.

Ashley is long established name in the industry for comfortable, durable and rich feel mission style recliner chairs. Has a long range of offering to fit into all kinds of budgets and spends.


  • Range: Santa Fe
  • Dimensions – 34″W x 43″H x 39″D (inches)
  • Weight – 146.2 pounds
  • High quality durable faux leather
  • Grain pattern
  • Assembling required: No, arrives fully assembled


  • Press button self recline motion
  • Corner-block design frame
  • Seat reinforced with metal
  • Leg rest
  • Reclining system is durable
  • Nail-head tufting & trim
  • Tight back and seat cushions
  • Dense foam wrapped in thick faux leather
  • Exposed frame with faux warm wood finish
  • High on affordability
  • Seat pillow can be removed

Recliner Chair with Ottoman on Amazon

BarcaLounger Mission Style Leather Recliner

BarcaLounger 7-3323 Mission Style Recliner


Recliner Chair with Ottoman on Amazon

If you have a like for the classic touch and love to get the feel of genuine leather, then this push-back reclining chair from the house of BacaLounger will make your day bright and comfortable. The build and comfort of this mission leather recliner is altogether a different experience. This BarcaLounger leather mission chair features one semi-locked pillow back and a tight seating fitted with pocket coils for the ultimate experience of comfort.

It is hand crafted with a Mahogany wood finish. The Legget and Platt Mech Bullnose seat mechanism is wedded to the heavy wood frame with T-nuts and bolts for durability & stability. This also ensures that the recliner chair does not flip over due to any stability issues.

You will love the feeling when you sit into this plush lounger for its simplistic design and the super comfort it provides. If you want to recline, you need to just push the back seat and you will get yourself grooved into the TV mode. The footrest automatically adjusts and lifts itself to suit the TV reclining position. And if you are just tired enough wanting to catch a quick nap, push back a little more and convert your mission style recliner into the sleeping pad. The chair will fully recline, along with the footrest, to convert itself into a quick nap bed.

Scaled and styled like a club decor chair, this mission leather recliner is surely going to charm your way to your living room. And its comfortable reclining positions, will push you to remain in it for just a little more time. This leather mission chair comes is three different finishing – the Borbon Rustic Leather, Blue Leather, and the Shoremham Blue Leather.


  • Range: Mission Vintange
  • Dimensions – 32.7″W x 42″H x 37.5″D (inches)
  • Seat dimensions – 19″W x 19″H x 19″D (inches)
  • Armrest Height – 24.4 inches
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Weight – 100.3 pounds / 45.5 kg
  • Weight capacity – 285 pounds
  • Space needed to recline: 16.2 inches from the wall
  • Weight for pushing back the back seat for recline: 2.5 pounds
  • Seat density: Medium


  • Leather Mission Chair
  • Unique design & luxurious
  • Leggett and Platt Mech heavy-duty mechanics for push back
  • Bolt-on feature design with super strong T-nuts
  • Delrin seamless bushings for smooth motion, quiet ops, and durable
  • Bull-nose tight style seat cushioning
  • Pocket coil springs system
  • Removable pillow on the seat
Recliner Chair with Ottoman on Amazon

Solid Wood Mission Style Recliner by New Hickory Wholesale

Solid Wood Mission Style Recliner Chair by New Hickory Wholesale

Recliner Chair with Ottoman on Amazon

If your search is for a reliable made in USA leather mission chair, then this is the best model to go for. It is equipped with genuine 100% leather upholstery and pocket coils in the seating area for a comfortable and relaxed sitting & reclining experience. The frame of the chair is made of solid red oak wood.

You have multiple upholstery (fabric) options to choose from for this Amish handcrafted mission style recliner – standard, premium and leather fabric. Watch your favorite channel, or a movie, get a family gathering around, or just lounge around with your friends, this is going to be center point of your living room decor.

The armrests are wide for your hand and the glass to be rested together. The legs are sturdy, strong and reliable. This ensures that the recliner chair does not flip over with the weight of the person. Overall, this is strong, reliable three position recliner made for comfort and made in USA.


