Best Oil Boilers for Home Heating- Buyer’s Guide

Among the many ways of heating up a home, oil boilers are the most commonly preferred way of doing this. Most produce heat which is then sent to the baseboard radiators. Some other do boil the water and dispatch it to the steam radiators. But for most of the homes, an oil boiler is the most pre-dominant form of heating the home. And the best oil boilers for home heating have always a higher AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating of above 85%.

Oil boilers use different kinds of fuel to power up their process. These can range from natural gas, heating oil, kerosene, propane, diesel to electricity and even some blend of methanol & diesel. Most of the oil boilers however use natural gas and electricity.

I created a list of best oil boilers for home heating:

Product ImageProduct NameBTUAFUEWarrantyMore Information
mega steam oil boiler for home heatingMegaSteam MST28869,00086%Yesview on amazon button
eliminator oil heater for home heatingEliminator Heater AENH-001120,00080%Not knownview on amazon button
burnham oil boiler for home heatingBurham MST396SL-HB95,00086%Yesview on amazon button
crown oil boiler for home heatingCrown Boiler Company TWZ004WCZ3SH156,00084%Not knownview on amazon button

Oil boilers for home heating are more prevalent due to legacy purchases since this was the most prevalent home heating system in the 1990s and upto late 2000s. The most striking difference between an oil boiler and a non-oil boiler is the that an oil boiler takes its own time to heat the water to disperse it around the house.

Oil boilers are mostly found in areas which have abundant supply of natural gas and/or are well connected with power supply. These two power sources together constitute for around 70% of all fuel consumed in oil boilers for home heating.

Let’s look at the oil boiler reviews:

MegaSteam MST288 Burnham Boilers Reviews – Among Best Oil Boilers for Home Heating


mega steam oil boiler for home heating

Megasteam oil boiler view on amazon button

Product Features

  Burnham engineered 3 pass design

  Tankless heater available

  Beckhett AFG Burner with cover

  High corrosion resistance


  Energy star certified

  Superior steam quality

  10 year block + 5 years corrosion warranty

  1 year warrant of parts and labor

About Burnham Oil Boilers

Burhan Boilers is among the top oil boiler manufacturer for home heating boilers  in America. Burnhan Commercial, as they are now known, have been in oil boiler manufacturing business since 1921. They offer an entire line of oil boilers – scotch, firebox and cast iron boilers. These are for heating the homes and for light commercial & industrial use.

When you have ordered a boiler from BC, you are guaranteed of top engineering and manufacturing quality of the highest quality standards.

Once the specs have been finalized, BC’s Ohio based facility manufactures the cast iron sections. After a vigorous quality and testing procedure, the boilers are awarded with the Burnham’s logo.

Salient Features

  • The Burnham Oil Boilers are high efficiency products
  • They are designed to last and are extremely durable
  • They promote green energy conservation
    • Have precision engineering resulting into flawless products
Pro Tip:

Look for a high efficiency rating denoted by the AFUE score (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). Between an AFUE rating score of 87% and 84%, savings will be around 3.5% of fuel every year. This means a saving of $35 for every $1000 spent on heating your home for the next 20 to 30 yearsMegasteam oil boiler view on amazon button

Oil boiler review 0f Eliminator Heater AENH-001 

eliminator oil heater for home heating

oil boiler view on amazon button

Product Features

  It uses vegetable oil, waste oil, transmission fluid as fuel

  Heat generated is clean and green

  Integrated indicator lights for better operational handling

  Remote thermostat


  Stainless Steel Fuel pump

  Superior steam quality

  Ideal for garage & fleet maintenance

  Maintenance friendly and easy to transport


This oil boiler burns up about 3/5th to 4/5th of the vegetable oil or waste oil, whichever is used as a fuel. It’s comparatively easy and quick to install due to the factory wired thermostat. The stainless steel oil pump and the screen filter are easily accessible because of the control box hinges and give a long lasting quality life to the product. It has a patented air wand system which allows an even air distribution within the heat chamber resulting in clean burning of the fuel in the boiler.

The ease of access to the firebox makes regular weekly cleaning a simple process. The waste oil heating mechanism is reliable and durable. Due to the integrated waste oil burning system, the operator/owner is not required to have a separate waste oil handling system in place. The Eliminator AENH oil boiler takes care of it.

Overall product warranty is of 1 year and the heat chamber warranty is for 5 years. This oil boiler review is based on actual buyer experiences.

