Most Comfortable Sleeper Chair – Complete Buyer’s Guide

The furniture we choose is very important because our posture determines a lot of health factors. If you want to take a little nap, a folding sleeper chair is a great option. It is aesthetically pleasing and a great addition to your living room as well. Invite your guests to sit back and relax and have a casual hangout. Some people even use sleeper chairs as patio furniture. If you have a nice garden or backyard, you can invest in some contemporary designs of sleeper chairs which can help you give your area some interesting character. But design isn’t the only thing which you should consider as there are multiple factors while choosing the most comfortable sleeper chair for your home. Let’s delve into this deeper.

If you are looking for the most comfortable sleeper chair or single sleeper chairs, but at a reasonable rate, then this list can help you take your pick. Read on, to know more:

List of most comfortable sleeper chair

Chair Photo
Product CodeChair DimensionsBed DimensionsDetails
Cortesi Home Savion Cortesi Home CH-LC103700Cortesi Home Chair Bed LC10370034x36x31in34x78x10.5Proform Treadmill on amazon
HomCom Twin Size Folding Sleeping chairHomCom 61" Futon 833-042 45.5x29.5x30.5in41.5x73x10.5inProform Treadmill on amazon
Alex's Sleeping ChairMainstays Convertible WM3350-SB 54x30.25x36in54x85.5x36inProform Treadmill on amazon
Stone & Beam Kristin Loveseat Sleeping ChairStone & Beam - Private Amzn Brand55.5x37x37.5in55.5x72x37.5in Proform Treadmill on amazon
Cortesi Home Savion Convertible Accent Chair-Bed Sleeping ChairCortesi Home Convertible Black LC10310034x36x31in34x78x10.5inProform Treadmill on amazon
American Furniture Alliance Children’s Studio Sleeping ChairsAmerican Furniture Poly Cotton 32-4300-60124x28.5x 23.5in24x64x12inProform Treadmill on amazon
Intex Inflatable Pull-Out Chair and Twin Bed Mattress Sleeping ChairIntex Inflatable 68565EP 43x30x26in43x86x26in Proform Treadmill on amazon
HOMCOM 5 Position Folding Sleeping ChairHomCom Single 833-04025.5x27x32.5in23.5x73x10inProform Treadmill on amazon
D&D Futon Furniture Navy Sleeping ChairD&D Futon Navy 6327032x30x23in32x70x6inProform Treadmill on amazon
Fun furnishings Convertible Sleeping ChairFun Furnishings Sleepers 22232 25x25x20in25x48x20inProform Treadmill on amazon
Best Choice Products Convertible Sleeping Chair BedBest Choice's 5-Position SKY-181438x28.5x22in28.5x81x4inProform Treadmill on amazon
D&D Futon Furniture Black Sleeping ChairD&D Futon Black B00G2SCT5832x30x23in32x70x6inProform Treadmill on amazon
Wakrays Folding Sleeping Chair Sofa Bed convertibleWakrays Sleeper Flip B01M0ISC7G27.2x25.6x32.3in27.2x73.2x9.8inProform Treadmill on amazon
Giantex convertible Sleeping Chair BedGiantex Convertible Sofa HW54759CF 26.5x72x31in26.5x39x31inProform Treadmill on amazon
Giantex 5-Position Adjustable Convertible Flip Sleeping ChairGiantex 5-position convertible HW52445GR29x31.5x25in29x83x4.5inProform Treadmill on amazon
D&D Futon Furniture Gray Sleeping ChairD&D Futon Gray B00G2RYF4C32x30x23in
32x70x6inProform Treadmill on amazon
Kebo Lounge Sleeping ChairKebo Multi-use B00TK2WLE231.5x32x29in31.5x38x14.5inProform Treadmill on amazon
Euradesign Living room sleeping chairEuraDesign's Living Room B0788G83CW 42.2x36.3x35.5in
42.2x82.1x27.2inProform Treadmill on amazon

Frequently Asked Questions for Sleeper Chairs:

What are sleeper chairs?

In simple terms, the best sleeper chairs are basically chairs, which can be adjusted and used as something to lay back on. It has a very sturdy, yet comfortable frame which helps the user get a great amount of comfort. A lot of people use furniture like couches and futons but they don’t really provide a compact space and the comfort of a mattress at the same time. But you will get both these features with folding sleeper chairs. Sofa cum sleeper chairs have a foldable mattress feature which helps you open it up and store it and display it in a compact manner when not in use.