  • Dimensions – 33″W x 41″H x 38″D (inches)
  • Weight capacity – 250 pounds
  • Built Material – Solid red oak hardwood
  • Fabric: leather
  • Recliner Weight – 143.5 pounds
  • Made in USA


  • Upholstery: Genuine leather
  • High-dense foam
  • pocket coils in the seat
  • High durability and strong wood frame
  • Coil spring web rider construction

Recliner Chair with Ottoman on Amazon

Amish Arts Solid Craft Wood Mission Style Recliners by New Hickory Wholesale

Amish Arts & Crafts Solid Wood Mission Style Recliners

Recliner Chair with Ottoman on Amazon

This is another recliner from the house of Hickory Wholesale. The main difference between this one and the previous one lies in the frame work and the upholstery used in the manufacturing of this mission style recliner. This chair is manufactured with White oak solid hardwood material. So in case you prefer this white oak over the red oak used in the previous design, you can easily choose this for your home or office. The strength, durability and the reliability of the recliner remains same as before.

This recliner chair also uses what many consider as one of the finest upholstery, the Texas leather. This leather mission style leather chair is lighter than the previous one by virtue of the difference in the kind of wood and this also has a bit smaller frame than the previous one, by an inch and so. It has coil springs in the under seats for better comfort and increased durability of the product.

The recliner legs are wide and stable which ensures that the chair does not flip back when reclined. And there are the standard reclining positions for your comfort – normal recliner, TV position, and the full reclined bed position.

The chair is designed in vintage classic taste which can fit into almost any kind of room decor. It will alleviate the atmosphere of your room and give it a classic touch. Your parents would love this as a gift too.

This is a durable product, made in USA. It has made to this list due to its great performance and consumer demand.


  • Recliner Dimension: 32.5″W x 40″H x x 38″D (inches)
  • Product Weight – 141 pounds
  • Seating capacity – 250 pounds
  • Genuine Texas Leather Mission Chair
  • White solid Oak wood
  • Made in USA


  • Durable and comfortable
  • Smooth recliner mechanism
  • Spring Coils web rider construct

Recliner Chair with Ottoman on Amazon

Evan Palance Pueblo 3-Way Mission Style Recliner Chair – Elm Lane

Evan Palance Pueblo 3-Way Mission Style Leather Recliner - Elm Lane

Recliner Chair with Ottoman on Amazon

This recliner is good representation of a mix of the old and the new, a fusion of the contemporary and the classic designs. The upholstery is decorated with Palance Pueblo faux leather, light brown in color. This leather mission chair is manufactured using the Asian hardwood combined with high grade furniture plywood. The mission leather recliner has self patterns on it giving it a rich luxurious look.

The reclining mechanics is dependent on a push through system which has additional tension adjusters giving increased control on the operations and working of the recliners positions. It comes with standard three position options where the foot rest moves along with the recline to form the fully recline bed position for your sleep. You have the option of choosing Swatch fabric in case you don’t like the Pueblo leather finish which is the default option.


  • Dimensions: 33 W x 42 H inches x 37.5 D (inches)
  • Push through recliner system
  • Product weight: 110 pounds
  • Palance Pueblo mission leather recliner
  • Made from Asian hardwood + furniture grade plywood


  • Light weight
  • Smooth recliner system
  • Plush cushion seat
  • Extendable foot rest

Recliner Chair with Ottoman on Amazon

What is a Mission Style Recliner ?

It is a high technology advanced category of rich upholstery piece of furniture. The basic purpose is to offer complete relaxation during routine busy schedules in homes and offices. A mission style recliner was first conceptualized in the second half of the 19th century for the first time, in England. It was picked up from there by the famous craftsman Mr. Morris and that is how the name stuck to this design. It has, for more than a century and half, being referred to as the Morris Chair.

During the start of the early 20th century, most of its consumers used to be from aviation industry and spacecraft companies. They wanted their pilots to have support, comfort and relaxation during long hours of flight. With the passage of time, these mission style recliner chairs started getting orders from other categories of customers too. With the advancement in technology, mass production and increased reach of the consumerism campaign, a mission style recliner is now a mass product. The Morris Chair is now a commodity product with various degrees of taste and craft.

What’s the basic mechanism

The operational principle varies on the type of mechanics built for the chair. In its simplest avtar, the recliner works on pressing the backrest or moving a lever or a know located on the sides. A manual action like this is not smooth and requires some amount of physical labor to move the recliner back.

The backrest will lock itself into a specific angle and it is not possible to set any other angle. This was when the the product was first conceptualized.