Pro Tip: 

Buy the Right Size. A smaller size with leave you cold on a winter night. An oversize can reduce its fuel heating efficiency.oil boiler view on amazon button

Burnham Oil Boilers Review – MST 396SL-HB – Best Oil Boilers for Home Heating

burnham oil boiler for home heating

oil boiler view on amazon button

Product Features

  It has been designed specifically for residential purposes

  It has a 3 pass cast iron heat exchanger – one of the only kind in the world

  A deluxe powder coated steel jacket

  Best Oil fired boiler (steam)

  Beckett AFG burner

  Energy star certified


  From the house of Burnham Oil Boilers

  5 year / 10 year warranty against water side corrosion

  Extended boiler warranty

  Availability of tankless coils

  High customer satisfaction & ratings

  High durability and very reliable oil boiler

About Burnham Oil Boilers

Burnham Oil Boilers are among the most rated and most reliable oil boilers for home heating systems in America. The heat transfer surface in this product is situated below the water line. The ensures that corrosion in the tank doesn’t take place and that the boiler works at high efficiency levels. The steam thus produced is around 99% dry.

It is also easy to install and maintain. The reversible burner door feature makes it easy to maintain and the rear plates can be removed for better access to flue passages.

It also includes a draft regulator (barometric) and SS finish flue baffles. This provides for an efficient and natural draft venting for the boiler.

Cast iron construction helps in the durability of the boiler, making it suitable for a long lasting life cycle. Even the heat exchanger is made up of durable cast iron.

Pro Tip:

Go for a direct vent (also known as sealed combustion)oil boiler view on amazon button

Oil Boiler Review of Crown Model TWZ004WCZ3SH

crown oil boiler for home heating

oil boiler view on amazon button

The Crow Boiler is a cast iron manufactured, oil fired, water boiler. It provides an output of 156,00 BTU (heating property) with an 84% AFUE performance. It’s connected to a standard chimney for exhaust.

Product Features

  Cast iron boiler (residential unit in the oil boiler)

  It comes fitted with a barometric damper

  3 burner options

  Output efficiency is around 84% AFUE

Tankless Coil System


  A very reputed name – Crown Boiler

  Safety features are good

  Good quality to price ratio

  An ideal oil boiler for small homes

About Crown Oil Boiler company

Founded in 1958, Crown Boilers are now a benchmark in the industry for oil boilers for home heating. They started out as a distributor for the home heating oil burners, cast iron radiator for heating appliances and operational controls. The company grew with the introduction of cast iron boiler product line. These reliable and highly rated oil boilers were top of the mark products and were rated highly by its customers.

The Crown Boiler company still lives by the quality of its oil boilers for home heating and other heating products, its finest and sharpest customer service and short turn around time in the customer service.

Their boilers are worldwide known for their safety, ease of functionality, flexibility in the boiler configuration, and reliable & fast customer support.

About the Crown oil boilers

  • Increased efficiency
  • High safety features embedded into the design of the boilers
  • Use of durable material in manufacturing of the boilers
  • High corrosion resistant boilers
  • Cast iron heat exchangers
  • Low carbon emission
  • 100% Steel burners
Pro Tip: 

Look for a cold start and a thermostat feature in the oil boiler of your choice.

oil boiler view on amazon button

Other Oil Boiler Review – other models

Weil Mc Lain Oil Boilers

Founded in Chicago in 1881, they were earlier known as the “Weil Brothers”. The brothers, Benjawin Weil and Isadora Weil, then moved their company to Michigan in 1918. And they changed their company name to Weil-Mc Lain.

Every since then, Weil McLain has become one of the largest manufacturer of oil boilers for home heating.

Mainly used in homes, personal offices, restaurants, schools, hotels and other such facilities, their customer base consists of engineers, architects, facility managers, contractors and small and medium home owners.

Oil Boiler Review from Weil Mc Lain

  • Hydronic boilers integrated with indirect fired water heaters
  • Application of latest technologies in safety controls of the oil boilers
  • Use of cast iron in the manufacturing of the oil boilers
  • Energy efficient products
  • Reliability of the oil boilers and the heat dispensers
  • High structural tolerance levels
  • Aesthetics and functionality
  • Simplified heating solutions to the complex situations

Buderus Boilers Reviews

They are among the oldest oil boiler manufacturers in the Europe. Johann Wilhelm Buderus established this company in 1731, and it still stands tall in the HVAC market. Buderus became a full service provider in the year 1913.

The first prototype for a fuel cell boiler was put by Buderus in 2002. This system of fuel cell also provides electricity apart from the heating energy. This product line a whole new chapter in the annals of HVAC industry.

In their product line up, gas oil boilers are the top selling vertical. Buderus product line up boasts of components and parts for heating systems, chimneys, expansion tanks, furnaces, and of course some of the best oil boilers for home heating.

In its long illustrious journey, Buderus has given many innovations to the HVAC industry. For example, the condensing heating technology. The application of it allows optimized use of burnt fuel energy and operation of the equipment on alternating sources of energy like heat pumps, wood driven furnace boilers, solar driven collectors.

Their durable equipment provides, simultaneously, heat, hot water and electricity. The boilers are aesthetically designed, are easy to use, compact and durable, and save on the cost per unit of heat generated.

Oil boiler review and salient Features

  • Corrosion resistant boilers and burners
  • 100% steel components used in the burners
  • Electronic ignition
  • Low on repairs
  • Efficient oil boiler burning to heat generation ratio

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