In this article, I will take you through the most comfortable sleeper chairs in the market which will be inclusive of both sleeper sofas and bed sofas. The sofa bed can be used for both- seating purposes and lying down. If you have a studio apartment or if you are keeping this furniture in a small room, it will fit in nicely. If your room is larger and there’s more space available, you can go for a sleeper sofa which is big enough for 2 people at a time. They are also referred to as love seats and you can spend a romantic stay-at-home date night with your loved one on a sleeper sofa. If you’re looking for sleeper chairs small spaces, then also you have plenty of options to choose from.

Review of the Most Comfortable Sleeper Chair

The Home Savion Convertible Sleeper Chairs cum Bed by Cortesi – Most Comfortable Sleeper Chair

Cortesi Home Savion Most comfortable Sleeper Chair

Proform Treadmill on amazon

A lot of us prefer dark, black colored accessories for our room’s furniture. If that’s something that pleases you, then this will be the best single sleeper chairs for you. This convertible chair sleeper is made of black fabric giving it a very unique look. It’s easy to assemble and pack away when not in use. It has a powder metal frame and it is best if you suddenly need extra space for a new guest. This is capable of seating 2 people at a time and the mattress it comes with is extremely comfortable and foldable. You can adjust it on the basis of your own comfort. The mattress is installed into the chair itself and you can get a decent nap here with all the comfort in the world. If you don’t need a lot of things to fall back on for a quick nap. Then this is a compact, stylish, and a comfy chair for you, it is low to the ground when stretched out as a bed which gives you ease of access.

Main features of this folding sleeper chair

  • Comes with easily foldable mattress
  • The dimensions are 34 inches x 36 inches x 31 inches
  • It can accommodate two people
  • It has a sturdy metal frame made of stainless steel

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The Folding Five-Position Twin Size Convertible Chair Sleeper Bed by HomCom – Most Comfortable Sleeper Chair

HomCom Twin Size Folding Bed and Sleeper chairs - Most Comfortable Sleeper Chair

Proform Treadmill on amazon

If you are into minimalist designs and contemporary looks, then this convertible chair sleeper is a great choice for you. It comes with removable covers and the material is extremely comfortable. It is made of durable material and can last years. The outer coating is made of powdered steel for the frame so that it is sturdy and can be flexibly turned into a sleeper bed whenever necessary. You can relax and lay back on this chair and get a deep, quick nap whenever you want. It is very easy to set up and assemble and the mattress doesn’t have any springs inside the comforter. If you are planning to get the most comfortable sleeper chair for a dorm room or a small bedroom, then this piece will be worth the price. You can also use this in a lunch break room in a professional setup. This is one of the best sleeper chair twin in the market.

Main features of extremely comfortable sleeper chair

  • 5 main adjustable settings
  • Made of high-quality faux suede
  • The frame is made of powdered steel
  • Pillows and removable sofa covers are included
  • The foam is of medium density
  • Its dimensions are 49 inches x 43 inches x 10 inches

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The New Sofa Sleeper Chair Convertible Love Seat Leather Bed Mattress by MainStays – Bed Sleeper Chairs

Mainstays New Black Convertible CouchMost Comfortable Sleeper Chair

Proform Treadmill on amazon

This is a very stylishly designed chair. It is slim and sleek and comfortable at the same time. Impress your guests with this durable chair which is suitable even for small spaces. These are considered one of the best sleeper chairs.  If you can’t go for something as big as the Kristen LoveSeat because of the lack of space, this is a great alternative. It is made of excellent fabric which is resistant to harsh stains. The mattress of this convertible chair sleeper is comfortably padded but doesn’t take up a lot of space. You can set it up easily without any hassle as it only has four pieces to be assembled. Forget about losing screws and laboring over-complicated set up designs. The main cover material is made of faux leather and it gives the sleeper chair a very regal feel. The foam is a type of memory foam that is known to provide maximum comfort to any user. The materials are durable and easy to clean and not prone to common damages done by pets or kids. If you’re looking for sleeper chairs small spaces, then this is a great choice

Main features of folding bed sleeper chair

  • It has a faux leather covering
  • Good for small rooms
  • It has memory foam
  • It is easy to set up
  • The padding is comfy and thick
  • The dimensions are 54 inches x 85.5 inches x 36 inches