The modern functional recliners come with electric motors to move the position of the back seat. The ease of operation has seen the demand for such mission style recliner gain momentum. They can be operated with the touch of a button or even through a remote. These are referred to as the power drive recliners or simply the power recliners.

Typical features would be

  • Various degree of reclining (35+ options in many models)
  • Smooth movement of the back seat
  • Massage options
  • Heating options
  • Memory function to store your favorite position

Apart from these functional features, there are also additional support features like:

  • Side pockets or pouches for storage
  • Cup holders
  • Swivel feature
  • USB ports
  • Built in speaker systems

The operational mechanism of a recliner is dependent on the kind of base it has. It can have the traditional wooden base frame which will also mean that the chair can not swivel or rock. Or it can have the modern mechanism of a metal disk which allows to have the swivel feature built into the recliner. One can also construct modular recliners with each independent element.

The difference between a Recliner and a Rocking Chair

A recliner is a kind of armchair sofa seat which reclines when the occupant of the seat pushes it back. It can recline to several degrees and can be locked into multiple reclined positions. That’s the basic structure of a recliner chair or what has been know for long as a Morris Chair.

A rocking chair on the other hand, is a fixed reclined sofa seat which can move back and forth when the occupants puts in the effort to swing it by applying pressure on the footrest. That’s the basic structure of a rocking chair. The design was such chairs was inspired from the rocking cradles. A rocking chair also has lots of therapeutic applications.

And in the modern furniture world, there is also the fusion of both, referred to as the reclining rocking chairs !


How to redo the upholstery for a mission style recliner

The base seat and the back seat cushions of mission recliner chairs generally get loose with the passage of time and depending on the frequency of its use. Now, redoing the upholstery is not an issue with these two areas of the recliner. You can place zipped covers over the cushions to bring an instant change of look to them. Or you can go the traditional way by replacing the upholstery altogether. There are many ideas available for you – you can create the vintage leather mission chair look with a faux leather or use a canvas upholstery cloth material with either a modern print on it or you can even use a microfiber based striped fabric. A reversible cover for the cushion will give you dual options which you can flip every month to bring a change in the looks.

The frame can be redone and brought to its original rich look with a coat of varnish red tinged brown stain. You can also choose a different stain hue to give a new tone to your wooden recliner chair. In case you want to give it a modern contemporary look, paint it in coal matte black color and top it with a polyurethane coat to get a glossy classy finish.

For the more modern color touch, you can give the recliner a coat of warm pink, lime light green, turquoise blue, lemon light yellow or light orange. These will give your recliner an entirely ultra look and make your room go lively with the vibrancy of these colors.

You should look to replace the cushion seats, both the base and the back seat of your recliner, if you notice they have become hard and the density of the foam has squeezed to the limit. Replace such seats with a new one and add an extra layer of Memory Foam on the top of both the cushions to get a superior comfort level.

There are also other ways of cushioning the seats of your recliner. You can wrap a foam based cushion with a boundary of polyester batting and Down material or a layer of feathers. You can also stuff the cushion with just feathers for a soft and plush seating arrangement. Down is fluffier and softer than the feathers. Keep an eye on the costing part too while choosing the material for your seats.

You can add few rustic vintage style nails around the bottom or the sides of the seat to give it a classic furniture look. A silver brushed or an antique rusted brass finishing with a 0.75 cm nail head will deliver the desired vintage looks. Contra cords attached to the outer circumference of the cushion seat with give a visual and eye catching look to your recliner as a whole.

Combine the faux leather (brown) on the recliner with a snow white cushion canvas to give a striking and a beautiful theme to your mission style recliner. This will give the chair an upscale look. Add a couple of fluffy velvet pillows to create a complete showroom makeover for your chair.

Can I re-upholster a leather mission chair?

Yes. All you need to do is remove the entire leather and get a new one. Almost all leather mission chairs are manufactured in a way where the change in the leather can be done without dismantling the entire chair as such. You can do this as a DIY project without much fuss, or you can ask your furniture repair guy to do this for you. Either way, it is possible and is part of the original design process of the mission leather recliner chair.

How much a leather upholster costs ?

Depending upon your choice and liking the price can range from $40 to $100 a yard. But mostly the range is between $40-$70 per yard.


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