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The Kirstin Sleeper Chairs by Stone & Beam

Stone & Beam Kristin Loveseat Sleeper Chairs

Proform Treadmill on amazon

Looking for something comfy to fall back on, with your partner and enjoy a night in watching movies comfortably? If that’s the case you should go for the loveSeat by Stone and Beam. It is made of a sturdy wooden frame and it is made of very durable and soft fabric. The fabric is user-friendly and is easy to wash off and clean any stains from it. The main mattress is made of Dacron poly-foam which makes the mattress firm, yet comfy. It is large and one of the most comfortable sleeper chair bed and will be perfect for bigger bedrooms and halls. One person can also comfortably get a great nap on this piece. The comfort of this chair is almost like a soft couch. You can use a double bed sheet to cover it when it is opened up as a bed. It is beautifully designed and can match your bedroom’s tasteful décor just perfectly. The seat is snug to seat in with your partner even when used as a chair, folded up.

Main features of this these sleeper chairs

  • It has a mattress made of Dacron poly-foam
  • Its dimensions are 85 inches x 37.5 inches x 42 inches
  • It has a durable and sturdy wooden framework
  • It is supported by an 8-gauge spring system

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The Convertible Home Chair cum Bed by Cortesi Home Savion – Most Comfortable Sleeper Chair

Cortesi Home Savion Convertible Most Comfortable Sleeper Chair cum Bed

Proform Treadmill on amazon

Cortesi Savion is known for its contemporary designs, sturdy make, and comfortable furniture. These single sleeper chairs are an excellent choice for you if you are looking for something durable, comfy, and affordable. It comes with a soft head pillow as well which can be fit into the chair’s space without you having you squish yourself in. It’s compact in style and is also suitable for corporate and other professional settings. You can sit back and relax and take a quick nap or read a book on this sleeper chair. It is a taupe sleeper chair and its firm but doesn’t give any lumpy discomforts. It can be easily opened up to make the folding bed and one person can get a good rest on it. Matching the warmth factor in a room, its taupe color is perfect for any such settings.

Main features of this very comfortable sleeper chair

  • This convertible chair sleeper has a metal frame of pewter
  • You can adjust the angle of the chair in 3 different ways
  • Its dimensions are 36 inches x 34 inches x 31 inches

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The 24 Inches- Children’s Studio Most Comfortable Sleeper Chair – Junior Twin by American Furniture Alliance

American Furniture Alliance Children’s Studio Most Comfortable Sleeper Chair

Proform Treadmill on amazon

If you’re looking for sleeper chairs small spaces, then this is a good choice. Kids always seem to be in a state of a sugar rush and it’s hard to get them to sit and rest in one place. But the most comfortable sleeper chair can do the trick. This chair is made of soft material made of velvet and it comes in exciting bright colors that will suit your kids’ needs. Neon was a rage back in the ’80s and early ’90s and this range of furniture by American Furniture Alliance brings back all those memories. It is comfortable yet sturdy which is perfect for kids to use. It gives a warm and fuzzy feeling and is easy to assemble. Perfect for sleepovers, it doesn’t take up too much space and can also be a great gift for your friend’s or relative’s kids. It is made for kids but an adult can also comfortably lay down and take a resting nap on it when needed.

Main features of this most comfortable sleeper chair by American Furniture

  • It comes with a double seam which is double stitched
  • It is light
  • It’s made in the USA
  • It’s easy to clean and assemble
  • Its dimensions are 24 inches x12 inches x 64 inches.

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The Pull-Out Twin Bed and Sleeper Chairs by Intex

Intex Inflatable Pull-Out Chair and Twin Bed Mattress Best Sleeper Chairs

Proform Treadmill on amazon

When we move into a new space and starting afresh, we need new furniture, before investing in bigger and more permanent furniture, sometimes we tend to go for something usable, affordable yet stylish. This is one of the best sleeper chair design and is a great choice to go for if you are looking for a piece of multipurpose starter furniture. It can be used as a chair and a bed, like all sleeper chairs. You can get your main bed in due time and get some great sleep in this till that happens. It is light and made of durable, yet comfortable fabric which is vinyl and water-resistant. It is affordable and it comes with an inflatable 2-gauge system.

It is compact and can be easily stored away when not in use. It also provides a lot of basic legs and back support. This chair comes with a special pump as well which can help you inflate it as much as you need. And don’t worry about the air pressure. It remains constant and won’t disturb your sleep.

Main features of Intex Sleeper Chairs

  • It comes with an inflation pump
  • It has a 2 on the 1-gauge valve
  • It is water-resistant
  • It is light, weighing only about 4 pounds
  • Its dimensions are 17 inches x 9 inches x 8 inches
  • It is easily foldable and can be stored comfortably

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5 Position Folding Most Comfortable Sleeper Chair by HomCom for Small spaces

HOMCOM 5 Position Folding Chairs - Most Comfortable Sleeper Chair for small spaces

Proform Treadmill on amazon

For professional spaces, lounges, and office lunchrooms, this chair by HomCom is the best, most corporate and private offices go for HomCom for their office furniture and sleeper chairs as well. For tough and long working hours to go well, one needs rest and a quick nap sometimes. This durable and comfortable chair is perfect for those purposes. Its minimalist and sturdy design is perfect for daily office use and it also adds character to the room’s décor. The arm resting space of the chair can be folded in when the bed is opened up. That also gives the user some extra comfort and extra leg space as well. The bed is comparatively narrow when it comes to regular sleeper chairs so it is meant for one person. But these single sleeper chairs are comfortable and made of faux suede material. Some say that is the most comfortable sleeper chair and it is purchased by many as a “starter furniture” as it is also suitable for small bedrooms or a dorm room.

Main features of HomCom’s Most Comfortable Sleeper Chair

  • It has 5 adjustable angles
  • It made of faux suede fabric in microfiber
  • It has a foam of medium density
  • It has removable covers
  • It comes with adjustable armrests
  • It has a metallic Aluminum frame
  • Its dimensions are 29 inches 24 inches x 16 inches

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The Navy Sleeper Chairs with Folding Foam by D & D Futon Furniture

D&D Futon Furniture Navy comfortable Sleeper Chairs

Proform Treadmill on amazon

D&D features again on this list with another excellent folding sleeper chair. It is a very durable chair and made with high-density foam material. Most of the features are the same as the black design chair, apart from the color. It is a comfortably made chair, which gives the user the opportunity to rest or nap at ease. It is soft to touch and pretty affordable as well. There is no metallic frame present and the backing and comfort on this chair are excellent. The setup and assembly are easy as well and it is fire resistant

Main features of Navy Sleeper Chairs

  • It has a suede cover
  • A metallic frame is not present
  • It has a six-inch thick, high-density foam
  • The dimensions are 70 inches x 32 inches x 6 inches

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Red Micro Suede Sleeper Chairs by Fun Furnishings

Fun furnishings Convertible Sleeping Chairs

Proform Treadmill on amazon

If you want to add a dash of brightness and color to your living space, this bright red sleeper chair by fun furnishings is a good choice. This chair is specially designed for kids. It’s soft and comfortable and made of sturdy, durable material that can withstand basic wear and tear which can be caused by pets or small kids. It is compact and good enough for toddlers and the soft foam interior cushion provide great comfort ensuring a deep sleep. Because of the bright color of these small sleeper chairs, they are perfect for kid’s room, aesthetically as well.

Main features of Sleeper Chairs by Micro Furnishings

  • It is highly durable and child-proof
  • Its dimensions are 25 inches x 25 inches x 20 inches
  • It has a soft, yet sturdy foam interior
  • It has a suede cover fabric.

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Convertible Chair Sleeper Beds by Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products Convertible Sleeper Chairs and Bed

Proform Treadmill on amazon

Suede is always a great material for furniture. This convertible sleeper chair by best choice is an excellent choice as it comes with 5 various adjustable positions. This product is similar to the kid’s sleeper chair by Alliance, as mentioned above, just minus the neon shades. The best thing about this chair is there is absolutely no need to assemble anything, it has inbuilt frames and springs which also are supported by comfy memory foam. The fuzzy and plush fabric gives anyone a good night’s rest of a quick nap. The latches can be locked into place when it’s set up which ensures extra stability. The frame is metallic is it also works great as a gaming chair for youngsters and other gaming enthusiasts,

Main features of these sleeper chairs cum beds

  • It has 5 adjustable positions
  • It comes with an inbuilt foam, frame, and springs so you don’t have to assemble anything
  • The dimensions are 38 inches x 22 inches x 28.5 inches
  • It has a suede fabric finish

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The Bed-Sized Folding Foam Sleeper Chairs by D&D Futon Furniture – Most comfortable sleeper chair in the category

D&D Futon Furniture Black Most Comfortable Sleeper Chair

Proform Treadmill on amazon

Most sleeper chairs come with a metal frame but not everyone is fond of that design setup. If you are looking for a comfortable sleeper chair without a metal framework, then this chair would be perfect for you. It is made of high-density foam which is long-lasting and fire-proof. This chair can be also used as a part of your patio furniture or as a new addition to your RV or even your living room. Take a break and relax on this chair wherever you feel like. It is similar to the best choice chair but the frame of the chair varies in this case. Many say that this chair is the niftiest in nature when it comes to regular sleeper chairs. Some people are asked to avoid furniture with metal framework due to back pain and other medical conditions. For those people, this chair is a great choice. This also serves as a good gaming chair.

Main features of this most comfortable sleeper chair

  • It is made of a high-density foam which is six inches thick
  • No metal framework used
  • It comes with a stylish suede cover
  • It has dimensions of 70 inches x 32 inches x 6 inches

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Folding Sleeper Chairs by Wakrays

Wakrays Folding Sleeper Sleeper chairs

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The design of this chair by Wakrays is similar to the sleeper chair designs by Giantex and HomCom. The armrest is present which provides adjustable comfort both while lying down and sitting. The mattress has a thick sponge that isn’t hard or uncomfortable but gives sturdy and consistent support to your legs and back. These chairs by Wakrays come with a cover that can be easily removed and washed. A pillow is also provided for the headrest. This is a great chair if you are looking or something comfortable to lay back on and read and it is also good for guests.

Main features of Wakarays Sleeper Chairs

  • It has a sturdy metal frame
  • Its dimensions are 25.6 inches x 27.2 inches x32.3 inches
  • It has sponge mattress foam
  • It has a washable and removable suede fabric cover

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The Convertible Folding Sofa Bed Arm Sleeper Chairs cum Recliners by Giantex

Giantex Convertible Sleeper Chairs

Proform Treadmill on amazon

The name of the brand itself is good enough for most people. The design is simple and sleek and gives a warm feeling and character to any room it is put in. The color is a warm coffee shade and this recliner sleeper chair is very similar to the one recommended above, in Homcom’s creation. The metal armrests are also present in this one. The backside legs of this chair have special wheels which can be locked in and opened up when you need to move the chair around. The chair’s assembly is pretty easy and the rotation of the chair is all of 360 degrees. The chair is compact and immaculate to look at and it’s best for your living room or seating spaces.

Main features of Giantex Sleeper Chairs

  • It has noise-less, rotatable wheels which come with lock brakes
  • It weighs around 300 pounds
  • It has a removable and washable cover made of polyester
  • Its interior is made of sponge
  • The dimensions are 30.7 inches x 26.6 inches x 39.1 inches

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The 5-Position Adjustable Convertible Flip Sleeper Chairs by Giantex

Giantex 5-Position Adjustable Convertible Sleeper Chair

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This is a recliner lounge chair that is made of top-quality suede fabric. It comes with 5 different adjustment functions and has a high-density, top-grade foam filling. The foam is held together in place with a metallic spring contraption. The chair is near the ground which gives people easier access and also makes it suitable for kids to use without getting hurt. People with back issues, should, however, avoid resting on this chair as its build is low. This chair is best for sleepovers and game nights or small parties.

Main features of Giantex Sleeper Chairs cum Beds

  • You don’t have to assemble any parts
  • It is made of top-quality foam material
  • It has a top-quality suede cover
  • It can be adjusted in 5 positions
  • Its dimensions are 21.7 inches x 28.3 inches x 23 inches

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The Bed-Sized Gray Sleeper Chairs by D&D

D&D Futon Furniture Gray Sleeper Chairs

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D&D comes up again in the list because their products are absolutely worth multiple mentions. D&D sleeper chairs are known for their excellent quality, amazing, contemporary designs and styles, durability, and they are known and appreciated a lot also because they are so lightweight. One of the reasons behind this is the absence of a metallic framework. The foam of this folding sleeper chair is high-density foam and protects the user from getting back-related issues. They are not very low-lying to the ground which is good for many people, especially who have an issue to bend down that low. This chair, however, is not best suited for really tall people because you might not fit in snugly.

Main features of D&D’s Sleeper Chairs cum Beds

  • Its dimensions are 70 inches x 32 inches x 6 inches
  • No metallic framework present
  • It has high-density foam which is 6 inches thick
  • It has a suede cover fabric

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The Multiple Position Coffee-Table-Cum-Lounge Sleeper Chairs by Kebo

Kebo Lounge Sleeper Chairs

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Kebo is well known for its widely acknowledged sleep chairs. Their designs are minimalistic, reclining by nature, perfect for lounge furniture, and made of top-quality material. Whether it be for seating purposes or for laying down- this chair is great in terms of comfort and quality. it can be assembled easily and can be turned into a bed at ease. It is very elegant and adds a nice character to any room. The cushioning is good but you can add a few more foam stuffing in if you need some more comfort or support. The framework is made of dark wooden material and it can go well with small bedrooms, game rooms, or even the patio.

Main features of these sleeper chairs

  • It has a microfiber cover
  • Its dimensions are 31.5 inches x 32 inches x 29 inches
  • It has multiple adjustment positions
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • It has a wood frame

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The Single Furniture Living Room Sleeper Chairs & Pull Out Sofas by Eurodesign

EURADESIGN Living Room Pull out Sleeper Chairs

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If you want a sleeper chair but don’t have a lot of space to offer, then this chair will be a good choice to go for.The color is a very light, pale shade of lake blue which is instantly capable of lifting the mood of a room. This kind of sleeper chair is ideal for a single person to lay down at ease and get a comfortable rest as needed. The surface is wide and soft- something which you find in your good old couch. It’s easy to open up the pull-out bed and fold it up and it is a very sturdy chair. The extra labor of assembling the chair is not needed as everything is inbuilt. The mattress, however, is an average, moderately soft mattress so if you want, you can get an added foam mattress on top of this for added comfort. If you’re looking for sleeper chairs small spaces, then this is a good choice. These small sleeper chairs are compact and can be perfect for small rooms like a small bedroom or a dorm room.

Main features of these sleeper chairs

  • It comes with a sturdy metallic framework
  • It weighs about eight hundred pounds
  • It has a suede fabric cover
  • Its dimensions are 42.9 inches x 39 inches x 28.3 inches

In conclusion

Tips to select good sleeper chairs

Your personal requirements are always a determining factor when it comes to picking up any furniture. Sleeper chairs can add a special character to your home space. After a long, hard day at work, you can sit back and relax in front of the TV on a comfy sleeper chair. It’s comfortable and cozy and you don’t have to worry about things like making your bed afterwards. If you’re wondering how to pick the sleeper chair which is right for you, then you need to think of the size you want to go form, at first.

A sleeper chair various in size and shape depending on the company, the kind of material used for the inner mattress, and the basic design and structure. Firstly, take some measurements of the space where you are going to put the chair. Checking up on the best materials that are used in top-branded sleeper chairs is also something you should do.

Doing these few things which help you make a better choice in purchasing a comfortable and stylish sleeper chair.

My favorite picks for the most comfortable sleeper chair

These are a few of our favorite folding sleeper chairs. These are uniquely designed to fit the needs of all users. If you are looking for a folding sleeper chair for your lounge area or if you’re looking for something to suit the needs of a teenager, then you can go for the D&D Futon Furniture sleeper chair set. They are affordable and modern in looks and design. The setup is easy and it comes with an instruction manual as well so you don’t have to worry about laboring over the metallic frame of the chair.

If you are looking for a sleeper chair for your bedroom, then you can for the lovely Stone & Beam Loveseat, the Leather Sofa Sleeper from Alex, or the Pull-Out Lake Color Single chair by Eurodesign. All these are our favorite picks if you are looking for a specific sleeper chair for you and your partner. They are beautifully designed and can tastefully become a part of your cozy corner in your bedroom.

For professional spaces, you should definitely go for sleeper chairs made by either Giantex or HomCom, or Kebo. They have a wide variety of office furniture and they also build special sleeper chairs for office use. It’s very helpful if you have odd working hours and need a break once in a while.

The Eurodesign single chair is extremely popular when it comes to office sleeper chair choices.


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